Here's how the helicopter and tanker truck chase goes in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[We return to the Terminator, Sparkles, and the Princesses]

[the van is now speeding down the highway]

Twilight: No matter what happens, stay down and keep these vests over you.

Nyx: Okay.

Twilight: Alright. [peaks her on the cheek]

[they start putting bullet-proof vests on the back of the van]

Yuna: [then sees something in the side mirror] Something's following us!

[We see the helicopter in the sky]

Twilight: It's a chopper!

Terminator: It's him.

Snowdrop: The T-1000?

Terminator: Yes.

Twilight: [grabs 2 CAR-15 assault rifles off the gun rack]

Cadance: Hurry, Twilight. He's coming in!

[the Music score: Terminator 2 "Helicopter chase" starts playing]

T-1000: [starts flying lower]

Twilight: [loads both rifles with full mags and cocks them]

T-1000: [is now tailing the van]

Twilight: [leans out the back and draws fire with one of the rifles]

T-1000: [returns fire with a Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine gun]

Twilight: [ducks behind the door as the bullets hit]

T-1000: [continues firing but then runs out of ammo]

Twilight: [returns fire at the chopper]

[the van then goes under a bridge as the T-1000 follows, flying really low above the road]

Twilight: [continues to draw fire]

T-1000: [reloads]

Nyx: [looks up]

[Twilight then fires as the T-1000 returns fire]

Nyx: WHOA!! [covers herself with the vests]

Twilight: Nyx, stay down! [continues firing]

T-1000: [flying side to side]

[The van turns to avoid a tanker truck as the chopper files over it and the bridge, and then back down]

T-1000: [continues firing as he flies down]

Twilight: [continues to draw fire]

T-1000: [fires]

[the 2 continue to fire at each other but then Twilight gets hit]

Twilight: AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Nyx: MOM!

Twilight: [groans] [and then grabs her shot leg]

Shining Armor: Twily!

Skyla: [to the Terminator] Do something!

Terminator: [slams on the brakes]

[the chopper collides with the van]


[the chopper then falls to the ground and falls apart]

[but then the van hts a car, which causes it to crash]

[the tanker truck stops at the wreaked chopper as a truck stops near the van]

Driver: [gets out and walks up to the van] Hello?

Truck driver: [gets out] Whoa! Damn! Are you alright?

T-1000: [stabs the truck driver and hops into the tanker truck]

Terminator: [opens the back and picks up to the other rifle]

Cadance: Hurry.

Twilight: Grab a shotgun.

Nyx: [grabs a Mossberg 500 cruiser]

Driver: Are you hurt?

Terminator: [looks down the road]

Princess Luna: He's coming our way!

Skyla: Oh man, he just won't quit!

Yuna: Move, we gotta move!

[The T-1000 gets closer]

Nyx: Come on, Mom! Come on!

Terminator: We need your truck.

[they head up to the truck and get in]

[and closer]

Cadance: Go!

[the Music Score: The Terminator 2: Judgement Day - "Truck chase" starts playing]

[they take off as the T-1000 slams into the van and continues tailing as he shifts into a higher gear]

Twilight: I'm bleeding, bad.

Shining Armor: [grabs a cloth] Hey, try this.

Princess Celestia; He's catching up, fast!

[and closer]

Skyla: Go faster! GIVE IT MORE GAS!!

Terminator: This is the vehicle's top speed.

Cadance: Are you serious?!

Nyx: I can get out and fly faster than this!

Twilight: [ties the cloth around her leg] AAAH!!

Nyx: Watch it!

T-1000: [rear ends the truck, then starts driving along side]

Princess Luna: On our right!

Yuna: Watch out!

[The T-1000 then slams into the truck and starts grinding it against the guard-rail]


T-1000: [swerves to avoid another truck]

Snowdrop: I can still hear him!

Terminator: Drive for a minute.

Skyla: [grabs the wheel] Hey, where you going?!

Terminator: [leans out the door and fires his grenade launcher at the truck] Take the off-ramp.

Skyla: [turns in that direction]

[the T-1000 follows, hitting some water barrels in the process.]

Skyla: EEEP!!!

Terminator: [reloads]

[then a another truck is in front of them]

Nyx: Watch out! [grabs the wheel with her magic and swerves to avoid the truck]

[The Terminator fires but hits the ground next to the truck]

Terminator: [starts to reload]

[but the T-1000 rear ends the truck, causing the Terminator to drop the grenade in the tail bed]

Yuna: NO!

[the T-1000 starts pushing them, and they start approaching a lava temple. [like the one from the Jungle Book 2]

Terminator: [throws the grenade launcher into the back. Grabs the other CAR-15, cocks it, then gets onto the truck and fires at the T-1000]

[soon he discards the empty rifle and makes the truck turn hard left, which causes it to topple onto it's side, and starts sliding]

Yuna: Whatever you do, don't stop!


