This is how the Hellfire Club discovers the Indominus Rex's mutant signature goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(We then see a boarding school)

(The words "Massachusetts Academy. HQ of the Hellfire Club" appear)

(We then see a holographic projection of the Indominus Rex in her human form walking out of D.C.)

(We then see a telepath watching this)

Telepath(takes of headset): Inform the White Queen that I have located a powerful one. Let us hope to get there before Xavier or Lensherr do.

(We then see Emma Frost looking out a window)

Dust: Ms. Frost.

Emma Frost(turns to look at her): Yes Soorya?

Dust: The Lord Imperial wanted me to tell you that he wants you to go find a new mutant that has been detected.

Emma Frost: And where will I find her might I ask?

Dust: Washington D.C. She's left the city already.

(Dust then takes her leave)

Emma Frost(puts her hand on her temple): This is Frost. I'm on my way.

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