This is the scene where Will meet Tonto at the San Francisco Fair in Ed, Edd, n Eddy Meet The Lone Ranger.

[the movie begins at a fair in San Francisco, and then a boy named Will [who is dressed up like the Lone Ranger] is walking through a fair]


Will: [pays the man and enters the western exibit. Inside, he objerbs a buffalo, then a bear, and then comes up to a Commache Indian exibit. But after walking closer, the Indian's eyes move] [ he drops his peanuts and takes out his toy gun and fires at the Indian]

The Indian: Kemosabe?

Will: Who me?

The Indian: [he puts down his tomahawk] You bring horses?

Will: I think you made a mistake mister.

The Indian: Mistake?

Will: [steps back, steeping on a peanut]

The Indian: [points to the bag of peanuts] Make trade.

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