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The Goblin Queen is the secondary antagonist of The Princess and the Goblin. She is Froglip's mother.

Every time her husband, the Goblin King, doesn't manage to finish a sentence (due to having a cold) or doesn't know what those parts of feet are, she often finishes and calls him "stupid" or an "idiot". She is the only goblin to ever wear shoes (made of stone), but that is for distinction; she has six toes on each foot (as revealed later). She is voiced by the late Peggy Mount, and this is her final film role.

She and her husband, the King, plan to flood the mines and get rid of the "sun people", but she accepts her son's plan for him to marry Irene and force the humans to accept goblins as their leaders.

Later, when Curdie has been listening to the Goblins' next plan (during which, the Queen is shown feeding bugs to Froglip, and Froglip's plan was involving Princess Irene), he accidentally falls. After Curdie whacks the goblins' feet with a stone club, it is useless on the Queen's shoes; instead of breaking her shoes, he ends up breaking the club. She violently kicks Curdie into a cave and orders that a boulder be pushed to seal him in.

Later, while she is asleep, Curdie (having been rescued by Irene) manages to remove one shoe from one of the Goblin Queen's six-toed feet, but she wakes up when he tries to take off the other. So, she orders her guards to get the "sun creatures" (especially because of Irene's presence), but Curdie, Irene, and her cat, Turnip, escape with Great-Great Grandmother Irene's thread.

Even later, during a battle between the goblins and the castle people, she tries to kill Curdie, but Turnip (Irene's cat) bites her on the leg, resulting in the two rolling down. After they land into a barrel of wine, Curdie puts hoops over her and later breaks her other shoe.

Later, as the goblins are causing a flood, the Queen shoves some of them out of her way.

Finally, she is shown being carried away by a current during the flood. It is unknown what happens to her next.