Here is how the Hellfire Club and the Villains escape, the Phoenix escapes, and duel of the Cosmic Entities goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(Thomas tries to shake Flynn awake)

Thomas the Tank Engine: Flynn! Come on! Wake up!

Nighlock:(slaps him) Listen soldier! You need to let him rest, and guard you injured. You do not leave this place whatsoever. The Hellfire Club and Villains are escaping and we need to catch tthem!

(before they can do so, the Phoenix woke up and gave its own power to the Cuckoos)

Indominus Rex: That doesn't-

Toad:(covers her mouth) Yo, don't ya know bad things will happen if you say that?

Indominus Rex: Sorry.

(The Phoenix fires a fire blast at them creating a huge cloud of smoke)

(we then see a purple shield and that it is Nighlock's doing)

Nighlock: If that's how you wanna play it then fine.(lowers the shield and turns into the Raven)

Thomas the Tank Engine: Whoa! How did he do that?

???: That's his true potential.

(everyone turns and sees Graydon Creed in his Regiment Uniform)

Indominus Rex: Graydon!(hugs him) I had no idea you would be here.

Flynn the Fire Engine: (groans) How did you get past the owls?

Graydon Creed:(pulls out a device) Let's just say I used ultrasonic sound against them.

Cyclops:(runs over to Jean) Jean! Jean, come on wake up!

Jean Grey:(wakes up) Scott is that you? What happened?

(they see the two entities battling in the air)

Jean Grey: We better move.

Phoenix Force: Screeeee!(transforms into warrior form)

Raven Force: Caaawwww!(transforms into warrior form)

Everyone: Whoa!

Phoenix Force Warrior Mode:(pulls out a spear and a bladed shield)

Raven Force Warrior Mode:(pulls out a sword and a shield)

Toad: I wonder what would look like if I was a warrior like that.

Scarlet Witch:(hexes him)

Phoenix Force Warior Mode:(tries to stab with spear)

Raven Force Warrior Mode:(blocks with shield and breaks it with sword)

Phoenix Force Warrior Mode: Screeee!

Raven Force Warrior Mode:(puts it back into Jean Grey)

Raven Force Warrior Mode: So ends your days of tyranny.

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