They arrived at the Beach and Eggman and his goons are not here

Gibson: They're not here.

Sparx: (Sigh) We lost them.

They saw a Tree, reminds them about the star and the lights

Flashback has started

Sparx: Have you ever wonder what stars are? Where light comes from?

They laugh

Flashback has ended

Sonic: Sparx! Gibson!

They saw Sonic coming

Sparx: Sonic! Amy got Kidnap from Eggman.

Sonic: Looks like I'm not fast enough to get there.

Gibson: He said to meet us a Beach.

Sonic: It's have to be an Ambush. That Egghead is so cleaver for this.

Sparx: Hey, we're going too!

Sonic: Well, we have to be quick! Let's go!

Both: Right!

They went off, Scratch and Grounder saw Sonic and his friends

Scratch: We found that Hedgehog!

Grounder: Ready, for my signal! And... Fire!

They blast so rockets to Sonic and his friends

Sonic: Watch out!

They dodge it

Sparx: A Rocket?! Where did it come from?

Gibson: Up there! Look!

They saw Eggman Ship

Sparx: Run!

Then Sonic's Walkie Talkie has shown up and it was Amy

Sonic: Amy! You're alright!

Amy: Yes! I was saved from that monkey who looks like-

The rocket has shown up

Sonic: No time for that! I better stop their attack!

Sparx: Me and Gibson will find Eggman.

Sonic: Good luck, and here!

He shine his Choas Emerald to them

Gibson: What was that?

Sonic: A Choas Emerald. That one will make you go fly.

Sonic ran off and Sparx and Gibson are gonna find Eggman


Eggman is waiting and didn't hear anything

Eggman: Phew! Finally I got rid of that Hedgehog! He is no more for today. And now I'm gonna find all 7 Seven Choas Emeralds. (Laugh) And I Finally got rid of him!

Sparx: I don't think so, Eggman!

He saw Sparx and Gibson look so Alive

Eggman: What the?! No, that can't be!

He look at his Binoculars and saw Sonic stop the Rocket and he defeated all his minions

Eggman: (Grunt) Curse that Hedgehog!

He's gonna left, but Sparx and Gibson stop him

Sparx: You can't get away.

Eggman is gonna a fight and then heard a ticking noise

Eggman: What was that?

He saw Tick tick the Crocodile

Eggman: (Scream) Not you again!

Sparx: Let's fight, Egghead.

They are fighting him and they defeated him, he's in the Water and then he's been Chasing by a Crocodile

Eggman: (Scream) Leave me Alone! Help me, please! Help!

Sparx: That's the end of him.

Then he saw Knuckles and Tail coming with the Chest

Tail: We got the Chest!

Minutes later

Sonic: Great job! We finally got the treasure.

He open and find out it's empty

Sonic: What the? It's empty.

Knuckles: Oh, yeah. You see... It's gone.

Gibson: Sorry about that.

Sonic: Aw, whatever. Those treasure from Eggman was Jewel and Gold and stuff

Tail: We could just put something that we treasure in there instead- if you wanna?

Sonic: Yeah, that's great. We should put our item in there and they will be our treasure.

All: Yeah.

They put all their items in there

Sonic: So Sparx, what about you?

Sparx: Hmm... Let's see... Hm... I wonder... Oh, yeah! How about this!

He bring out his toy sword form Antuari

Sonic: What's that?

Sparx: It's a give from my team.

Sonic: So that was a keepsake?

Sparx: Yeah. And I don't need I, because I have new friends even for my team.

Sonic: Alright. Put in there.

He put the Chest and Amy is holding a Star Shard

Gibson: Um, Amy...

Amy: Yes.

Sparx: I think it's belong to our friends. Do you think I can have?

Amy: No! It's for Sonic!

Sonic: Amy! Give it to them!

Amy: But-

Sonic: Now!

Amy: Okay.

She look down and give it to Sparx

Sparx: Thanks.

Then the Star Shard is Glowing and then Sparx and Gibson are gone

Knuckles: What the? Where did they go?

Tail: Hey, look!

They saw a Shooting star

Sonic: Don't worry, you guys. No matter what that light take him, I'm sure Spark and Gibson will come back someday.

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