Halloween Door 2 Title Card

The Halloween Door II is an original written LKHFF story and sequel to Alex's Adventures With The Real Ghostbusters: The Halloween Door. It was written by FantasyFilms2011 and LionheartCaptain, and appeared on Deviant Art on October 10, 2012.


Previously In "Alex's Adventures with the Real Ghostbusters : The Halloween Door," Dr. Crowley tried to destroy Halloween and ended up nearly destroying the world by Unleashing a Creature named Boogaloo. With the help of Benny and Leo, and the Jungle Adventure Team, The Ghostbusters and their Animal Division were able to set things right again. Unfortunately, Dr Crowley has yet to learn his lesson. Two years later, Dr. Crowley plans to travel into the past and stop Halloween from being created by stealing one of the team's time-traveling inventions. Will he succeed and bring forth Hell on Earth for all enternity? Will the LKHFF crew be able to save the world once again? Find out in "The Halloween Door II"


  • This story takes place after "Return of the Were-Beast," also available of Deviant Art.
  • Vitally, Gia and Stefano will become full-time Ghostbusters in this story.
  • Guests include the Avengers, the Fantastic 4, Team Spider-Man from "Ultimate Spider-Man, the Autobots from Transformers, the Road Rovers, Scooby-Doo with Mystery Inc, the Thundercats, Ben Tennyson, Qwen Tennyson and Kevin E. Levin, the G. E. Predators, the Rey family from "Primal Warrior," and of course, The Real Ghostbusters.
  • The Beast from "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" is also guest starring, also with three other Beast incarnations: Hank McCoy from "X-Men," Prince Koro from HBO's Happily Ever After Fairy Tales and Prince Beast from Golden Films' version of the fairy tale.

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