The Gummi Bears.

The Gummi Bears are a group of six colorful bears who live in a place called Gummi Glen deep in the forest.

Zummi Gummi - Zummi is the leader and the only wizard in the group. His personality is based on Doc, the leader of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White for they both wear glasses and stutter.

Grammi Gummi - Grammi serves as a mother figure of the group. She does the cooking and the only one in the group that can make Gummiberry Juice.

Gruffi Gummi - Gruffi serves as the groups' only skilled craftsman and machanic who can fix anything and create traps and wants to do things "the Gummi Way". His personality is based on Grumpy, another of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White for they are both Grumpy and sometimes has a soft spot.

Tummi Gummi - Tummi is the only one in the group who loves to eat anything. He is the group's first oldest kid Gummi and the only gardener of the group.

Sunni Gummi - Sunni is the second oldest kid Gummi of the group. She is very interested in human cultures and human fashion.

Cubbi Gummi - Cubbi is the youngest of the kid Gummis. He dreams of having great adventures and is best friends with Cavin. He is also a masked hero known as the Crimson Avenger.



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