The Gifts of 2 Night Furies Part 2 is the second episode of season 3 of The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


Toothless and Nightstar's eggs are close to hatching! But The Nightmare Family and Changlings are enclosing closer and closer to the hideout! While Yuna and Hiccup struggle to keep the eggs safe and warm. Can they stop the villains before the eggs hatch?


The armies arrive

As the others guard the eggs, the rest of the group go to battle the incoming armies. With their queens leading the way. Inside the cave, Hiccup and Yuna are doing all they can to keep the eggs warm. And then all the sudden the armies stop, and Yuna and Hiccup look outside. They then see this, and then they race back into the cave while everyone else is ready to battle them.

The battle for the eggs

The armies then make an argument of who gets the eggs. Until they come to a settlement, they head on. Our heroes form up a line and get ready to battle the invading army and they charge and Scootaloo and Astrid do kill counts. As this goes on, Yuna and Hiccup continue to help Toothless and Nightstar with their eggs. And Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon walk up and they both start to quarrel who can get the eggs. But then they both realize that they both want to destroy the eggs so they decide to temporally join forces to destroy them. Then, Yuna goes up and challenges them to a duel, if they want the eggs, then they have to go through her. The 2 get their lightsabers as Yuna draw her own and the Lunar Saber and they duel. As everyone else continue fighting Changlings and Darkness Guards, Brian sees this. And he then races into the scene. And he then draws his Orcrist and he then jumps up. Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon are about to kill Yuna when Brian sliced their heads off. As the others have finished off the invading armies.

The Eggs hatch

They head back inside the cave, and then one of the eggs start to jiggle. And it hatches! The others then start jiggling and one-by-one they all hatch! And, soon all the new born Night Furies are out and walking. Yuna and Hiccup name each one: Fireblast, Fastflight, Silverwing, Thunderwing, Blackboom, Sharptail, and Windmaker. And Yuna then writes another message as the episode ends.




  1. Lord of the Rings: The 2 Towers -
  2. Duel of the Fates (Yuna duels Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon)
  3. Honor to the End [When Brian kills Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis]
  4. Dinosaur - Epilogue (when the eggs hatch)

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