This is the script for The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery. [The film begins at the Blue Mountain Quarry where Rheneas whistles as he puffs out of a tunnel] Narrator: It was a busy day on the Island of Sodor. [Rusty pushes stone as Skarloey and Sir Handel passes with trains of stone] Narrator: At the Blue Mountain Quarry, the narrow gauge engines were working hard. Merrick: Good morning, Rheneas. Rheneas: Morning, Merrick. (whistles) Merrick: Good morning, Peter Sam! Peter Sam: (whistles) Good morning, Merrick! Narrator: Owen, the incline engine, was waiting for Paxton the diesel. Paxton was collecting heavy trucks of slate to take to Brendam Docks. [Paxton honks as he backs up to the trucks] Paxton: Ready when you are, Owen. Owen: Load me up, Rusty. Going down! Next stop, right at the bottom. [Owen lowers his trucks to the bottom as Skarloey puffs by] Paxton: Do you always work this hard at the Quarry, Skarloey? Skarloey: Always. If your wheels aren't whirring, you aren't being a Really Useful Engine. [Skarloey whistles as he puffs away] Narrator: Paxton started to whir his wheels again. [He started to move forward when...] Peter Sam: Look out! Paxton: Oh my! [A block of stone lands next to him] Narrator: Then he stopped. Paxton: What was that, Peter Sam? Narrator: High above in the Quarry, a giant keystone in Blondin Bridge had come loose. [Peter Sam sees this] Peter Sam: Fenders and Fireboxes! Blondin Bridge is not safe! Merrick: Oh, Rheneas is on his way down from the upper terrace. He'll have to cross the bridge with heavy trucks. Rusty: We must warn him! Sound the alarm! [A loud siren sounds] Narrator: All the engines were suddenly still. All the engines were hushed. All the engines watched. [Rheneas is puffing along when he hears the siren] Narrator: Rheneas heard the siren.... Rheneas: Oh, no. There must be danger. Narrator: ...but he didn't know why the siren was sounding... Sir Handel: There he is! Narrator: ...until it was too late. [Rheneas saw the trouble ahead as a workman tried to flag him down] Workman: Stop! Stop! Narrator: Rheneas tried to stop! Workman: Blondin Bridge is falling down! Narrator: But his heavy trucks pushed him on.... Rheneas: Whoa! Narrator: ..right onto the damaged bridge! Rheneas: Wha! Narrator: Rheneas pumped his pistons as never before! He had to puff across before the bridge collapsed! [Rheneas makes it across just as the bridge collapses] Narrator: Rheneas was almost knocked off the rails! Rheneas: Whoa! [He bashes into a rock while and through some wood planks then roll down the hill and raced around a bend, almost fell of the tracks before coming to a stop] Narrator: At last, Rheneas rolled to a stop right by Skarloey. Rheneas: Oh! I'm alright. I made it down safely. [He, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Rusty and Peter Sam laugh and cheer] Skarloey, Sir Handel, Rusty and Peter Sam: Hurray! [Paxton is seen derailed by stones] Paxton: Uh, excuse me? Erm, I wonder if, uh, someone could help me? (stammering) Maybe? Please? [A stone hits him] Paxton: Ow.  

[The main titles appear saying "Young Irish Film Makers present" "The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery"]  

[The Tortuga is seen flying over Sodor]  

Chris Kratt: That's it, Jimmy. This is a good height.  

Speedy McAllister: Connor, why are we here again?  

Connor Lacey: Sir Topham Hatt has another assignment for us.  

Twilight Sparkle: I wonder what it is this time?  

Hannah Sparkes: Who knows, Twilight?  

Wilson: (to Speedy) You'II get to see Thomas and the Island of Sodor, we, Olwin, Jackman and the Chuggineers visited many years ago.  

Brewster: Yeah. We've been there for a while after we stop Diesel 10 and the villains from taking over the Steamworks.  

Koko: Yeah. Even though Diesel 10 remains evil and hating steam engines.  

Mai Lacey: And we even see our friends at Tidmouth Sheds.  

Fred Jones: Can't wait to see all the engines here.  

Shaggy Rogers: Like, can't wait to try out some food there, eh, Scoob?  

Scooby-Doo: Reah. (giggles)  

Velma Dinkley: Thanks for inviting us to come to Sodor, Connor.  

Connor Lacey: You're welcome, Velma.  

Daphne Blake: This is going to be the best vacation, ever!  

Marco Polo: Excited to see Hiro again, Shi La?  

Shi La: Of course, Marco. It has been a long time since I last saw him.  

Fu Fu: (chitter)  

Lightning McQueen: I got an idea.  

Dusty Crophopper: What is it, McQueen?  

Lightning McQueen: We can meet up with Thomas before we have our assignment. That way, we'II have a start.  

Fireman Sam: Good idea.  

Connor Lacey: That could work.  

Martin Kratt: I bet I'II be one to spot that tank engine. Chris Kratt: You're on.  

Melody: How can you be so sure?  

Martin Kratt: With this. (pull out a owl stuffy)  

Old Puffer Pete: How's that gonna help ya, Marty?  

Martin Kratt: They're actually owl binoculars. They'II help me find that tank engine.  

Chris Kratt: Not a chance. They don't call me "Eagle Eyes" for nothing.  

Aviva Corcovado: There he is!  

Kratt Bros: Huh?  

Aviva Corcovado: Better luck next time, brothers. (giggles)  

Chris Kratt: Wow!  

[They head over to the cockpit and see Thomas]  

Speedy McAllister: Is that Thomas the Tank Engine you were telling me and Pete about, Wilson?  

Wilson: Yes, Speedy.  

Violet Parr: Whoa. Look at him go.  

Rarity: These two coaches are called Annie and Clarabel.  

Old Puffer Pete: Those carriages have names?  

Connor Lacey: Yes, Pete.  

Penny Morris: They also have faces on them so they can talk to their puller.  

Speedy McAllister: Hmm. That's very different to our carriages back in Chuggington.  

The Mask: I know what you mean.  

Devastator (PWT): Hey, look!  

Fluttershy: There's a clearing in the Whispering Woods that we can land.  

April O'Neil: Good idea, Flutters.  

Kim Possible: Land us in that clearing, Jimmy.  

Jimmy Z: Heading down, nice and easy.  

[The Tortuga lands in the clearing]  

Connor Lacey: Nice job.  

Mewtwo: Now let's go and greet our friend.  

[They head out]  

[The scene changes to leaves in a tree as the camera moves down to some railway tracks which Thomas chuffs over pulling Annie and Clarabel]  

Narrator: Blue Mountain Mystery. On Thomas' branch line, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Thomas was having fun with Annie and Clarabel.  

Thomas: (laughing) Hold on tight! (whistles)  

Annie: Clattering carriages! Slow down, Thomas!  

Clarabel: Slow down! Slow down! The signal is red!  

Thomas: I always slow down when I come to a red signal.  

Annie: Only because we told you to.  

Clarabel: Only because we keep you on track.  

Thomas: (laughs) You worry too much!  

Connor Lacey: Hey, Thomas!  

Thomas: Connor, guys, hey!  

Twilight Sparkle: It's good to see you again, little T.  

Annie and Clarabel: What?  

Fireman Sam: It's a nickname.  

Marco Polo: Good to see you too ladies.  

Annie: Thanks.  

Clarabel: Who are your new friends?  

Fred Jones: I'm Fred. This is Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.  

Thomas: Good to meet you.  

Old Puffer Pete: Are you Thomas the Tank Engine?  

Thomas: Yes, that's me. Who are you two?  

Old Puffer Pete: I'm Old Puffer Pete.  

Speedy McAllister: Speed McAllister. But you can call me Speedy.  

Old Puffer Pete: We've heard so much about you. You are an impressive youngster tank engine.  

Thomas: Thanks. I get that a lot.  

Connor Lacey: Yeah. He is number one after all.  

[Thomas blushes]  

Violet Parr: Aw, that's cute.  

Wilson: I never know how engines do that.  

Gareth Griffiths: I think it's because the Sodor engines have human faces and chuggers don't.  

Wilson: Ooooh.  

Koko: That explains it.  

