1st Dimension, Night

O.W.C.A Headquarter

(All of the Agents were Back from Searching Perry and his Friends)

Major Monogram: So did you Find them? (They nod at Him Means No) Great,I wonder where they are?

Carl: Well maybe they will appear from a Portal with Their New Friends.(A Time Portal shows up and what comes out,it was Phineas Doraemon and Their Friend) Guess my Words is Right!

Phineas: Looks like we're back Home?

Dr Doofenshmirtz: Home Sweet Home!

Perry: Thank goodness we made it in time.

Major Monogram: Everyone your Back!

Ferb: That's right Sir, We're back.

Major Monogram: What a Relief (He Realize) Wait! Who are these Kids? and... AGENT P did you just Talk!

Perry: That's right I did, Even Pinky, Peter and Terry can Talk.

Carl: But how how did you talk?

Pinky: Will explain Later, But right now we need to the Time and Dimension before they does.

Major Monogram: Who?

Baljeet: Um, Everyone look Outside.

(They Look Outside and they  got shock that they saw a Blimb and it was Dr Doofenshmirtz (2nd Dimension) and Dr Achimoff that they were on the Blimb)

At The Blimb

Alt-2 Dr Doofenshmirtz: Oh Boy! Time for us to Start our Evil Invasion.

Dr Achimoff: That's right, Alright Everybody! Let's take over the World!

(All Villains From Doraemons Movies and Birthday Specials are gonna invade Danville and the World, Everybody are Running for their Lives, but they Got Captued from those Robots in Their Planet, and Now everything has been invaded)

Alt-2 Dr Doofenshmirtz: Oh Joy! I can finally take over the Time and Dimension! I'm gonna call my Wife and My Daughter about this.

Dr Achimoff: Alright Dr Doofenshmirtz you can call them! And this time, The Doraemons and Their New Friends are not gonna foiled our Plans Today! (Evil Laugh and Cough)

Alt-2 Dr Doofenshmirtz: Are you Alright?

Dr Achimoff: I'm fine Other Dimension Doofenshmirtz, I think I got a Fly on my Throat.

Alt-2 Dr Doofenshmirtz: Okay then Dr Achimoff, Oh yeah I put the Resistance Members to My Prison, and they will never Stop Us today! (Evil Laugh and Cough) Great! I got a Fly on my Throat!

Back at the O.W.C.A

(Everybody got so Horrified that Dr Achimoff and Dr Doofenshmirtz (2nd Dimension) has take over the World)

Phineas: Oh No! Dr Achimoff and Other Dimension Doofenshmirtz has take over the World, looks like it's up to us to Save The World again like we did.

Ferb: I know we did.

To Be Continued

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