This is how The Gaia Everfree timeline and Clay finds his power goes in Sci-Ryan's and Clay's Time Travel Adventure.

[Ryan, Rianna, Sci-Ryan and some of the gang comes out of the time portal and arrive at Camp Everfree, but it is domed up by brambles]

Sci-Ryan: Where are we and who turned off the sun?

Evil Ryan: It's not me. But... We must be at Camp Everfree.

Crash Bandicoot: You're right, Evil Ryan. To prevent Filthy Rich from getting in, Gloriosa used magic to seal this camp in this dome.

Ryan F-Freeman: What?!

Crash Bandicoot: Believe me and Collide that it's the last thing she want to do. Gloriosa got turned into Gaia Everfree and did plan to make a dome of brambles, but, that's the side of it.

Prince Can: Are you saying we arrived in a timeline where we got trapped like rats?!

Aria Blaze: No, Can.

Ryan F-Freeman: She's right. Rats can't be trapped that easy. We're trapped like carrots.

[Prince Can nods and looks at a photo of Gaia Everfree and a Gaia Everfree version of Ryan on her walls of brambles]

Ryan F-Freeman: Is that.... me and Gloriosa?

[Sci-Ryan grabs the photo and looks at writing on the back of it]

Sci-Ryan: The photo has got writing on it. [reads] I have transformed Ryan and myself into Everfree Prince Gale and Gaia Everfree to use magic and save Camp Everfree from Filthy Rich.

[Ryan gets a vision. Ryan saw Twilight about to plunge a Dark Energon shard into Thunderwing's chest]

Twilight Sparkle: [with Thunderwing's voice] Oh I will get out of your beloved teacher's body, my dear Starlight Glimmer, after I resurrect my own body.

Ryan F-Freeman: NNOOOOO!!!![grabs the shard and puts it in Evil Ryan and uses his magic to remove Thunderwing's soul out of Twilight]

Thunderwing: What?!

Twilight Sparkle: Ryan? You saved me. Why?

Ryan F-Freeman: Thunderwing is controlling you. [to Thunderwing] Say goodbye to your return, Thunderhead. Unicron's faithful servant will NEVER return.[opens a portal and pushes Thunderwing's body into the lava]

Thunderwing: NOOOOO!!!!

Twilight Sparkle: [in Timmy Turner's voice] YES!!!

Ryan F-Freeman: Good bye. [sings to the song Say Goodbye to the Holiday] After today~

Thunderwing: You may have destroyed my body, student of Primus and Prime-prince. But, when Ryvine makes another body, I WILL HAVE MY REVE....[got sucked into a Ghost trap]

Ryan F-Freeman: Got ya!

Dr. Neo Cortex (Skylanders): Yes. Yes. Revenge. Ryan's not the one who's on Unicron's side, Shouty.... McGoo.

[Ryan laughs and the vision ends]

Crash Bandicoot: What did you see, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Me stopping Twilight from reviving Thunderwing. I'll do that later.

[Crash nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: I wonder. Who helped Gloriosa domed up this camp?

Everfree Prince Gale:[off-screen] I did.

Adagio Dazzle: What was that?

[Ryan turns around to see Everfree Prince Gale]

Ryan F-Freeman: Who are you?

Everfree Prince Gale: I am you. A transformed you.

Sci-Ryan: It's Ryaia Everfree!!!!

[Clay got confused by Sci-Ryan saying "It's Ryaia Everfree!!!!"]

Evil Ryan: Ryaia Everfree? Who's he?

[Crash shrugs]

Ryan F-Freeman: Look. Prince Gale. I wonder how the camp was domed and I become like you?

Everfree Prince Gale: Well, me, I was in a cave with Gloriosa as you and when you grab the two geodes, you became me and Glorisa is Gaia Everfree.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. What happened to my friend Twilight?

Everfree Prince Gale: Sci-Twi can't embrace the magic in her and dark magic corrupts her, making her Midnight Sparkle.

[Ryan and Sci-Twi saw Sci-Twi with Midnight's wings, eyes, a horn and those fiery things that resemble glasses]

Sci-Ryan: Am I seeing double?! Who is who, Twilight?

[Sci-Twi looks at the 2nd Sci-Twi and gasps]

Crash Bandicoot: What's wrong, Sci-Twi?

Sci-Twi: I think it's me! How am I not gained an anthro form?

Midnight Sparkle: Oh. Ryvine and his friends helped me gain control over you. [laughs crazily]

Ryan F-Freeman: Look. Gale. We need to find a way to go back in time and stop Jestro from changing the past. Each present my friends and I come to is different then the rest.