[Then a car horn is heard]  

Narrator: Suddenly, Thomas, The Irelanders, Annie and Clarabel heard the strangest sound!  

Ace Bunny: Did you hear that?  

Melody: I heard it!  

Thomas: Cinders and Ashes! What's that?  

[A car on rails appears with The Fat Controller on board]  

Narrator: Around the bend came a small red car on the tracks.  

Chris Kratt: Whoa.  

Marco Polo: Are you seeing what I'm seeing?  

Velma Dinkley: That's new.  

Connor Lacey: Whoa. A car on tracks.  

Station Officer Steele: Just like my fire engine, Bessie who can also on rails.  

Twilight Sparkle: Cool. Narrator:  

Everyone was surprised!  

The Fat Controller: Winston! Please stop!  

[He puts on the brakes and Winston stops]  

The Fat Controller: Wait there a moment, Thomas! I need to talk to you and the Irelanders.  

[Everyone stares]  

[The Fat Controller grunts loudly as Winston reveres very fast past Thomas and then went back to Thomas again]  

The Fat Controller: Good morning, everyone! This is Winston! He is my new track inspection car!  

[Winston honks]  

Shaggy Rogers: Dig that, Scoob! A car on rails!  

Scooby-Doo: Reah!  

Fred Jones: Imagine that.  

Ace Bunny: Whoa!  

Thomas: Good morning, Winston! Nice to meet you!  

Winston: Nice to meet you, Thomas! And who are you guys?  

Connor Lacey: I'm Connor Lacey.  

Fireman Sam: I'm Fireman Sam.  

Marco Polo: I'm Marco Polo. This is Luigi, Shi La and out pet bat, Fu Fu.  

Wilson: Nice to meet you, Winston. I'm Wilson.  

Brewster: Hiya, I'm Brewster.  

Koko: I'm Koko.  

Old Puffer Pete: I'm Old Puffer Pete.  

Speedy McAllister: Speedy McAllister. But you can call me Speedy.  

Fred Jones: I'm Fred. This is Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.  

Mai Lacey: I'm Mai Lacey.  

Baloo: I'm Baloo.  

Bagheera: Bagheera's the name.  

King Louie: And Old King Louie, (scatting) that's a me.  

Slyly: They call me Slyly.  

Leonard: I am Leonard.  

Irelanders: We're the Irelanders.  

Winston: The Irelanders?  

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Yeah. That's our team name.  

Winston: Whoa. It's nice to meet you.  

Victorion: Nice to meet you too.  

The Fat Controller: Anyways, welcome back, Irelanders.  

Connor Lacey: It's good to be back, Sir. What's our assignment?  

The Fat Controller: Your assignment, is to help Thomas with his special job.  

Twilight Sparkle: Really? What is it?  

The Fat Controller: Paxton has been in an accident at the Blue Mountain Quarry. I have arranged with the Thin Controller to send Thomas to work in his place. His job will be to take loaded slate trucks to the docks.  

Fireman Sam: You can count on us, Sir.  

Thomas: Thank you, sir! I like working with my narrow-gauge friends!  

Wilson: What are narrow gauge engines?  

Thomas: They are these small engines that run on much smaller tracks.  

Holly O'Hair: Cool.  

The Mask: We never met them before.  

Connor Lacey: Well, looks like it's time to do so.

Marco Polo: You're right. It'II be a adventure to see a part of Sodor we've never been to before.

Aviva Corcovado: Absolutamente.

Old Puffer Pete: What does that mean?

Cyberwarp: It means absolutely in Spanish.

Old Puffer Pete: Oh.

The Fat Controller: Toby will take over on your branch line. Oh! Before you go, you must deliver the rest of these passenger!

Norman Price: Oh yeah. We better bring them to their destinations.

Thomas: Of course, sir!

[He cringes as Winston jolts a bit]

The Fat Controller: Winston, we must hurry. Today is a busy day.

[He jolts on with Winston as the Irelanders and Thomas watch]

The Fat Controller: Not to worry. It's early days yet. (chuckles)

Winston: That's right, sir. Early days.

Thomas: Of course, sir!

Spike: [laughs]

Winston: Bye, Thomas! Bye, guys! (hoots)

Thomas: Goodbye, Winston! (laughs)

[Everyone laughs as Winston rolls off with The Fat Controller]

Narrator: Thomas liked Winston already. So did everyone else.

Brewster: He's funny.

Raven Queen: Yeah.

Connor Lacey: Can't argue with that.

Thomas: We have a new friend! (laughs)

Annie and Clarabel: We like Winston! (laughs)

[Everyone laughs as they set off]

[The scene changes to Emily carrying a damaged Paxton on a flatbed]

Narrator: Emily was taking Paxton to the Dieselworks.

[They stop at a red signal]

Emily: I'm sorry you were in an accident, Paxton. I must have been horrible.

Paxton: (sighs) Oh, it's ah, not so bad, Emily. A biff and a bash, that's all.

[Thomas and the Irelanders arrive]

Narrator: Then Thomas and the Irelanders came hurrying along the track.

Connor Lacey: Look!

Elvis Cridlington: Oh, my.

Pinkie Pie: Whoa.

Chris Kratt: He's really damaged.

Shi La: No kidding.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

Thomas: Hello, Emily. Hello, Paxton. You all right?

Paxton: Just a biff and a bash, Thomas. That's all. They'II soon fix me up when I get to the Dieselworks.

Thomas: I'm sure they will, Paxton.

Connor Lacey: I hope you get repaired soon, Paxton.

Paxton: Thanks, Connor. You know, there could be a space for me in your team.

Connor Lacey: We'll see, Paxton. We'll see.

Martin Kratt: Guys, did we see Paxton before?

Fireman Sam: Yes, when he was part of Diesel 10's plot to take over the Steamworks, remember?

[Irelanders nod in agreement]

Twilight Sparkle: I remember that one quite well.

Fred Jones: What do you mean by that?

Connor Lacey: She means that she recalls everything that happened.

Shaggy Rogers: Like, what happened with taking over the Steamworks?

Lightning McQueen: Well, a long time ago, Diesel 10 returned and trick us and Percy into helping him and the villains by taking over the Steamworks.

[The Mystery Gang gasp]

Paxton: Yes. I remember that. And I'm sorry if I gave you guys any trouble.

Violet Parr: That's okay, big guy.

Chris Kratt: The Dieselworks was old and broken at the time.

Mai Lacey: That's why they took the place over.

Brewster: Then we and the steam engines help to defeat them.

Dusty Crophopper: And rebuild the Dieselworks.

Koko: But despite that, Diesel 10 remains evil and hating steam engines when we encountered him as he work for Prince John's human counterpart.

Fred Jones: Whoa.

Daphne Blake: Jeepers. That explains him join forces with Steve, Max and Laura once.

Connor Lacey: Uh-huh.

Kim Possible: I remember that.

Shaggy Roger: Yeah. Like his claw still gives me the creeps.

Scooby-Doo: Re too.

Paxton: And is it true that Diesel 10, Diesel, 'Arry and Bert join the Foot Empire, Connor?

Connor Lacey: Yes, Paxton.

Spud the Scarecrow: And since when you wanted to join the Irelanders?

Paxton: It was a suggestion, Spud. Besides, you never know when a diesel may come in handy.

Spud The Scarecrow: Oh. I see.

Thomas: That would be great, Paxton. Good luck! I must hurry. They're waiting for us at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. See ya later, big guy.

[They set off]

Paxton: Be careful up there, guys!

Narrator: But Thomas and the Irelanders was already far away.

[The scene changes to the Blue Mountain Quarry]

Narrator: Thomas was excited that The Fat Controller had given him the job of working with the Narrow Gauge Engines. By the time he and the Irelanders reached the Blue Mountain Quarry, he had almost forgotten about Paxton.

[The Irelanders and Thomas look around]

Narrator: And then Thomas and the Irelanders saw what had happened to the bridge.

Thomas: Oh, my!

Speedy McAllister: That's not good.

Chief Fire Officer Boyce: And it doesn't look safe either.

Connor Lacey: It got collapsed.

Velma Dinkley: Jinkies.

Aviva Corcovado: Whoa.

Applejack: Boy, whoever made it collapse did some serious damage.

