The Ice Agecons are 7 Deceptitrains who turn into Ice Age predators.


The Ice Agecons are a couple of Deceptitrains who had been hunting the Dragon Bots for money. After a great war, the leader Sabertooth killed Mooncrystal. Leaving 9, the remaining memebrs then vowed to avenge the 10th member. Years continued to go by as they search for the Ice Agecons' ship or Sabertooth himself.


  • Sabertooth - a Smilodon

Sabertooth is the leader of the Ice Agecons. And he killed the 10th leader Mooncrystal.

  • Wolfy - a Dire Wolf
  • Bear - a Short-Face Bear
  • Birdie - a Titanus
  • Sharky - a Megalodon
  • Jaws - a Hyaenodon
  • Snout - a Entelodont
  • Insane - a Andrewsarchus [deceased]


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