This is how the great train chase goes in Ed, Edd, n Eddy Meet The Lone Ranger.

[we see Tonto walking along the train and then he looks in between 2 cars towards the cart and it's loaded with explosives]

Jay Fuller: It's magnificent, [takes off his hat] so clean.

Red Harrington: You wanna touch it?

Jay Fuller: Oh yes. [removes his glove] [then he notices his men starring] Attention! About face!

[the men turn away]

Red Harrington [set ups her leg] Everyone wants to tough it.

Tonto: [climbs up into the cab, takes out his dagger and taps it on the side]

Driver: The heck you think you're doing?

Tonto: Robbery

Driver: We don't have no money here.

Tonto: Train robbery.

Red Harrington: A little higher.

Jay Fuller: How how does it go?

Red Harrington: About there. [she's aiming at the cart]

Crowd: For the land of the free... and the hme, of the brave...

Tonto: (starts the train carrying the silver up and starts driving it in reverse)

Windal: Uh, Mr. Cole? I think you should come look at this.

Slate: What the?

Latham Cole: They're stealing my train.

Calvary Man: Get the horses!

Red: Right... [deploys shotgun in her leg] There! [fires]

[the wagon of explosives blows up and then the horse start to escape]

Calvary man #2: What are you waiting for? To the engine!

Windal: Stop that train!

Tonto: [blowing the whistle]

Brian: So long!

Latham Cole: Shoot them ,you idiot.

Rebecca: No, Danny's in there!

Latham Cole: That's an order!

Danny Jr.: [in the train] Mom!

[Calvary man starts shooting at the train with the Gatling gun]

Silver: [Whinnies]

{John the lassoes the Gatling Gun and then turns it towards the cars and shoots down the soilders and then shoots off the tarps on the silver cars, and then into on of the buildings]

Rebecca: John! [Butch is taking her to the other train]

John Reid: [looks to the train]

Latham Cole: [starts the other train]

John Reid: Hiya!!

Rebecca: John!

John Reid: [rides Silver on the roof tops and then lands on the roof of Cole's train]

[at the chase, Tonto is watching through the window as the Constitution continues to races in reverse, then the camra zooms over to the other train speeding after it.]

Butch Cavendish: [is shooting at Tonto and Brian on the train's footplate]

Latham Cole: [shooting from the cab]

Rebecca: [tries to stop Cole but is pushed off and she dangles from the cab] Whoa! Oh! AAH!

Butch Cavendish: Get me close!

Latham Cole: [opens the regulator]

Tonto: [sees a switch lever dead ahead]

[Butch Cavendish is about to step onto the other train's cowcatcher, when Tonto throws the switch with a coal shovel]

Butch Cavendish: Whoa!

Tonto: [waves at Butch then frowns when he sees Cole pulling up along side]

Latham Cole: [reloads his .45 colt]

[They duck while Flam and Cole shoot at them]

Tonto: [starts throwing coal at them]

Rebecca: [pulls herself back on]

[Tonto keeps throwing coal]

Rebecca: [grabs a wrench and is about to clock Cole and Flam but Tonto hits her with a piece of coal]

Tonto: [throws the brakes on hard, then watches John]

John Reid: Hiya!

Jay Fuller: [heading for the silver cars]

John Reid: [pulls out his revolver and fires]

Jay Fuller: [looks back] The Ranger! He's on the roof!

[the villains look back and see them]

Latham Cole: [to Butch] How many times do I have to you to kill that ranger?

Rebecca: I told you he come.

(John keeps shooting when Cavendish appears and fires)

Butch Cavendish: [comes into the roof with Rebecca]

[Tonto gets onto the tender and look back]

Jay Fuller: [uncouples the silver cars]

[they then look at the other train]

Butch Cavendish: [looks back and sees a tunnel] Adios, concalier. [falls to the roof]

Rebecca: John!!

John Reid: Hiya!!

Danny Jr.: [watches John]

[Silver jumps onto the flatbed in front before he hits the tunnel]

Jay Fuller: [comes in to kill Danny Jr. when Tonto and Brian are on the roof. Then he pulls out his revolvers and starts shooting at the roof]

Tonto: [jumping and dancing to avoid the bullets]

[Cole's train exits the tunnel]

Jay Fuller: Dance Monkies! Dance!

[camera pans from Cole's train to the other train]

Danny Jr.: [takes a grape and loads it into his slingshot]

Rebecca: Danny!

Jay Fuller: [continues shooting then gets hit with the grape, wipes the grape off and walks toward Danny Jr.]

Danny Jr.: [loads another grape and aims]

Jay Fuller: [aiming with his revolvers prepared to shoot, when the glass shatters]

[John Reid's shooting at Jay Fuller from inside Cole's train]

Jay Fuller: [is shooting back]

[they kept shooting and glass was shatters]

Jay Fuller: Roar! (he heads outside when Tonto hits him the head with a shovel and Danny gives him the grape)

Tonto: [runs to the back of the train only to find the silver cars rolling away and Cole uncoupling his engine from the other train. Looks back at a ladder laying on the flatbed]

John Reid: Butch Cavendish!

