Here is how The Journey's new beginning and Meeting La Muerte, The Candle Maker and Xibalba goes in The Journey Back to Life Part 1.


Titanic: Are you sure about this?

Olympic: I'm sure of it. We must keep out hopes up for Princess Yuna to have herself revived.

Titanic II: Then we shall begin the ceremony.

Britannic: For the sake of Equestria.

Titanic: Let's get started.

Back in The Land of the Remembered.

Nick Loopin'-Lopez: There she is. La Muerte

Princess Yuna: Hello, La Muerte. Hello, Candle Maker. Hello, Xibalba

La Muerte: Hello, Yuna. What're you doing here?

Princess Yuna: Well, I saved Snowdrop from Quickstrike.

The Candle Maker: You mean one of the big bad Predacons?

Tadashi Hamada: The very one.

The Candle Maker: Santa Chihuahua!

Doc Hudson: That's why we brought Yuna to see you three.

Princess Yuna: Xibalba. Will you help me?

Xibalba: No, I cannot interfere with your death.

Princess Yuna: Isn't there anything I can do to be revived?

Xibalba: Perhaps there is one way we can work things out, Princess Yuna. how about a wager?

Princess Yuna: What do you have in mind?

Xibalba: If you win, You will be revived. But If you loose, you will be in the Land of the Forgotten forever.

                                                                                        To Be Continued

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