The Greaser Diesels are a quartet of engineering geniuses who came to Earth aboard the Trainbot spaceship; Xzama.


  • Steeltoe - an EMD E8 diesel locomotive

Steeltoe is the leader of the Greaser Diesels, and the others fought for the Trainbots aganist the Deceptitrains. He won't stop at anything till the Deceptitrains army is destroyed.

  • Railwreaker - an EMD GP-38-2W diesel locomotive

Railwreaker is the brains of the Greaser Diesels, he mainly comes up with most of the stuff to create. He can also hack and decode machines and computers in a quick time.

  • Backflip - an EMD SD40-2 diesel locomotive

Backflip is main supplier of the Greaser Diesels, he supplies all materials needed for their work and sometimes their ship. He believes Deceptitrains are vile and are big, fat morons.

  • Greesegun - an ALOS S1 diesel locomotive

Greesegun is the weapon specialist of the Greaser Diesels, he helps his fellow diesel with their weapons. He is sometimes squimish around fighting Deceptitrains but he still progresses on.


The Greaser Diesels are one group of the Trainbots, that are engineering geniuses and scientists. They came to Earth onboard the Trainbot ship: Xzama. They've spent most of the time at the Trainbot launch facility with their ship outside of Manehatten, because caring for the ship dominated their time. But when there are needed for battle they don't waste a minute. And they fight back! In their vehcle mode, they have many heavy machine guns mounted on their bodies even rocket launchers, and anti-tank cannons. 


  • The Greaser Diesels make their appearence in 
  • The Greaser Diesels have simalarites to the Wreakers. Such as,