Here is the scene where Ash and Serena found the first piece of the Heart Jewel goes in Ash and Serena's Great Adventure.

(Then the sunrise in Isla Sorna as Ash wakes up)

Ash Ketchum: (Yawns) Time to get up, Serena.

Serena: (Yawns) Morning already?

Ash Ketchum: Yes.

(Pikachu wakes up as well)

Ash Ketchum: Come on, let's go find the first piece of the Heart Jewel and our friends.

(Later Ash, Pikachu and Serena are now walking as they walk past the Ankylosaurus)

Serena: Did we find it yet?

Ash Ketchum: Not yet.

(Later they bumped into a Triceratops and her baby)

Ash Ketchum: Oops, sorry.

Serena: I hope the Villains didn't have the first piece of the Heart Jewel.

Ash Ketchum: Yeah, I hope so too.

(Then Ash, Pikachu and Serena accidentally slipped down the hill)

Ash Ketchum: Ow, that hurts. Are you okay?

Serena: Yeah.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

(They get up and continue walking as the shadowy figure appears in the distance and then slowly walks away)

(Then suddenly a red light appears out of nowhere blinding the 3 heroes a little bit)

Serena: What was that light?

(Pikachu sees something)

Pikachu: Pikachu, Pika.

Ash Ketchum: What is it, buddy?

Serena: Did you find something?

(Then the red bright light blinds them again)

Ash Ketchum: Let's dig it to see what it is.

(Ash, Pikachu and Serena digs out leafs and dirt to see the first piece of the heart jewel)

Serena: There it is.

Ash Ketchum: Let's grab it and go.

(Then Pikachu sees something moved in the bushes)

Ash Ketchum: Who's there?

Serena: Is it a raptor?

(Then Tino and the other heroes steps out of the bushes)

Tino Tonitini: Hey!

Ash Ketchum: Tino!

Serena: And everyone else!

(Human Fluttershy runs and hugs Serena)

Human Fluttershy: Oh, thank goodness you're okay!

Sunset Shimmer: Are you guys not hurt?

Ash Ketchum: No, we're fine.

Bonnie: I was so worried about you!

Serena: Don't worry, we're fine.

Ash Ketchum: Guess what? We've found it!

Tino Tonitini: The first piece of the heart jewel!

Twilight Sparkle: And it's the love symbol!

T.K. Takaishi: You guys did it!

Joe Kido: Great job!

Ash Ketchum: Let's get out of there, before more carnivore dinosaurs might come here and eat us for breakfast.

(Then a dinosaur feet appears on the screen as the heroes look up to see the Spinosaurus)

Max Taylor: Spinosaurus!

Tino Tonitini: RUN FOR IT!

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