The Gift of Love is a Valentine's Day special in Princess Yuna and Friends' Amazing Escapades.


Today it was Valentine's Day. And it's up to Princess Yuna and her Friends to create a Valentine's Day Gala in Skylands.


Today is Valentine's Day

One day, It was Valentine's Day! And Princess Yuna had a plan for this year in Skylands. At Fantasyland, Canterlot High is planning a prom dance this year. Later, Yuna and her friends came to Hogwarts Kingdom. Princess Titanic, Duchess Britannic, Queen Olympic and Empress Titanic II had been expecting them. Princess Luna prepared for her date with Hiro. Then, Yuna got an idea for this year's Valentine's Day.

At Hogwarts Castle

Later at Hogwarts Castle, Yuna explained to Princess Titanic about making a gala in her kingdom. Then, Titanic remembers how much she, Britannic, Olympic and Titanic enjoyed the gala. Yuna invited them to come and they excepted it. Then, She, Skyla, Nyx, Jubilee and Twila spread out to invite all their good friends to the gala in Skylands.

Prom at Canterlot High

At Canterlot High, Principal Celetia announce the Valentine's Day Prom today. And everyone each got their dancing partner. Later, .

Valentine's Day at Skylands

At Skylands, . Later, . Titanic, Olympic, Britannic and Titanic II met . Meanwhile, Luna and Hiro . Later, . Then, Hugo and Rita showed up and .


Songs and music score


  1. Today is Valentine's Day
  2. At Hogwarts Castle
  3. Prom at Canterlot High

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