The episode starts with Tommy and Zack , Bakumaru, Dave, Monk practicing martial arts together at the Angel Grove Juice Bar. The two then talks about an upcoming dance and Tommy says he is too scared to ask Kimberly, out, but Zack convinces him to.

Meanwhile, Rita & Nyanma announces her next plan to conquer Earth. They plans to use the Green Candle, which, when burned out, will give the Green Ranger power to Rita & Nyanma. They sends a group of putties with the plan to kidnap Tommy.

Zack and Tommy And The Others continue to practice martial arts. Tommy then walks to a nearby lake with Kimberly with the intention of asking her out. However, they are ambushed by putties and Tommy is taken to Rita's dark dimension, where he faces Goldar. He explains to him that his connection to Zordon is cut off and that when the Green Candle is burned out, his powers will belong to Rita.

Our Heroes & The other five Rangers arrive at the Command Center trying to devise a plan to rescue Tommy. Then the alarm goes off and on the viewing globe, they see the Dragonzord attacking Angel Grove. However, Zordon & Aura informs them that is not the real Dragonzord, but Our Heroes & the Rangers have no choice, they must stop Rita & Nyanma and the monster.

In the dark dimension, Goldar traps Tommy and attacks the Rangers. After being overpowered, the Rangers call for their Dinozord Megazord. They battle the Dragonzord imposter, but it is too strong.

Meanwhile, Goldar & Gen'En returns to the dark dimension and gets into a battle with Tommy. Both manage to escape with Goldar's sword. Tommy morphs and calls for the real Dragonzord, with some difficulty as the Green Candle gradually weakens his powers. After being hit by the Dragonzord's tail, the monster reveals his true form, a Cyclops, and escapes.

Back at the Command Center, Alpha examines Tommy, then Zordon & Aura explains the whole situation to the Rangers. Tommy touched the candle while he worked for Rita & Nyanma, so once the candles goes out, so does his time as a Power Ranger.