Baloo: I can see that.

Bagheera: I wonder what could have caused it to collapse?

Mai Lacey: Who knows?

[Then Skarloey came over]

Skarloey: Hello, Thomas!

[Rheneas arrives]

Narrator: The narrow gauge engines were much smaller than Thomas.

Peter Sam: Hello, Thomas!

Narrator: They ran on narrow rails.

Sir Handel: Hello, Thomas! (whistles)

Thomas: Hello, my friends!

Skarloey: (to the Irelanders) Are you the Irelanders, we've been hearing about?

Connor Lacey: That's us.

Skarloey: Good to meet you. My name is Skarloey.

Rheneas: I'm Rheneas.

Sir Handel: I'm Sir Handel. But I used to be called Falcon.

Peter Sam: I'm Peter Sam. But I used to be called Stuart.

Rusty: I'm Rusty. The only diesel here.

Connor Lacey: Good to meet you.

Sarah Jones: (noticing the numbers) Huh?

Thomas: What's wrong, Sarah?

Sarah Jones: Nothing, Thomas. It's just Skarloey and Rheneas have numbers.

Koki: Hey. You're right.

Marco Polo: Skarloey's number 1.

Mai Lacey: And Rheneas is number 2.

Sir Handel: I'm Number 3

Peter Sam: I'm number 4.

Rusty: And I'm number 5.

Ron Stoppable: That's amazing.

Connor Lacey: Just like Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon and James.

Ace Bunny: Not to mention Toby and Percy.

Skarloey: Our number 6 and 7 are Duncan and Freddie.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Where are they now?

Skarloey: They're working on our railway, carrying goods and passengers.

Lizzie Sparkes: I see what you mean.

Thomas: Rheneas, what happened? Were you in a accident too?

Rarity: (seeing the scratches) Ugh, darling, you look awful!

Rheneas: Well, I did get a few extra scrapes and scratches, Rarity. Actually, I could really use a fresh.....

Skarloey: It could have been worse. Luckily, Rheneas is still safe and in good working order, ready for....

Rheneas: A fresh coat of paint?

[He, Thomas and the Irelanders laugh until they saw Skarloey looking sternly at them]

Connor Lacey: What?

Twilight Sparkle: I think he doesn't think it's funny.

Skarloey: That's right, Twilight.

Connor Lacey: Sorry, Skarloey.

Skarloey: That's alright, Connor. As I was saying, ready for work!

Fred Jones: Right.

Speedy McAllister: Let's get to work!

Thomas: Okay, Skarloey! We're ready to huff out hardest! Just show us what we need to do.

[The work gets underway as the song "Working Together" plays]

Way up into the mountain
Hear the rumble and chuff
Wheels grinding and growling
and funnels puff
Got to, got to work harder
shift that slate
Got to, got to go faster
Can't be late
Here we come, up the hill
There we go, what a thrill
Working together
Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading
Blue Mountain Quarry
Pulling and pushing, heaving and hauling.
Clanking into the coupling
cargo ready to roll
Wheels whizzing and whirring
pull that load
Working through to the sunset
every day
Trying hard to be useful
Hey, Hey, Hey!
Here we come, up the hill
There we go, what a thrill
Working together
Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading
Blue Mountain Quarry
Pulling and pushing, heaving and hauling.
Working together
Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading
Blue Mountain Quarry
Pulling and pushing, heaving and hauling.
Working together
Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading
Blue Mountain Quarry
Pulling and pushing, heaving and hauling.
Working together

[The song closes as the scene changes to night time as Thomas puffs out of the quarry with the Irelanders and the slate trucks]

Narrator: Thomas was pleased with his work at the Blue Mountain Quarry. As night fell, he chuffed happily away to Brendam Docks.

[Thomas delivered the slate to Brendam Docks and then head to Tidmouth Sheds]

Narrator: That night, Thomas slept soundly at Tidmouth Sheds, The Irelanders slept at the inn and their little friends slept soundly in the hills.

[The scene changes to the next morning]

Narrator: The next morning, Thomas and the Irelanders went back to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry. He was shunting trucks.

Bagheera: Why do we have to wear man's hats?

Connor Lacey: Because it's a very important part of our safety, Bagheera.

Mike Flood: That's right, Connor.

Bagheera: Only to man but not to animals.

Baloo: Well, Louie and I wear man's clothes before and we don't mind.

King Louie: Yeah. It's crazy.

Bagheera: [sighs in annoyance]

Fireman Sam: (hearing something) Wait, did you hear that?

[Everyone listens]

Dash Parr: It's coming from that tunnel over there.

[Everyone goes over to it]

[Then a little green engine darts out]

Narrator: Suddenly, a small green engine darted out. An engine that Thomas and the Irelanders had never seen before!

Slyly: Whoa, look at that little guy go.

Melody: He's so cute.

Jimmy Z: Never seen him before.

Thomas: (whistles) Hello, I'm Thomas.

Narrator: But the engine didn't answer.

Thomas: Cinders and Ashes! How strange!

Leonard: Very strange.

Shaggy Rogers: Like, why didn't he answer?

Joe Sparkes: I don't know.

[Sir Handel whistles as he puffs up to them]

Sir Handel: Good morning, Thomas!

Thomas: Good morning, Sir Handel.

Connor Lacey: We've just seen this little green engine racing from one tunnel to another. Do you know his name?

Sir Handel: Well, now.... (stammers) As sure as these hills are high, I don't know. It was probably a runaway truck, Connor. There are lots of those up here.

[He whistles and puffs away]

James Jones: That's odd.

Wilson: I'm pretty sure that wasn't a runaway car.

Thomas: Me too, Wilson.

[Later on Thomas reverences to the spot for the slate to go down on Merrick's zipline]

Narrator: Later Thomas and the Irelanders saw the green engine again.

[The little engine speeds past them up above]

Chris Kratt: There he is again.

Scooby-Doo: Reah.

Brewster: Rheneas, do you know who that little green engine is?

Rheneas: Engine? What engine? Don't know! Er, very busy! Can't stop. Lots to do.

[The Irelanders and Thomas look even more confused]

Old Puffer Pete: Well, that went well.

Connor Lacey: This is getting confusing.

Mater: Why won't anyone tell us about that there engine?

Chug: Beats me.

Thomas: This is very strange.

[Later, they see the little engine again]

Thomas: Hello! Please stop! Who are you?

Narrator: But the engine didn't stop. And the engine didn't talk.

Shi La: Man, what's it gotta take to get him to stop and introduce himself?

Koko: I don't know.

Narrator: Thomas couldn't follow the little green engine along the narrow gauge rails along with the chuggers. Their wheels were too big.

[Rusty arrives and honks]

Blaster/Twincast: Rusty, do you know who that little green engine is?

Rusty: I think... I'm sure I think it was a mountain goat.

Moose Roberts: Don't be silly. There are no mountain goats here, eh?

Rusty: I'm afraid I can't help, then!

[He chugs away]

Speedy McAllister: Well, this is strange.

Marco Polo: Yeah. Why won't the narrow gauge engines tell us who he is?

Velma Dinkley: Beats me.

Narrator: Thomas was even more puzzled.

Thomas: Merrick!

[Merrick is fast asleep. Thomas whistles]

Thomas: Wake up, sleepy-crane!

Merrick: Huh? What? Have I missed something?

Fireman Sam: Merrick, do you know that little green engine's name?

Merrick: No, Sam, and, uh, I think it's my nap time.

[Merrick goes back to sleep]

Owen: (laughs)

Thomas: Owen! Can you help us? Have you seen a strange green engine that pops in and out of tunnels?

Owen: (chuckles nervously) There're a lot of engines popping in and out of tunnels. Going down. Next stop, quarry floor!

Thomas: No one wants to talk to us! Koko: It's like they have a secret that they want to keep to themselves. Connor Lacey: This is getting ridiculous. Frozone/Lucius Best: Let's go see if Skarloey knows anything. Spud the Scarecrow: Good idea. [They head off] Narrator: Then Thomas and the Irelanders saw the little green engine again. [He stops just in front of them] Thomas: Wait! Little engine! Please! Who are you? Connor Lacey: Yeah. Come on. We won't hurt you.

