This is how the Human Mane 6's new allies and ending goes in Ernie the Dragon Hunter.

[after that, everything was being repaired]

Brian: I'm glad that's over.

Yuna: Yep.

Human Twilight: Hey, thanks for saving me.

Brian: Of course, I didn't wanna see a girl shot.

Human Rainbow: Yeah. Um, we're sorry for almost attacking you guys, Ernie's not really much of a great guy as we thought.

Princess Celestia: All is forgiven, and I'm going to arrange for a new home to be made for you.

[Shows them their house]

Human Rainbow: Oh, yeah!

Human Rarity: I love it!

Human Applejack: Thank ya, kindly.

Human Pinkie: [excitedly] Do we get dragons too?!

Yuna: I'm afraid you're gonna have to wait for a while for that, to happen.

Nightstar: [growls in agreement]

Human Rairty: That's okay, I'm not ready for any dragons right now.

Human Fluttershy: By the way, these foals are too cute. Is it okay if we privilege to be foal sitters with them?

Princess Luna: Sounds fair enough to me. Elsa and the others are sometimes too busy to watch them.

Cadance: Yeah.

Twilight: You are welcome to watch them while we're gone.

Human Twilight: Thanks equine me.

Yuna: [messaging] Today, me and my freinds have had one of our biggest challenges yet. Against Ernie, a Sith Lord and an enemy of Brian Griffin. We may of lost a few good members, but we also gained new ones, and we have DRAGONS!!!

[Film ends with "There You'll Be"]

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