Butch Cavendish: [tries to Shoot John Reid but finds his gun empty]

John Reid: Let her go!

Butch Cavendish: If you insist.

John Reid: Go ahead.

Rebecca: John?

John Reid: If she tends to land on her feat.

Rebecca: John!

Butch Cavendish: [shoves Rebecca off}

Rebecca: Whoa! [lands on Silver and hangs on to him as he gallops]

Butch Cavendish: What's ya gonna do councler, shoot me? (chuckles)

John Reid: That's right [tries to shoot Butch Cavendish, but his gun's empty]

Butch Cavendish: [takes out his dagger] Guess I cut out the wrong brother's heart

John Reid: [rolls up his sleaves]

[The two walk towards each other]

Butch Cavendish: [laughing scornfully] Don't tell me, you boxed in law school?

[Tonto os now climbing up the ladder]

Butch Cavendish: What the hell?

John Reid: [punches Butch] As a matter of fact, I did.

Tonto: [swings the ladder to the other train and he and Brian step onto the roof, as the ladder hits a tree]

John Reid: [climbs down the boxcar, then uncouples it from the rest of the train]

Tonto: Where is girl?

John Reid: What, where's the silver?! What are you...

[Tonto and Brian, look and see the silver cars]

[They then run on the roof, jump and land in the freight cars]

John Reid: [Comes in and sees Butch Cavendish reloading his revolver]

Butch Cavendish: [cocks gun] End of the line. Been here before, haven't we?

John Reid: Easy.

[Tonto's on the freight cars and sees the boxcar]

Butch Cavendish: Where did ya say that train was heading, the future? (chuckles)

[the tracks are intersecting up ahead, in which the freight cars and the boxcar are going to collide]

Butch Cavendish: Well, this here train, she going straight to Hell).

[The cars collide and the Boxcar derails and starts sliding went side ways]

John Reid: You know something Butch, I believe your right (he lashes his whip on a tree branch], enjoy the ride! [swings out]

Butch Cavendish: [tries to shoot John, then opens the other doors] GGRRR! [and looks down the line]

Jay Fuller: [draws his sword and sees Butch's boxcar]

Butch Cavendish: WHOA! [the other train's speeding straight for him as the boxcar slides to a stop] AAH!!!

[Jay Fuller and Butch Cavendish try to escape, but the rear coach and boxcar collide, killing Butch Cavendish and Jay Fuller]

Danny Jr.: Whoa! [blows the train's whistle]

John Reid: [swings on the branch and then lets go. Then lands on Silver] Hey!

Rebecca: [hits John]

John Reid: Wrong brother?

Rebecca: Not today! [they kissed]

[Silver continues running and starts catching up to the train]

Latham Cole: [looks back and sees the silver cars. Starts slowing the train down for the silver cars to couple on the tender]

Tonto: [falls back when the cars bump into the tender]

Latham Cole: [opens the regulator back to full power]

[Silver catches up to the train and Rebecca climbs onboard]

Latham Cole: Time's up, indian. [points his gun at Tonto] Same to you, dog.

Danny Jr.: Uncle John! [throws the silver bullet at him]

John Reid: [catches the bullet and loads it] Hiya! Come on! Hiya! Hiya!

Latham Cole: [cocks his gun] Pretty soon, no one will even know you people were here.

John Reid: I'm a spirit walker. [aims] I can't miss. [cocks his gun, then fires]

Latham Cole: [the bullet knocks the gun out of his hand] AAH!

[the other train couples onto Cole's with a bump]

Latham Cole: [falls back]

Rebecca and Danny Jr.: [pull the lever back, making the engine gun it in full forward]

Tonto: [picks up the revolver]

Brian: [takes out his gun] End of the line, Cole.

Tonto: All these years, I think you are Windigo. But no, you are just another white man.

Latham Cole: Who are you?

Tonto: [takes out the pocket watch] Bad trade. [He tosses the watch back at Cole] [fires the .45 colt at the coupling which breaks loose and the car detach]

Will: You let him get away?

Tonto: No.

Will: The bridge.

Tonto: What bridge?

[we are shown the scene where John, Tonto, and our heroes blow up the bridge]

Woman: Oh my.

Latham Cole: [looking at the watch] "Bad Trade?" [then the frieght cars, start falling off one at a time] WHOA!!

[the train plumments off the broken rail and into the river below]


Latham Cole: [is slowly sinking to the bottom with the silver]

[then the rest of the train's edging to the broken rail]

Tonto: [leans forwards and almost falls off but is caught by John]

[the 2 look down at the train in the river]

Latham Cole: [now is dead, buried under the silver. As his hand lets go of the watch]

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