The episode picks off what was left in the previous episode. Zordon & Aura explains that someone must enter the dark dimension and retrieve the candle if they are to save Tommy's life and powers. Since he was the only other ranger to enter the dimension, Jason decides to go. Alpha finds the doorway to the dimension and Billy creates a machine that can locate the molecular particles the putties left behind where they kidnap Tommy so Jason, Bakumaru & Orbit can enter the dimension. Tommy remains in the Command Center while Our Heroes & the other Rangers head towards the location.

Back at the moon, Rita & Nyanma sends Cyclops for another attack on Earth.

At the lake, the Rangers find the location and set up the device, but are interrupted by Bulk and Skull, who claims that is their property and orders them to leave. They get into a scuffle with them that results in Bulk falling into a trash can that rolls downhill while Skull chases after him.

In the Command Center, the alarm goes off and on the viewing globe, Tommy and Alpha see Dragonzord Battle Mode attacking Angel Grove. Zordon & Aura says that is Cyclops in disguise again since the real Zords are currently on standby. Tommy convinces Zordon & Aura to let him battle Cyclops himself since our heroes & the other Rangers are occupied.

He calls for the real Dragonzord, which attacks Cyclops, knocking him over and revealing his true form. He then morphs into the Dinozord Megazord and exchanges hits with the Dragonzord. Tommy then enters the Dragonzord for the first time and knocks down Cyclops. It briefly morphs into the Dragonzord Battle Mode and the Tyrannosaurs Dinozord before knocking the Dragonzord down.

Jason, Bakumaru & Orbit enters the dimension, but gets into a battle with Goldar & Gen'en. Zordon & Aura then tells our heroes & the other Rangers that they must help Tommy. Zack & Drago enters the dimension and tells Jason, Bakumaru, Gaou & Orbit that they will have to come back later and help Tommy out. They call for the Dinozords, which become the Megazord & Kirinda. With The Help Of Moah-Master They then call for the Ultrazord and merge all three Zords together, destroying Cyclops.

By this time, though, the Green Candle has already burned out. Back at the Command Center, Zordon & Aura explains that the only way to stop the transfer of power to Rita & Nyanma is for Tommy to give his powers to another Ranger. He chooses Jason who gets the Dragon Dagger and shield .Tommy demorphs.

Later, Tommy is practicing martial arts in the park when Kimberly pays a visit. Tommy and Kimberly kiss and Tommy finally asks Kimberly if she would be his date for the upcoming dance. She accepts.

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