Narrator: The green engine stared at everyone. And then he hurried away again. Skarloey: Hurry, Luke! [Luke puffs away and the heroes chase after him] Narrator: But Thomas and the Irelanders didn't want to lose him this time! [Luke almost runs into Rheneas] Rheneas: (gasps) I'm sorry, Luke! Luke: Oh, my! [Luke reverses when he bump into Sir Handel] Luke: Oh! Sir Handel: Oh, no! [Luke tries to chuff back into the tunnel when he almost bumps into Peter Sam] Peter Sam: Hello, Luke! You're in a hurry and... (gasps when he sees Thomas and the Irelanders) Oh, help! [Rheneas whistles as he moves to another track] Rheneas: Luke! Over here! Luke: Oh! [Luke hurries off and into another tunnel] Pinkie Pie: What just happened? Koko: They seemed like they were trying to protect him. Dash Parr: But they didn't tell us about him. Kim Possible: None of them did. Connor Lacey: I think we need to get to the bottom of this. Thomas: Skarloey! Who is Luke? Why does he keep puffing away? Rainbow Dash: (cross) And why won't any of you tell us about him? Are you spies? [Applejack pulls her back by her tail] Applejack: Simmer down, Sally. He ain't no spy. But he sure knows who Luke is. Don't you, Skarloey? Skarloey: He's a friend, Applejack. Thomas: I'm a friend! Connor Lacey: And so are we. Why don't you tell us about him so that we can be his friends too? Narrator: The quarry was still and silent. Owen stopped working and even Merrick woke up. Skarloey: Yes, Thomas. You and the Irelanders are our friend. And so, we will trust you. [The engines whistled and honked in agreement] Skarloey: What I am going to tell you, no one else must know. Holley Shiftwell: Got it. [Everyone went quiet as Skarloey began his story] Skarloey: Luke hides here in the Blue Mountain quarry, because he is scared. Thomas: Why? Skarloey: Because once, long ago, Luke did something very bad. He thinks that if anyone finds him he will be sent away from Sodor forever. Connor Lacey: Sent away? Skarloey: That's right, Connor. Sent away. Mandy Flood: Goodness. Fluttershy: Oh my.

Skarloey: So, here in the Blue Mountain Quarry, we make sure that our friend, Luke, always stays hidden. That way, no one will find him and he won't be sent away. Thomas: What did Luke do that was so bad? Skarloey: You know enough now, Thomas. And remember, everything you've heard, you must keep locked in your funnel. Do you Irelanders promise not to tell everyone about Luke?

Irelanders: We promise. Fireman Sam: Our lips are sealed. [makes a zip motion with his hand] The Mane 6: Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. Skarloey: (notice Connor deep in thought about Percy) What's wrong, Connor? Connor Lacey: It's just well, we won't tell anyone about Luke but.... Thomas always told his best friend, Percy everything and that's what best friends do. Can we tell Percy about him? Skarloey: (ponders then said) I suppose so but not yet. We don't want to take any chances for Luke's sake. Do you understand? Connor Lacey: Absolutely.

Marco Polo: We'll wait until the right time comes, that's a promise.

Skarloey: Good. I'II decide when you can tell him.

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you, Skarloey.

Skarloey: Question is, can he be trusted with a secret?

Old Puffer Pete: I'm sure a youngster can keep something locked in his funnel, as you put it.

Skarloey: Then thank you. And good luck.

Fred Jones: Thanks.

Narrator: In the tunnel, two eyes blinked and disappeared into the darkness.

[Later on]

Narrator: The evening, Thomas was taking trucks of slate to the docks. The Irelanders are in the brakevan. His axles ached and his wheels were weary. But Thomas didn't mind. His boiler was bubbling with thoughts of Luke. The Irelanders were also thinking about Luke.

Connor Lacey: Why does Luke always hide from us when we wanna talk to him about his problem? I don't get it.

Rarity: Oh, the little darling must be absolutely frightened.

Chris Kratt: Yeah, but why is he so scared of being found by other people? I mean, come on.

Martin Kratt: Yeah.

Aviva Corcovado: I was thinking the same thing.

[Outside, unbeknownst to Thomas and the Irelanders, Sadie the Logging Loco is watching from a siding]

Sadie: [chuckles darkly] So, there's a new guy in town. We'll be sure to give him a warm hello and goodbye.

[With Thomas and the Irelanders]

Thomas: What could he have done that could be bad enough to be sent away from Sodor?

Ben Hooper: Who knows?

Fred Jones: Well, gang, looks like we have a mystery on our hands.

Shaggy Rogers: Like, will there be scary monsters and ghosts involved as usual?

Connor Lacey: No way, Skarloey didn't mention any monsters in his story.

Scooby-Doo: Every time there's a mystery, there's always monsters and ghosts involved in my stories.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Only this time, there won't any involved.

Shaggy Rogers: Like, I hope so.

Scooby-Doo: Re too.

[The signal change to green and Thomas and the Irelanders move on]

Narrator: Thomas had to find out what Luke had done. He wanted to know the whole story.

[The scene changes to that night as Thomas and The Irelanders arrive back at Tidmouth Sheds]

[Percy notices Thomas looking sad]

Percy: What's the matter, Thomas? You haven't said "hello".

Thomas: I'm sorry, Percy. We were thinking.

Percy: What about?

Narrator: Thomas had to be careful. He and the Irelanders couldn't talk about Luke. Even to his best friend. Not yet at least.

Connor Lacey: Oh, just about... you know. Something.

Percy: Like what?

Connor Lacey: It's a secret. But we can't tell you. Not yet.

Thomas: What do you all think is the worst thing an engine could do? Something really bad.

Baloo: Yeah. Any engine got anything to say?

Percy: One of the worse things that I've ever done was when I was trying to sneak up to the coaches and I crashed right into The Fat Controller's baggage trolley.

[A CGI flashback of A Scarf for Percy playing]

Percy: Baggage, clothes, and sticky jam flew up into the air, and fell over me and the Fat Controller! He was very cross with me.

[The flashback ends]

Henry: You didn't mean to crash into the baggage trolley, Percy. It was an accident.

Mai Lacey: When did that happen?

Percy: It happen in winter, a few months after the Chinese Dragon incident. I want a scarf to keep my funnel because of the cold and when Henry said that engines don't wear scarves, I get back at him by saying that his funnel is too small to have a scarf.

[Everyone look at Percy quizzically]

Percy: What? He does.

Henry: Well, there's no need to keep bringing it up, Percy.

James: Especially when I told you that legs go in trousers, not funnels. (chuckles a bit)

James Jones: (chuckles) That's a good one, engine counterpart.

[Percy blushes in embrassment, remembering that bit after getting the Fat Controller's trousers on his funnel]

Fireman Sam: (thinking about Percy wanting a scarf for his funnel) That's a bit silly, Percy.

Percy: I know, Sam.

Old Puffer Pete: Just like I almost puff off with Lori's washing cloth on me.

Thomas: [laughs]

Old Puffer Pete: It is funny.

[The engines and Irelanders laugh]

Henry: I think what I did was far worse.

Speedy McAllister: Tell us.

[A CGI flashback of The Sad Story of Henry plays]

Henry: I refused to leave the tunnel because I didn't want to get my paint wet in the rain. The Fat Controller was really cross.

[Workman have build a brick wall in front of Henry]

Henry: So cross, in fact, he walled me up in the tunnel. That was bad.

[The flashback ends]

Connor Lacey: Edward told us that story when Thomas and we first met you.

Brewster: Did Henry get out of that tunnel eventually?

Edward: Yes, Brewster. When Gordon broke his safety valve and couldn't pull the express.

[Gordon said nothing]

Thomas: Then we help Henry overcome his fear of rain and he hasn't done the same thing since.

Wilson: (thinking it's funny of fear of rain) That's funny. Scared of little drops of water. (laughs)

Midnight Express: Yes indeed.

Henry: I don't like being teased about it.

Wilson: Oops. Sorry.

Henry: That's alright.

Violet Parr: Anyone else done something bad that they recall?

Thomas: (to the engines) Do you remember the day I was shunting trucks at the mine?

