This is the scene where the heroes meets King Grudnark the king of Dinolantis goes in Dinolantis: The Lost Dinosaur Kingdom.

(Then the heroes arrive at the door)

Tino Tonitini: Wow, this door is huge.

Sunset Shimmer: And very shiny gold!

Serena: So beautiful!

Petrie: And there are sharptooths here!

(Two guards opens the door and four Velociraptors takes the heroes to the King's room, as they arrive the King was feeding Dimorphodon a food and sees the heroes)

Ash Ketchum: Who is that guy?

Jama: (speaking a dinolantian language) [Translating: "My dear father, I've brought some visitors"]

King Grudnark: (speaking a dinolantian language) [Translating: "You know the law, Jama. No outsiders shall stay or live in this place."]

Jama: (speaking a dinolantian language) [Translating: "But they can help us bring this kingdom back like it was."]

King Grudnark: (speaking a dinolantian language) [Translating: "We don't need their help."]

Jama: (speaking a dinolantian language) [Translating: "But father, they can-"]

King Grudnark: (speaking a dinolantian language) [Translating: "That's enough. We'll talk about more later."]

Clayton: Your majesty. I be have of my crew, is an honor to be welcome to your city.

Max Taylor: Excuse me. (Coughs his throat) Clayton.

King Grudnark: You presume much. To think you are welcome here.

Clayton: Oh, sir, we have come a long way looking for...

King Grudnark: I know what you seek... and you will not find it here. Your journey has been in vain.

Clayton: But we are peaceful explorers, men of science. Heh heh heh.

King Grudnark: And yet you bring weapons.

Clayton: Our weapons allow us to remove obstacles we may encounter.

King Grudnark: Some obstacles cannot be removed with a mere show of force. Return to your people. You must leave Dinolantis at once.

Clayton: Oh, Your Majesty, be reasonable.

Max Taylor: Sir.

Clayton: Not now, Max. I'm talking here.

Max Taylor: Trust me on this. We better do as he says.

Clayton: May I respectfully request that we stay one night, sir? That would give us time to rest, resupply... and be ready to travel by morning.

King Grudnark: Hmm. Very well. One night. That is all.

Clayton: Well, thank you, Your Majesty.

Captain America: It is truly an honor sir.(bends a knee and holds out his hand) But I think you know me and my other allies are here.

King Grudnark: I am, Captain. And any ally of Namor, is an ally of Dinolantis.

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