Here's when the Human Mane 5 encounter the Clawer in Wrath of the Century.

[it is now morning and we now view the Mane Human 5 at the beach]

Human Rarity: [relaxing in the sun] Ah. The sun, I could just tan myself all day.

[AJ (human) & Rainbow (human) are playing volleyball]

Human Rainbow: [hits it]

Human Applejack: Ah'm gonna beat ya! [hits the ball]

Human Rainbow: Hyiah! [hits the ball] We'll see about that.

Human Fluttershy: [looking at animals in tidal pools] You are all so cute.

Human Pinkie: [blowing leaves]

[just then Rarity (human) hears something]

Human Rarity: [lifts her shades up] What's that?

Human Fluttershy: What?

[then something starts heading for them]

Human Applejack: What in tarnation?

[Then out of ground was a hybrid Deceptitrain]

Human Fluttershy: What is that?!

Human Pinkie: It's a Deceptitrain worm!

Clawer: [shows his claws] ROAR!!!!!!

Human Rainbow: Worm, nothing! That's a scorpion!

Human Rarity: No, it's both!

[Then Percy comes in and transforms]

Percy: [deploys his face sheild] Hey you! [fires]

Clawer: ROAR!!!

Human Pinkie: GET HIM, PERCY!!!

[The Clawer snaps his claws and swings his stronger around. And fires rockets from his claws]

Percy: [swats each of the rockets with his energy ax and then he hits some spots]

Lady: I'M COMING FOR YOU!!! [jumps off a cliff and transforms]

Human Mane 5: LADY!!

Lady: [deplosy her lightsabers] Come and get some!

[But the Crawler swings his stinger and stungs her]

Lady: UH!

Percy: [undeploys his face sheild] LADY!!

[The Crawler digs back under the Ground]

Human Rarity: That thing was menacing!

Lady: [groaning]

Percy: Lady...

Lady: Don't worry, it's only a stung. [groaning]

Percy: Not without medical attention, we've gotta get to Sparkshot! can you transform back into engine mode?

Lady: Yes. [transforms] I can still live. [puffs away]

Percy: [transforms] Come on, girls. Get dressed in your street clothes, we need to find the others!