Shining Armor: Just go, kiddo!

Cadance: Go straight!

Skyla: [continues driving straight] AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! [ducks down as the truck hits the wall]

[the tanker truck continues sliding, then it hits the sides of the entrance, as the Terminator jumps off and rolls into a stairway. The tanker then bursts open, pouring liquid Nitrogen everywhere]

Cadance: Skyla, are you alright?

Skyla: [gets back up] I think I just flunked my first driver's test.

Twilight: [is shaky] No kidding.

Yuna: [looks out the back window] Oh no.

[the T-1000 then opens the door and climbs out of the truck, and starts walking towards them in the showers of Liquid Nitrogen]


T-1000: [continues walking towards them but his pace starts to slow down. (due to its body rapidly freezing) Then his feet start getting stuck, then one foot gets stuck. He pulls free but his foot breaks off. He then gets stuck again, and his legs crack. His right hand then freezes to the ground. He then tries to pull free but his hand breaks off. He then looks at his arm in shock. And then he freezes completely.]

Skyla: Hey, what happened? Why'd he stop?

Yuna: He's frozen solid!

Terminator: [gets up, and takes out his pistol] Asta la Vista, baby. [pulls trigger]

[The bullet hits and the T-1000 shatters into a million pieces]

Nyx: Finally. He's gone.

Terminator: [ejects the empty clip and loads another one]

[but then the heat from over flowing lava begins to melt the frozen pieces and they started to from back into liquid and the little droplets began to come together]

Terminator: We don't have much time.

[the puddle starts to reform into the T-1000's body]

Twilight: Let's move!

Nyx: Grab the shotgun.

Yuna: [grabs the shotgun]

Cadance: Here. [Helps support Twilight on her left side]

Shining Armor: Come on, come on! [helps supports his sister on her right side]

Terminator: [grabs his grenade launcher and he loads the grenade into it]

Cadance: Hurry! He's almost reformed!

[they race off, just as the T-1000 is completely reformed. And starts walking after them]

Shining Armor: Hurry, come on!

T-1000: [is following the group but then he grabs a railing in which his hand forms into it. (a malfunction caused by the liquid nitrogen) But he pulls his hand off and continues his pursuit.]

Terminator: This way, come on. This way.

Nyx: Come on, come on. We've gotta to get to Thomas.

[the T-1000 continues to pursue them as he steps on diamond plating, and his feet form the same pattern as the diamond plating]

[they come across a pool of lava]

Princess Luna: Not this way, it's too hot.

Princess Celestia: Go back. Go back.

[Then they turn and see the T-1000 coming towards them]

Yuna: Oh no.

Terminator: Go. Run

Nyx: We have to stick together!

Terminator: Nyx, you've got to go now. Get the crystal to Thomas.

Nyx: No!

Terminator: GO, NOW!!

Nyx: No!

[they race off]

Terminator: [hold out the grenade launcher as he draws his pistol. He then walks slowly forward, scanning for any sign of the T-1000]

T-1000: [appears out of nowhere and grabs the grenade launcher, and throws it out of the Terminator's grip]

Terminator: [fires his pistol]

T-1000: [grabs the pistols and tears it from the Terminator's grip]

[the 2 then start banging each other on the walls]

T-1000: [hits a wall but liquid forms around]

Terminator: [punches the T-1000]

[but the T-1000 liquefies and he throws the Terminator into different walls before slamming him into another wall, which causes huge rocks to pin the Terminator's left arm]

[then his arm gets crushed]

T-1000: [forms back to his old self, as a menacing ripple goes through]

Terminator: [tries to grab the T-1000]

T-1000: [continues to pursue the group]

[with NEST, 501st Clone Troopers, the Wonderbolts, Autobots and Trainbots]

Lennox: We got a whole lot of fight, coming our way!

Spitfire: This isn't good.

[then several Deceptitrains and Constructitrains come flying down]

Deceptitrains: [speaking alien]

Spiker: Oh, my Lord. We better get ready for the ultimate battle on our hands!

Hound: It's a bad idea. [cocks his shotgun] But I'm all about bad ideas.

Piston Spark: Likewise.

Soarin': That foal better hurry.

Fives: Let's just hope what that kid knows what she's doing.

Captain Rex: Yeah, me to.

Spitfire: Alright, here's the plan. We cover fire all we can, and some of the other rendezvous with Piston Spark, Arcee, Hound, and Ironhide. Alright, once we see our target, pop flares up sky high. Then escort them back here, on the double! Let's go, move out! [cocks her M4]

Everyone: Hu-wah!

[everyone then spreads out]

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