[A CGI flashback of Down the Mine plays]

Thomas: I know I shouldn't chuff past the danger sign, but I wanted to see what would happen if I did. I steamed right past it, into a siding, and fell down into the mine!

[The flashback ends]

Emily: That was very bad.

Norman Price: How do you know? You weren't there.

Lucius Best/Frozone: Norman is right, though. Emily didn't appear in the series till 2003.

Mai Lacey: When did that happen?

Thomas: It happened a couple of months after your son and his friends left Sodor and after Gordon fell into a dirty ditch. I teased him about it and tried to go pass the sign many times but never succeeded until the accident that is. Gordon help me out and we form an alliance since we're both in disgrace.

Fireman Sam: At least you know now that danger signs are there for a reason.

Norman Price: I learned that the same way when Radar and I went past a sign to some unsafe cliffs because I want to see a peregrine falcon.

[Radar barks]

Mandy Flood: (remembering it) I did try to warn you. Radar is smart to know that the cliffs were dangerous.

[Radar barks]

Shi La Won: Yeah. That was very stupid of you.

Fu Fu: (chittering)

Thomas: But not bad enough to be sent away from Sodor forever.

Percy: Forever! That would be terrible.

Edward: Unthinkable!

James: What about Diesel?

[A flashback to Misty Island Rescue plays]

James: He pushed the logs off the bridge and into the sea!

[The flashback ends]

Norman Price: Technically, he stole the logs.

Emily: But even he wasn't sent away from Sodor.

Marco Polo: You're right. Why wasn't he being sent away from Sodor?

Edward: Who knows? He was sent away three times before.

Twilight Sparkle: Like what?

James: Like when he first arrived, he told lies about Duck.

Percy: Then when he came back to help me and Duck at Knapford Harbour, he push china clay trucks into the sea.

Henry: When I was repaired, Diesel tries to prove that he's stronger than me by pulling 20 trucks but the brakes was on and Diesel broke his coupling and fell into a barge. I had to pull the trucks and did it as easy as pie.

Thomas: But after he tricks Fergus into going to the smelters' Yard, he remained on Sodor and still causing trouble for us ever since.

Connor Lacey: Whoa. Does The Fat Controller let him stay?

Percy: Yes but we don't know why he did that.

Aviva Corcovado: Well, I can't believe he would do such a thing.

Koki: Yeah. That hunk of metal should be sent packing.

Connor Lacey: I agree.

Shi La: Especially if he does anything to Hiro.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes. He deserves to be sent away.

Fireman Sam: Let's all settle this in the morning.

Fred Jones: He's right. It's getting late.

Connor Lacey: Good night, everyone.

Rainbow Dash: [yawns] I gotta admit I'm pretty beat.

Applejack: Yeah, I'm gonna hit the hay myself.

[Spike snores]

Twilight Sparkle: Good night, Spike. (giggles) Sweet dreams, number one assistant.

Marco Polo: Night, Shi La. (kiss her)

Shi La: Night, Marco. (kiss him)

Fu Fu: [flies to the rafters and hangs upside down]

[Bagheera yawns and falls asleep]

Wilson: Night, Pete.

Old Puffer Pete: Night youngsters.

Shaggy Rogers: Night, Scoob.

Scooby-Doo: Right, Raggy.

[The Irelanders fall asleep]

Narrator: Then, as the stars twinkled over Tidmouth Sheds, one by one the engines fell asleep. All, except Thomas.

Thomas: (whispering) Don't worry, Luke. We'II find a way to help you.

[The next day]

Narrator: The next morning, The Blue Mountain Quarry was busy. Rocky was lifting and loading the stones from the broken Blondin Bridge.

[Skarloey puff over to Rheneas]

Rheneas: I don't like these scrapes and scratches. They make me look.....

Peter Sam: Old? (laughs)

Rusty: Clumsy? (laughs)

Skarloey: They make you look like a Really Useful engine.

Rheneas: That needs......

Both: A new coat of paint! (chuckles)

[Thomas and the Irelanders arrive]

Narrator: Then Thomas and the Irelanders arrived.

Octane: Hi, guys.

Thomas: Skarloey! I've asked all my friends. We're sure there is nothing an engine could do that is bad enough to be sent away from Sodor!

Skarloey: Thomas! Have you and the Irelanders talked to the other engines about Luke?

Connor Lacey: No! We just asked if they did anything that was bad enough to be removed from the island.

Skarloey: Are you sure?

Twilight Sparkle: Absolutely.

Violet Parr: We didn't tell Percy yet, just like you said.

Rheneas: That's good.

Koko: I know how hard it is to keep a secret.

Skarloey: Really?

Koko: Yes. Let me tell you about the time I had to keep the bat dance a secret.

[A flashback]

Koko: Mtambo and Dr. Gosling are doing to record the bat dance at night and told me to keep it a secret since it has to be quiet and I promise not to tell anyone. But when Wilson thinks I'm acting weird, I angrily told him about the bat dance and let the secret slip. Wilson promise to keep it secret but then he told the other chuggers and they went to the Safari park to see it and they scared the bats away. They left, disappointed and silence fell as the bats came back and did their dance and I was very happy to see it as I watch it.

[The flashback ends]

Koko: And that's how it happened.

Connor Lacey: My friends and I were there at the time.

Skarloey: I see.

Wilson: I'm really sorry, Koko.

Koko: That's okay, Wilson. I know you didn't mean to tell anyone.

Rheneas: Let's hope Wilson doesn't blurt out anything about Luke.

Wilson: I won't.

Lightning McQueen: We'll make sure he doesn't.

Dusty Crophopper: Besides, we want to help Luke the best we can, anything that's possible.

Thomas: We want to be his friends.

Narrator: From inside the tunnel, steam swirled and two eyes watched.

[Luke can be seen watching them]

Skarloey: Very well, guys. Puff along now!

[Thomas and the Irelanders set off. Skarloey was reversing backwards when everyone saw he was heading towards Rocky who's about to move around]

Jimmy Z: He's gonna get hit!

Irelanders: [gasp]

Thomas: (whistling) Rocky, watch out! Stop, Skarloey!

[Skarloey stop just before Rocky move the stones around and hits him]

Rocky: Whoa! Sorry, Skarloey! Oh! That was close!

Irelanders: Phew.

Skarloey: Fenders and fireboxes! Thank you, Thomas! And thank you, Irelanders!

Thomas: Happy to help, Skarloey!

Connor Lacey: It's our pleasure.

Skarloey: You saved me from losing my cab. You all are good friends!

Daphne Blake: Thanks.

Narrator: Thomas smiled. And that made all the other engines and Luke smile at Thomas and the Irelanders.

[Luke comes out of the tunnel and approaches the heroes with caution]

Derek Price: Look who's coming.

[Everyone turns and sees him]

Irelanders: Luke.

Thomas: Oh! Hello, Luke!

Luke: Hello, Thomas! I'm sorry I hid from you and your friends. I didn't know all of you and I was scared. But now.... Well, I wonder....... Would you all be my friends?

Thomas: We like that, Luke. We like that very much.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, that's so sweet of you to say that.

Connor Lacey: We will like to be your friends.

[They went to work with Luke]

Narrator: Thomas, the Irelanders and their new friend worked well together.

Luke: Ready, Thomas?

Thomas: Ready and waiting, Luke!

[Luke's truck tips the slate into the hopper]

Narrator: Luke and Thomas were both Really Useful engines.

