This is the final fight between Heroes vs Villains and their army of Hybrid Dinosaurs and Dinolantis is now saved goes in Dinolantis II: Max's Return.

(Then the heroes arrive at Dinolantis)

Max Taylor: Hey! Stop this!

Xehanort: You've arrived just in time. How about you deal of our army.

Tino Tonitini: That can be arranged!

(The Villains summon an army of Hybrid Dinosaurs)

Tai Kamiya: You're going to deal with us!

Marcus Damon: It's fighting time!

Shredder: We accept the challenge!

(They charge toward each other)

Jama: Attack!!!!

(The Heroes fights the Villains and the Hybrid Dinosaur army)

Spectre: Brontikens, Stegoceratops, and Indominus Rex kill that type!

(The Villain's dinosaurs charges towards Max)

Max Taylor: Chomp, stop them!

(Chomp runs and fight them)

Jama: Soldiers! Go forth!

Ash: Greninja! I choose you!

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