The Great Autobot Caper is another movie to be made by Transformersprimefan.


When Sideswipe gets stolen by a greedy toy owner, the other Autobots venture out to save him.


Bumblebee's Mission/Sideswipe's lost sword

The film starts with Bumblebee on a mission to save Strongarm from Starscream. When he finds her, she is phasable and disappears. Starscream and Bumblebee start fighting. As Bumblebee is about to finish him, Starscream blows him up. It actually turns to be a video game Percy was playing, much to his dismay. Sideswipe can't find his sword and he has to find it before Pumpkin Cake leaves for Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction camp.

Sideswipe's leg breaks



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