[reprise of Working Together starts playing]

Clanking into the coupling
cargo ready to roll
Wheels whizzing and whirring
pull that load
Working through to the sunset
every day
Trying hard to be useful
Hey, Hey, Hey!
Here we come, up the hill
There we go, what a thrill
Working together
Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading
Blue Mountain Quarry
Pulling and pushing, heaving and hauling.
Working together
Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading
Blue Mountain Quarry
Pulling and pushing, heaving and hauling.
Working together
Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading
Blue Mountain Quarry
Pulling and pushing, heaving and hauling.
[They laugh until they heard a horn honking]
Narrator: Suddenly, the quarry echoed with the sound of a very strange horn. Luke darted away again.
Koki: Luke, hey, wait!
Spike: Come back!
King Louie: Look who's coming!
[The owner of the horn is Winston who is arriving with the Fat Controller and the Thin Controller]
Narrator: It was Winston! This time he was carrying The Fat Controller and the Thin Controller.
Connor Lacey: That must be the Thin Controller.
Marco Polo: Yeah. His real name is Mr. Percival.
Wilson: How do you know that?
Marco Polo: Like Pinkie would say, just a hunch.
Pinkie Pie: Thanks.
Fireman Sam: We need to find out what they are doing here.
Fred Jones: Let's see.
[Winston stops next to Thomas and the Irelanders after a few jitters by the Fat Controller]
The Fat Controller: Hello, Thomas! I have news for you and Connor.
Connor Lacey: What is it, sir?
The Fat Controller: Paxton is now fixed.
Bagheera: That is good.
[The Irelanders nod in agreement]
The Thin Controller: Thank you for your work, Thomas. Paxton will now take over again. It's a pleasure to finally meet you Irelanders, especially you Connor.
Connor Lacey: Thanks.
Twilight Sparkle: I suppose you're controller of the narrow gauge engines, right?
The Thin Controller: Indeed, I am. I also ride a bike.
Fireman Sam: Whoa. That's very interesting.
Chris Kratt: Cool.
Martin Kratt: Guess it helps him being thin. (giggles)
[The Irelanders laugh]
The Fat Controller: Ahem.
[They stop laughing]
Brewster: We didn't mean any offence Mr Percival.
The Thin Controller: That's okay, Brewster. Anyway, we must get back to work.
The Fat Controller: And you will return to your branch line.
Thomas: Yes, sir.
[Winston rolls off]
Narrator: Thomas was sad. He wanted to stay with Luke. But he couldn't now.
Koko: But we can still visit Luke now and again, right?
Connor Lacey: We could try, Koko.
Spike: Yeah. Let's go to him.
Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible: Yeah, come on.
Thomas: Luke! (whistles) Please puff out! You don't have to hide from us. We're friends now.
James Jones: Yes. There's nothing to be afraid of.
[Luke comes out]
Thomas: Why do you keep hiding, Luke?
Velma Dinkley: Skarloey told us that you are scared that you'II be sent away.
Old Puffer Pete: We're sure you won't be, if you tell us what you did.
Luke: But, guys, I did something very bad.
Connor Lacey: Yes. We've done bad things as well.
Thomas: Once I steamed past a danger sign and fell into a mine! And I'm still here!
[Luke and the Irelanders laugh]
Narrator: Thomas, Luke and the Irelanders were so busy talking that they didn't notice Paxton had come back to the quarry.
[Paxton can be seen watching them]
Clawdeen Wolf: So spill the beans, little guy.
Luke: I'II tell you what I did, guys. But no one else must know.
Sarah Jones: Not even Percy?
Luke: Who's Percy?
Spike: He's Thomas' best friend and he always told him everything.
Luke: Well, I suppose he could know but not yet, got it?
Irelanders: Got it.
Thomas: We promise, Luke. Don't worry.
[Luke smiled then began]
Luke: A long time ago, I was sent to Sodor to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry. My boiler bubbled with excitement. It was my dream to work on Sodor!
[Luke saw a yellow engine beside him]
Luke: There was a yellow engine on the boat. He came from far away. And he spoke a different language.
Yellow engine: [speaks Spanish]
Luke: A language I couldn't understand!
[The scene changes as Luke travels across the ocean then a storm rolls in]
Luke: A storm was coming in. The sea was rough. But I was happy! I could see Sodor! I couldn't wait to be lifted onto the rails.
[They soon arrive at the docks]
Luke: At Brendam Docks, there was hustle and bustle. Cranes clanked. Dockmen shouted.
Dockman: Line that up and lock it off!
Luke: The men wanted to lift the yellow engine off. But I wanted to be the first off the boat.
Luke: Take me up first! Please! Please!
Luke: The dockmen agreed. And I was happy!
Yellow engine: [speaks Spanish]
[The flashback ends]
Luke: But then......
The Mane 6: Yes?
Luke: (getting tears in his eyes) I knocked the yellow engine into the sea!
Irelanders: (gasp)
Paxton: (gasp)
[Rarity and Dilys faint]
Thomas: How?
[The flashback resumes]
Luke: I just bumped into him and sent him splashing into the sea!
[Luke hits the yellow engine and he falls off the boat and into the water]
Luke: The sound was terrible!
[It changes to the Steamworks where Luke was being fixed]
Luke: I had to go to the Steamworks to be fixed. I heard the storm thunder outside. But I can only think about the yellow engine in the sea.
[The flashback ends]
Luke: He was there for a very long time. By the time they lifted him out he was rusty and ruined! The yellow engine was never seen again. He must have been taken to the Smelter's Yard. He couldn't Really Useful any more. And it was all because I wanted to go first. It was my fault. If I had waited my turn, guys, I would never have knocked him into the sea!
Irelanders: [sigh]
Shaggy Rogers: Like, I have no idea what you've gone through.
Scooby-Doo: Re neither.
Wilson: Oh, you poor thing.
Aviva Corcovado: (putting a hand to Luke's face to rub it comfortably) I'm sure that what you did wasn't that bad.
Thomas: Aviva's right. That was a long time ago.
Chris Kratt: Yeah. Everyone possibly forgot about it. The past is the past.
Luke: I'm still scared, Chris. My narrow gauge friends know I'm here. But I'm sure if the other engines find me, they'II tell the Thin Controller, and he'II tell the Fat Controller, and they'II both send me away from Sodor forever!
[Sadie sees this from a distance]
Sadie: So, if he's asking for the pain to be taken away, I can easily arrange for that to be done. [chuckles darkly]
[She saw Skarloey approaching Paxton and use Equestrian Magic to hide from been seen]
Skarloey: Come along, Paxton! What are you standing there for? Get those wheels whirring!
[Paxton moves forward to some trucks and Thomas, Luke and the Irelanders see him]
Thomas and Irelanders: Paxton!
Luke: Oh, my!
[Luke quickly reverses into the tunnel]
Thomas: What are you doing here?
Paxton: Oh. Uh. Hello, guys. I've, um... I've... (clears throat) Well, I've come to take slate to the docks. That's my job again. The Fat Controller told me. (laughs nervously then honk his horn) Excuse me.
[Paxton leaves]
Mai Lacey: What's up with him?
Baloo: Who knows?
Leonard: But he scared Luke away.
Slyly: Oh nuts! He's back to hiding again.
Thomas: Luke! Luke! Please come out to say goodbye.
Narrator: But Luke didn't come out and he didn't say goodbye. Luke was scared and Thomas knew why.
Thomas: I'm sorry, Luke, I have to go back to my branch line now. But we will come back. Remember, Luke, we are your friends.
Connor Lacey: Yeah. Let's go.
Narrator: As Thomas and the Irelanders chuffed out of the Blue Mountain Quarry, they knew they had to help their new friend, Luke.
[The Irelanders and Thomas set off. The next day]
Narrator: The next morning, on Thomas' branch line, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, but Thomas wasn't smiling. He was too busy thinking about Luke.
Annie: Clattering carriages!
Clarabel: Slow down! Stop!
[Thomas went past a red signal]
King Louie: Thomas! You went past a red signal!
Thomas: Oh! (apply his brakes) I'm sorry! Huh! Silly me!
Clarabel: Silly you!
Annie: Clever us!
