Cindy: Aren't you cold out here, Yogi?

Yogi: For some reason, Cindy, the cold isn't bothering me tonight. I guess. . . something about Boo Boo's girlfriend that other night made me think. With all of the traveling we do from place to place and through the passages of times, we don't think about the idea of never seeing the people we love and care for ever again.

Cindy: But we always make it back somehow.

Yogi: We almost didn't make it back one time. What if it was to happen again and no one would know where or when we are?

Cindy: Then at least we'd still have each other to the very end.

Cindy: Yogi, did you hear that?

Yogi: Yes, I did.

Frederick Fleet: Is anyone there?

Man: Yes. What is it?

Frederick Fleet: Iceberg, right ahead!

Man: Thank you.

Rabbit: There you two are. We were about to head out looking for you when. . .

Yogi: Pooh, something serious has happened. The ship just collided with an iceberg.

Boo Boo: Say what?!

Sherman: Shh!!! Not so loud, Boo Boo.

Ducky: How bad is it?

Cera: Well, we have to find out.

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