Here's how the Grand Galloping Gala and the happy ending goes in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

[It cuts back to Canterlot and the Gala is more better than the last one. And the tower was good as new]

Brian: Now, we're gonna be ready for that Gala.

Vinny: And the tower looks nice and sparkly.

Sylveon: It's better than the last one.

Brian: Just a few more things and the Gala will be ready in no time!

[everyone continues getting work done and that night, the party was on!]

Barret Barricade: Well done, Brian. The Gala is marvlious!

Brian: It was no probem. 

Sylveon: [taps Brian's shoulder]

Brian: Oh, it's you.

Sylveon: Who else would you expect?

Brian: What do you want?

Sylveon: You wanna dance?

Brian: But my right arm's broken, how can I dance with a broken arm?

Sylveon: Dance with that one.

Brian: Alright, I guess I'll give it a try.

[The 2 hold paws and they dance]

Sylveon: See? You're doing great!

Brian: I guess I am!

The Narrator: And soon, Brian and Sylveon danced all night at the Gala, Celestia, and Barret are parents. The Jedi Order is being rebuild again, As the Republic would soon return once more. but more awaits for our heroes, but that's another story.

[Cuts back to Patchy]

Patchy: Ohh, I'm glad that Brian made up with the others. As for me I decited to take some time off to catch up on me reading. [He holds up a newspaper that reads the word JOBS on the front]

Potty: Hey, you didn't take time off, you got fired!

Patchy: Hey, you got fired, too!

Potty: I got a golden parachute.

[Potty shines the light of his parachute, the outside of the resturaunt glows]

Patchy: Well, at least I know they won't ever be able to replace me.

Potty: Brawk, looks like they already did.

[Patchy gasps when he sees a gorilla]

Patchy: What? They let a smelly, hairy, flea bag like that serve food?

Gorilla: Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!

Patchy: Shh!

[Gorilla throws food ingredients at Patchy]

Patchy: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Gorilla: Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh...!

Patchy: Hey, watch it, I have a tomato allergy! Hey, watch the butt!

Narrator: And so kids, always remember to follow your dreams, unless you're Patchy, and just stay in bed.

[The films ends with the "Revenge of the Sith end credits"]

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