Speedy McAllister: Aye. You really should learn to stop next time, Thomas.
Thomas: Sorry, Speedy. I was too busy thinking about... [whispering] you know who.
Speedy McAllister: [whispering] Right.
Connor Lacey: [whispering] Good job with the "you know who".
Thomas: [whispering] Thanks.
[Then Toby arrives]
Narrator: Then Thomas saw Toby.
Thomas: Thank you for helping out on my branch line, Toby!
Toby: Happy to help, Thomas!
Thomas: Could you help me again?
Irelanders: What?!
Toby: I'm happy to help again, Thomas. But I am a little busy.
Thomas: Please? We have to something very important.
Koki: [to the others] Is he crazy? He's crazy.
Marco Polo: Or maybe he just giving them to Toby because he's got a plan to do.
Mike Flood: Yeah. You could be right.
Narrator: So Thomas was uncoupled from Annie.
Thomas: Thank you, Toby! (whistles)
Old Puffer Pete: See ya later, Toby.
Annie: Where are you going?
Clarabel: What are you doing?
Toby: When will you be back?
Narrator: But Thomas was already too far away to hear.
Toby: Thomas!
[Thomas is gone. Toby reverses to Annie and Clarabel and coupled up to them]
Toby: Oh, dear. Come on, then, Annie and Clarabel, let's get to work. (rings his bell)
Annie and Clarabel: We're right behind you, Toby! (giggles)
Connor Lacey: Thomas, what are you doing?
Brewster: You can't just leave another engine in charge whilst you're gone.
Fireman Sam: Yes. What were you thinking?
Thomas: Maybe we can find that yellow engine! Maybe I can find out what really happened.
Chris Kratt: Good idea.
Mai Lacey: That way, we'II find out the whole story.
Thomas: An engine can't just disappear!
Dash Parr: Like he can turn invisible? (chuckles)
Violet Parr: I heard that.
Lightning McQueen: Maybe he's still around here somewhere.
Dusty Crophopper: Yeah. Perhaps he's had been hidden all these years.
Tip: Like Hiro.
Dash: Just before we found him.
Jiminy Cricket: You two do have a point.
Mewtwo: I agree.
Sarah Jones: (As Lilo) We gonna search the entire island if we have to.
Fred Jones: Then let's go search for clues.
Connor Lacey: Yeah! Let's go find that yellow engine!
[They head off. The scene changes to Knapford]
Narrator: So Thomas and the Irelanders looked all over Sodor for the yellow engine. They searched at Knapford Station.....
[They look at the shunting yards]
Narrator: ...they searched the shunting yards.......
[They searched Bluff's Cove]
Narrator:... they searched on all the coastal tracks........
[They searched Whiff's Waste Dump]
Narrator: .... and they even searched at the rubbish dump, but they found no yellow engine.
Station Officer Steele: Where could the chap be hiding?
Bagheera: Who knows?
Jimmy Z: Where could he be?
Wilson: He must be very good at hiding like me since I'm the best hidey chugger ever.
Mai Lacey: Yes, Wilson, thank you.
Marco Polo: Boy, how can one engine be so hard to find?
Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Something tells me this is gonna take a while.
Sally the ragdoll: You're not kidding.
[They saw Edward]
Edward: Hello, guys.
Thomas: Edward! We're looking for a old yellow engine.
Connor Lacey: Yeah. Have you seen any?
Edward: No, Connor. I haven't. You could try the Dieselworks.
Old Puffer Pete: What?
Hannah Sparkes: We could try there.
Speedy McAllister: Is that where diesels are fixed?
Brewster: Yeah. And we've gotta warn you, some of them are bad.
Koko: Like Diesel.
Norman Price: Not to mention Diesel 10.
Twilight Sparkle: So we have to be careful.
Connor Lacey: Yeah.
Thomas: Thank you, Edward. I will! (whistles)
Edward: Thomas? Why are you and the Irelanders looking for an old yellow engine?
Narrator: But once more, Thomas was already too far away to hear.
[The scene changes to Thomas and the Irelanders heading to the Dieselworks]
Narrator: At the entrance to the Dieselworks, Thomas and the Irelanders looked for a yellow engine. There were lots of engine parts, but none of them were yellow.
Old Puffer Pete: Is this the Dieselworks you were tellin' me and Speedy about?
Kim Possible: Yep. It is.
Speedy McAllister: It doesn't look that bad.
Penny Morris: That's what you think.
Ace Bunny: Many years ago, this place was nothing but a dump.
Marco Polo: It wasn't repaired for many years until the Steamworks incident.
Spud the Scarecrow: Yeah. Now's it's good as new.
Shaggy Rogers: Like, I hope we don't run into Diesel 10 and his creepy claw again.
Scooby Doo: Re neither.
[They both shivered]
Slyly: Hey, look over there.
Narrator: And then Thomas heard something that made his boiler run cold.
Paxton: And that's when Luke knocked the yellow engine into the sea. And the yellow engine was never seen again!
Irelanders: (gasp)
Thomas: (gasps)
Narrator: Paxton was telling Devious Diesel all about Luke!
Twilight Sparkle: Oh no! How does Paxton know about Luke?!
Connor Lacey: He must have overheard everything Luke was saying whilst we weren't looking.
Chris Kratt: Oh no. Not good.
Old Puffer Pete: (looking at Diesel) Is that Devious Diesel?
Wilson: That's him alright.
Speedy McAllister: Hmm. He's the same basis as Paxton.
Elvis Cridlington: Yes, they do look a bit the same.
Old Puffer Pete: Rattling rivets! I would hate it if he come to Chuggington and cause trouble.
Brewster: Me too, Pete. Me too.
Connor Lacey: And look who else is with them.
[They see Sadie and the other villains appearing]
Mai Lacey: Linda Ryan!
Kratt Bros: Zach Varmitech!
Aviva Corcovado: Donita Donata!
Koki: Gourmand!
Jimmy Z: Paisely Paver!
Marco Polo: Raffuzio!
Spike: King Sombra!
Twilight Sparkle: Queen Chrysalis!
Marinette Dupain-Cheng: Hawk Moth!
Shi La Won: Shenzi, Banzai and Ed!
Lightning McQueen: Chick Hicks!
Mater: Professor Z!
Cruz Ramirez: Jackson Storm!
Dusty Crophopper: Ripslinger, Ned and Zed!
Fireman Sam: Robbie Rotten!
Brewster: Sadie!
Connor Lacey: They're here.
Speedy McAllister: You know them?
Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Yes. We know Syndrome and Evelyn Deavor too.
Mai Lacey: They're my son's worst enemies. They formed the Foot Empire by Linda Ryan recruiting them.
Connor Lacey: She murdered my father and blamed me for it.
Old Puffer Pete: Rattling rivets! So that's your stepmother you told us about.
[Connor nods]
Shaggy Rogers: How come she got all ugly?
Chromedome (G1): The mutagen from the Technodome back at Turtle Prime during our battle with the Utrom Shredder.
Velma Dinkley: Let's listen in to what they're saying.
Irelanders: Okay.
Diesel: You are right to tell us, Paxton. We don't want an engine like that on our island! He could knock one of us into the sea next. It could be you!
Paxton: (gasps) Oh, my!
Linda Ryan/The Super Shredderette: And we wouldn't want that to happen.
Sadie: Now would we?
Zach Varmitech: No, we wouldn't.
Raffuzio Popo: We need to get rid of him.
Robbie Rotten: Yeah. So what do you say we send him away?
Donita Donta: Good idea.
Paisley Paver: Yeah.
Shenzi: Let's do it.
Banzai: We'll teach him not to mess with us!
Ed: (laughs)
Queen Chrysalis: (to Diesel) So, what's the plan?
Diesel: We'II find the Fat Controller and he'II tell the Thin Controller, and together, they'II make sure Luke leaves Sodor forever!
Linda Ryan/The Super Shredderette: Excellent.
King Sombra: Let's do it.
Connor Lacey: Let's get going.
[The Irelanders and Thomas speed off]
Diesel: Who's there? (sees Thomas) Thomas!
Gourmand: (sniffing the Irelanders' scent) The Irelanders and Wild Kratts.
Linda Ryan/The Super Shredderette: They were listening!
Nightmare Moon: We cannot let them foil our plan!
Professor Z: After them!
Diesel: We must hurry, Paxton. Thomas is a tricky tank engine! Whatever he and the Irelanders' doing, we must be there before them.
[They set off]
Paxton: Oh, my!
[Near the sign of the Dieselworks]
Connor Lacey: They've seen us!
Joe Sparkes: And they'II try to get Sir Topham and Mr Percival to send Luke away from Sodor forever!
Twilight Sparkle: We can't let that happen!
Chris Kratt: Yeah. Luke is from Ireland after all.
Mai Lacey: Yes. Just like me and my son.
Marco Polo: (to Thomas) Any idea where to look next, Thomas?
