This is where the Human Mane 6 get turned into sirens in The Revenge of the Overlord.


Human Twilight Sparkle: What do you want, Overlord.

The Overlord: A truce.

Human Rarity: Hmph. You wish.

The Overlord: But no ordinary truce, but a truce where you will accept being my humble siren singers.

Human Twilight Sparkle: What do we get in return?

The Overlord: I set your steam engine boyfriends, your two new siren friends, and Cyrus Borg and P.I.X.A.L. free.

Human Applejack: And if we refuse?

The Overlord: Then none of that happens.

Human Rainbow Dash: Well, nice try.

[Sonata Dusk, who is still under the Overlord's hypnosis, clicks her fingers and General Cryptor zaps them with a prod]

Human Mane 6: [screaming]

Human Twilight Sparkle: Okay! Okay! We accept!

[General Cryptor stops zapping them and the girls take a moment to breath]

The Overlord: Excellent. [chuckles evilly] Sonata, put their pendants on their necks.

Sonata: Yes, master. [picks up the pendants and places them on the girls necks]

[Adagio and Aria look on in horror]

Adagio Dazzle: Sonata, how could you do this?

The Overlord: Quiet, you!

[Adagio zips it]

The Overlord: She may not be my servant, but she's under my total control now.

Sunset Shimmer: Your army will never get the chance. The Ninja and Lloyd will keep them from ever reaching us.

Aria Blaze: Yeah. Now give us back Sonata.

The Overlord: Never! Because, I'm going use her and my new sirens to hypnotize all of Ninjago into doing my bidding.

Adagio Dazzle: Well, you'll have to think twice before you try to mess with us!

The Overlord: I highly doubt that!

Adagio Dazzle: [begins singing] All that you are is the end of a nightmare

All that you are is a dying scream

After tonight, we shall end this demon dream!

[Suddenly, the Human Mane 6 and Sonata start strutting towards them]

[The Human Mane 6 and Sonata Dusk]
[Human Twilight]
Welcome to the show
[The Human Mane 5 and Sonata Dusk]
Ah-ah, ah
[Human Twilight]
We're here to let you know
[The Human Mane 5 and Sonata Dusk]
Ah-ah-ah, ah
[Human Twilight]
Our time is now
[The Human Man 5 and Sonata Dusk]
Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah
[Human Twilight]
Your time is running out
[The Human Mane 6 and Sonata Dusk]
Feel the wave of sound
As it crashes down
You can't turn away
We'll make you wanna sta-a-ay.
We will be adored
Tell us that you want us
We won't be ignored
It's for our reward
Now you need us
Come and heed us
Nothing can stop us now!
What we have in store
All our master wants and more
We will break on through
We know what we have to do!

Twilight: Come on! Girls!

Human Applejack: Okay!


The Overlord: And now for my end of the bargain.