The way the Halloween Party at Canterlot and the Ghost Train's deal goes in Revenge of the Ghost Train.

In the Halloween Party.

Jack Skellington: Happy Halloween, My Friends!

Hiro: Happy Halloween to you too, Jack.

Princess Luna: Dusty, See to it that Princess Yuna will have a splndid Halloween with all of her friends.

Dusty Crophopper: No problem, Luna.

Princess Yuna: Mama?

Princess Luna: Yes, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: We need to talk.

Princess Luna: What is it?

Princess Yuna: I want to make sure my friends will have a great Halloween.

Princess Luna: Why's that?

Princess Yuna: You went to the Halloween Party at Dracula's Castle with Pooh, Ash and the others?!

Princess Luna: Yes, I'll see to you that you and your friends will have a great Halloween.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Mama.

At the club.

Sunbeam: (looking through the telescope)

Teslo: What's taking so long?

Airazor: Be patient, Teslo, Yuna knows what she's doing.

Nyx: (looking at her watch on her hoof) This is gonna be the best halloween party ever.

Snowdrop: Zaptor, do not eat the sandwiches until Yuna comes back.

Zaptor: (trying to eat the sandwich) Oh, Right, Sorry

Princess Yuna: I'm back!

Tigatron: Where have you been?

Princess Yuna: I had to speak to my Mama for her support.

Airazor: And she gave it to you?

Princess Yuna: Yep.

Snowdrop: It's great to hear it!

Flain: I can hardly wait.

Zorch: What's your plan for Halloween now?

Princess Yuna: We're going Tick or Treating.

Krader: Yeah! Yeah! Rad fun!

EVE: (nods)

Meanwhile, at Tartarus.

Rothbart: Brace youself, Sa'luk, Halloween is upon us!

Sa'luk: We'll have to take over by force.

Ghost Train: (whistles)

Tirek: What's that noise?

Rothbart: The Ghost Train!

Ghost Train: Hello, Tirek.

Tirek: Why are you here?

Rothbart: What business do you have with us?

Ghost Train: Revenge against the Ghost Train Busters.

Tirek: Oh.

Ghost Train: Here's the energy crystal, Tirek.

Tirek: (grows strong after touching the crystal)

Ghost Train: Feeling strong again, Tirek?

Tirek: Yes, Thanks to you.

Rothbart: Wow, What impressive ways to keep Tirek strong.

Queen Chrysalis: That was amazing!

King Sombra: My family and I are looking forward to our revenge.

Nightmare Moon: Yeah.

Nightmare Trix: Perhaps you could be of any help to us.

Nightmare Hiro: Yeah.

Ghost Train: What do you have in mind?

Tirek: With your help to gain our revenge, We'll help you with yours, What do you say?

Ghost Train: You got yourself a deal.

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