Everfree Prince Gale: Time travel? Maybe you should need a rest first then we'll talk about what happened from your timeline.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. This must be a timeline where we don't defeat Gaia.

[Crash nods and saw Soundwave covered in brambles with his head sticking out]

Crash Bandicoot: [gasps] Soundwave! What happened?

[Soundwave's screen shows a scene where Sci-Twi was haunted by Midnight in her mind]

Midnight Sparkle: [on screen] You will never control me. Dark Ryan and I will always be a part of Ryan and you!

Sci-Twi: [on screen] [whimpering] NNNOOOO!!!!

[Ryvine and Jestro appears in Sci-Twi's mind]

Crash Bandicoot: Huh?

Ryvine Sparkle: [on screen] You are Midnight Sparkle, Human Twilight.

Jestro: [on screen] You must show everyone who you are.

Kylo Ren: [on screen] Use your magic! Embrace the darkness!

Romeo (PJ Masks): [on screen] You're in the dark side. The force of evil.

Sunset Shimmer: [on screen] Twilight! You... are not... Midnight Sparkle!

[Sci-Twi opens her eyes but they are Midnight's eyes]

Sci-Twi: [on screen] No! I... Am... Midnight Sparkle! And the only magic I carry in me is... the Magic of Dark Friendship!

[Sci-Twi uses her magic to blast the brambles and flies to Gale]

Everfree Prince Gale: [on screen] Sci-Twi! What are you doing?

[Sci-Twi transfers the Rainbooms' magic to Gale and Gaia]

Sci-Twi: [on screen] Call me Midnight Sparkle! My prince!

Everfree Prince Gale: [on screen] Sci-Twi!

[Soundwave tries to stop her but Midnight takes him out with a blast of magic, heavily damaging him]

Evil Ryan: [on screen] Sci-Twi? What happened?

Sci-Twi: [on screen] I am helping my true and real friends.

Crash Bandicoot: [on screen] Who?

Sci-Twi: [on screen] Behold!

[She uses her magic to create an image of what's going on inside her mind]

Ryan F-Freeman: How?

Sci-Ryan: Is this possible?

Sci-Ryan: [on screen] Twilight. You don't have to do this with Gloriosa.

Sci-Twi: [on screen] I appreciate your concerns, Ryan. But, I got this!

Sci-Ryan: [on screen] No, you don't!

Flain (EG): [on screen] That's not Twilight anymore, Ryan. It's someone who is consumed by Equestrian magic.

Sci-Ryan: [on screen] Midnight Sparkle! [to Sci-Twi] Listen. You have to let my friend go. Please, Midnight. Come back. I need you.

[Sci-Twi uses magic to dome Sci-Mike and Sci-Ryan up]

Sci-Ryan: [on screen] TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!!! 

[Sci-Twi laughs maniacally and the video ends]

Evil Ryan: Soundwave? Who got Sci-Twi to embrace the darkness?

Soundwave: [in Ryan's voice] I hope Jestro and his buddies are not at Camp Everfree.

Evil Ryan: I knew it. Jestro and his friends got Sci-Twi to embrace the magic their way.

Sci-Twi: It's all my fault. I remembered what I said. What if instead of saving everyone, I turn into Midnight Sparkle and only make things worse.

[Ryan uses his Sonic screwdriver on Soundwave]

Crash Bandicoot: Soundwave. You think we could put the space-time thing back on track?

[Soundwave's screen shows a thumbs up]

Ryan F-Freeman: I fear he's far beyond repair.

Rianna F-Fiona: Soundwave. We will stop Jestro and his friends for what they done.

Soundwave: Ryan and the gang superior. Jestro and his friends.... inferior.

[Soundwave's screen gone black]

Thomas: Oh. He said a nice thing.

[Ryan cuts the brambles and pulls out his memory core]

Thomas: Uh, Ryan, what are you doing?

Ryan F-Freeman: Just tapping into his memory core. It has got Energon. Soundwave did die trying to save Sci-Twi.

[Thomas nods]

Crash Bandicoot: We could bring Soundwave's body with us. Cliffjumper could get some upgrades.

Everfree Prince Gale: Me. What happened in your timeline?

Ryan F-Freeman: An evil clown by the name of Jestro went back in time and change the past. Where is Gloriosa?

Everfree Prince Gale: You mean Gaia?

Sci-Rianna: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: What happened to the camp?

Everfree Prince Gale: I domed it from Filthy Rich with Gaia. Now, this camp will open for all times.

Crash Bandicoot: And where is Gaia?

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