The Hex Boys is a new movie.


Skulker, Dan Phantom and Flame McLain put together a band calling themselves the Hex Boys and try to take over the world with their hypnotic music. Can Ryan and the gang stop them?


Forming the Hex Boys

The film starts at a cafe where Skulker, Dan Phantom and Flame McLain are with Ryvine, Lord Vortech and a female counterpart of Lord Vortech called Lady Vortech. They discuss about what they will do to get something what they want. Ryvine looks at a TV and saw the Hex Girls playing "Hex Girl". Dan gets an idea and forms a band called "The Hex...." before he can finish, Lady Vortech sigh and says "Boys". The other two boys join Dan and Ryvine thinks they can use their powers to take over the world.

That night/The Hex Boys perform

Meanwhile, Sci-Ryan is wondering how Jessie Primefan is a siren and who is her akumatized self but is interrupted whe Sideswipe begins jamming out to a tune called "I'm a Hex Boy". He bobs his head to




  • Rainbow Rocks