Thomas: I don't know where else to look! Somebody must know what happened to that yellow engine.
Baloo: Yes. But who would be smart enough to do so?
Thomas: Maybe somebody at Brendam Docks! Somebody like..... Cranky!
Daphne Blake: Yeah!
Koko: He works there! Maybe he can help us!
Koki: That's a good idea!
Connor Lacey: Let's go!
Thomas: Right you are, Connor! (whistles)
[The scene changes to Brendam Docks]
Narrator: Thomas raced into Brendam Docks. His pistons pumped.
Thomas: Cranky! We need your help!
[Cranky looks at them]
Connor Lacey: Do you remember a yellow engine that fell into the sea?
Cranky: Mmm. I'm busy.
Dock Worker: Down! Bring it down! All right!
Thomas: Please, Cranky! This is important!
Cranky: Lots of things are important, Thomas.
Dock workers: Okay! Up and away! Keep going!
Martin Kratt: Did you lift him out of the sea after he fell in?
Cranky: Maybe I did.
Lizzie Sparkes: Where did he go?
Narrator: Everyone's questions were making Cranky cross.
Cranky: All I can remember was that his light was broken. And I couldn't understand a word he said.
Thomas: So, what......
[Then Diesel and Paxton came rolling up]
Aviva Corcovado: Diesel!
Irelanders: (gasps)
Thomas: Cinders and ashes!
Connor Lacey: (to Diesel) What are you doing here?
Diesel: I'm looking for the Fat Controller. Where is he, Cranky?
Cranky: I'm busy. How should I know? What is this? Ask Cranky Day?
[The kids and Connor laughs]
Cranky: It's not funny!
Connor Lacey: It was a little funny!
Norman Price: Yeah. It sure is.
Narrator: Suddenly, an idea flew into Thomas' funnel.
Thomas: Of course!
Shi La: What?
Thomas: I got a idea. Thank you, Cranky!
Connor Lacey: What is it?
Thomas: Let's get going then I'II tell you. (whistles)
[They set off]
Paxton: I'm sorry, Thomas. I didn't mean to...
[Thomas whistles and leave Brendam Docks, leaving Paxton blushing with disappointment]
Narrator: But Thomas was already thundering down the tracks.
James: Slow down, Thomas! Where are you huffing so fast?
Thomas: The Steamworks!
James: Why? Thomas!
Thomas: Where else would you take a rusty engine? (whistles)
Speedy McAllister. Aye. Now that's a good idea.
Fred Jones: Let's ask Victor.
Boots: Yeah. Let's go.
[They head to the Steamworks]
Kevin: Hello, guys! I.... Ah!
[A crash is heard]
Irelanders: Ooh!
Victor: Kevin!
Kevin: Sorry, boss!
Thomas: Victor, do you remember fixing a yellow engine that fell into the sea?
Kim Possible: He spoke a different language.
Victor: [in Spanish] Boilers bubbling!
Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry. What was that?
Aviva Corcovado: I think he just spoke Spanish. My other language.
Marco Polo: Can you translated what he said?
Aviva Corcovado: He said "Boilers Bubbling".
Narrator: Thomas saw Victor's wide eyes.
Thomas: (gasps) Cinders and ashes! It was you, Victor! You were the engine that fell into the sea!
Irelanders: What?!
Victor: You are right, Thomas. It was me.
Connor Lacey: Whoa. Why didn't you say anything?
Aviva Corcovado: Yeah. I never knew this up until now.
Dora the Explorer: Come on. Tell us everything, beginning to end.
[a crash is heard again]
Kevin: Sorry, boss!
Victor: (sighs) I have never spoken about this, guys. It was a long time ago.
[A flashback starts with Victor in his yellow livery]
Victor: Far away, in my country, I was told they needed me to work on Sodor. They say I could be Really Useful.
[The ship sails across the ocean all day into the night]
Victor: The ship was big. We sailed many seas, over many days.
[Then Luke is seen being loaded onto the ship]
Victor: Before we reached Sodor we made a stop and a small green engine joined me on the deck.
Victor: [in Spanish] Hello. Where are you going? To Sodor?
Victor: We didn't speak the same language, but I could see that he was excited.
[The flashback stops]
Victor: As we sailed into Sodor, a storm gathered.
[Everyone look wide-eyed as the flashback continues]
Victor: The skies darkened. The waves rolled. And with one big wave, the chains holding my wheels broke! I was no longer held to the deck. I was in danger.
[At Brendam Docks]
Luke: Take me up first! Please! Please!
Victor: [in Spanish] I have a problem!
Victor: I called to the crew, but they didn't understand me. So, they did nothing to help me.
[Luke was lifted up and bumped into Victor, making him roll backwards]
Victor: An crane lifted the excited green engine off first. He swayed on the end of the hook and bumped into me. I can do nothing. There are no chains to stop me. Splash! I slid into the sea.
[Victor is shown to be on a jetty after he fell off the ship]
victor: Luckily, I landed on a jetty but my firebox was soaked. And because the weather was so bad, I was left there in the sea for a long, long time.
[The scene changes to Victor on a flatbed after being lifted out of the water]
Victor: When I was finally lifted out, I was in a terrible mess.
[The flashback stops]
Connor Lacey: I never know you used to be yellow, Victor.
Twilight Sparkle: How come you never told us about that when we first met you?
Victor: I want to move on from that incident and I don't want to worry any new friends including Kevin.
Fireman Sam: Well, seems like you've learnt a lesson, Victor. Always talk about something even if you want to keep it to yourself.
Victor: I suppose so, Sam. When I first met you, Aviva, you reminded me of I used to speak Spanish by speaking in Spanish.
Aviva Corcovado: Wow. I never thought about it that.
Windblade (PWT): Me neither.
Dora the Explorer: Me three.
Thomas: You must have been very frightened.
Victor: Yes. It was scary. But the scariest thing of all is that no one understands me.
Marco Polo: Must be very nerve racking.
Yuya Sakaki: So, what did you do?
Victor: I learned your language. My first word was "red"!
Connor Lacey: Why my favorite colour?
[As Victor explains, a flashback of him being repainted plays]
Victor: Because, my friend, after they brought me to the Steamworks and repaired me, I had to be repainted. And red was the colour I chose. A bright, new colour for my bright, new life on Sodor!
[The flashback ends with everyone chuckled]
Aviva Corcovado: So that's how you became the manager of the Steamworks.
Ben Hooper: Now we know the full story.
Sarah Jones: But there's one engine who doesn't know!
Fluttershy: Who?
Sarah Jones: (in a whisper) Luke.
Violet Parr: Oh, yeah. You're right.
Thomas: (gasps) Of course! When Luke bumped into you, you rolled into the sea because you weren't chained! It was an accident! And you weren't sent to the Smelter's Yard! You were repaired!
Chris Kratt: You're right, Thomas! He's innocent all along. Mystery solved!
Fred Jones: It sure is. And no scary things involved.
Shaggy Rogers: Like, monsters or ghosts.
Twilight Sparkle: See, we told you guys.
Lightning McQueen: But did you guys listen? No.
Dusty Crophopper: You let the imagination get the better of you.
Scooby-Doo: That's because every mystery always have spooky things in them.
Speedy McAllister: At least now we know the whole story.
Connor Lacey: And the truth about Victor.
Dora the Explorer: Now all we have to do is tell Luke that what happened wasn't his fault.
Thomas: We must tell Luke right away!
Wilson: Let's ride the rails!
Mewtwo: Let's move!
Thomas: Thank you, Victor! Thank you for telling us!
Victor: Thomas! Connor! Who is Luke? Was he the little green engine? Thomas!
Kevin: Bye, guys! Whoa!
[He bump into a wheel and dropped parts onto the floor. Victor was left in thoughts]
[The scene changes to the countryside where Thomas and the Irelanders are hurrying to the Blue Mountain Quarry]
Narrator: But Thomas was already hurrying to the Blue Mountain Quarry as fast as his pistons could pump.
Thomas: Now we know the whole story!
Baloo: Now we know what really happened.
Spike: Luke won't have to be sent away.
Brewster: Soon, victory will be ours.
[Then Thomas saw something that made him gasp]
Thomas: (gasps) Cinders and Ashes!
Boots: (seeing what Thomas sees) Uh, guys?
Mondo Gecko: What is it, Boots?
Boots: Look!
Knock Out: It's the villains!