The Incredible Shrinking Clay is a new movie.


When Romeo reinvents the Shrinker with Ryvine has a plan to deform Morro and they put their plan into action, Clay Moorington gets shrunk down to the size of a coin. Now it's up to Ryan, Rianna and their friends to stop Romeo and get Clay back to normal size.


Romeo reinvents the Shrinker

Romeo rebuilds his Shrinker with Ryvine and plans to use it to bring Clay down to size and Morro deformed. Then the student of Ryvine, Jestro, comes and tells Ryvine about Makuta captured the pink haired girl named Stephanie. Then Ryvine gets an idea and turns Stephanie to the dark side by putting on a siren pendant on her. Then after the change is done, Ryvine told Jestro to summon monsters to wreak havoc in the NEXO Knights world.

Clay's training session

Clay Moorington is training in the Fortex while Sci-Ryan, not trusting Morro, thinks Morro might go back to being bad and sings his version of Say Goodbye to the Holiday called "Say Goodbye to the Ghost Ninja"


  • will work for


  • Friendship Burns Bright
  • Everything is Awesome


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