The Great Foal Rescue Part 1 is the third episode of the second season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


The Mane 6's Foals were captured by Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings, It's up to Princess Yuna, Dusty Crophopper, Snowdrop, Tigatron, Airazor, WALL-E and EVE to come to the rescue with the help of the groups of Mixels.

Buzz's mission/Ready for air race

One day at Canterlot, Princess Yuna was playing the Buzz's mission game and beat Zerg and won the game, After the game, She decided to have an Air Race with Prince Dusty Crophopper, Airazor and EVE.

Dusty gets his wing damaged

During training for the Air Race, Dusty accidentally damaged his wing from forgetting to turn, So Dottie and Maru had to work on Dusty's wing and replace his wings with new ones. That night, Yuna and Snowdrop went to bed and as Yuna went to sleep, She had nightmares and cried in fear, Prince Hiro and Princess Luna rushed to her to help calm her down and making her feel better.

Scotch got his cold/The Mane 6's foals got captured

The next day, Scotch didn't feel well at all, He had a very bad cold, So Princess Cadance will have to take care of him until her gets better, Meanwhile, The Mane 6's Foals were playing in their Alicorn Wagon, When suddenly, the Changelings came out of nowhere and captured them.

Chrysalis' plan

At Chrysalis' hideout, The Changelings brought The Mane 6's Foals to Queen Chrysalis who plans to turn them into a Changeling inside the Cocoons.

Getting the Mane 6's foals back/Help from Mixels

Meanwhile, Princess Yuna had a plan and made a map for Chrysalis' plan, She, Dusty, Snowdrop, Tigatron, Airazor, WALL-E and EVE set out on a rescue mission to save the Mane 6's Foals and find help from a group of small figures.

That night/Not giving up

Later that night, Yuna was beginning to think that's it's hopeless to complete the rescue mission, But Tigatron and Airazor reminded her how much you meant for The Mane 6's Foals and they maybe depending on your rescue and not giving up, That made Yuna feel better and ready to continue her mission.

The next day/Crossing the road

The next morning, Yuna, her friends and the Mixels spotted a closed superstore. They have to cross the road as Yuna used her magic for teleportation.

At the closed superstore/Finding the Mane 6's foals

At the superstore, Yuna and her friends saw the closed sign on the door. When they enter, they will split up to find the Mane 6's kids. When Yuna and her friends split up, Dusty Crophopper discovered a robotic clone that looked exactly like him.

The Wrong Dusty!

When Yuna and her friends going to pick up Dusty and head to Chrysalis' hideout, But what they didn't know is that they got the wrong Dusty.



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