Here is how The Graveyard of the Victims of the Carnivores goes in Escape from Pangea Island Part 1.

Princess Yuna: What is this place?

Rita the Fox: It's a Graveyard of those who tried to escape from the island and died.

Hugo: Come on. We better keep moving while we still can.

Snowdrop: Okay.

Rita the Fox: I use to live with my mother and brothers and sister.

Princess Skyla: What happened to your mother and your brothers and sister?

Rita the Fox: My brothers and sister are okay and so is my mom.

Hugo: She always ask before she visits my Jungle.

Dusty Crophopper: No kidding.

Princess Yuna: Will you two like to be our tour guide to Pangea sometime.

Hugo: That would be great.

Rita the Fox: We would like that.

Princess Yuna: I bet Robin Hood and Lady Marian will teach you two about archery.

Rita the Fox: We would like that very much. Lat's go.

Dragonsly: Onward and Upward!

Princess Yuna: Let's keep moving.

Ishani: Hugo, Rita. Lead the way.

Princess Yuna: Until we make it to the exit.

Nyx: Are we there yet?

Hugo: No.

Nyx: Are we there yet?

Rita the Fox: Not yet.

Nyx: Are we there yet?

Princess Yuna: No.

Nyx: Are we there yet?

Hugo and Rita: No!

Nyx: Are we there yet?

Snowdrop: No!

Nyx: Are we there yet?

Dusty Crophopper: No, Nyx! Stop asking!

Nyx: Sorry.

Rita the Fox: We should reach the beach soon.

Princess Yuna: I hope so.

Hugo: We're just glad to help you out, Yuna.

Rita the Fox: You and your friends deserve someone like us you can count on.

Princess Yuna: That's what friends are for. Friends can always count on each other.

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