The Journey Back to Life Part 2 is the second episode of the ninth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Princess Yuna excepted the wager Xibalba has given her, If she wins, She will be brought back to life, But if she doesn't, She will remain in the afterlife forever, Yuna have to win the wager so she can save Equestria from the Predacons.

Megatron's plot/Yuna excepted the wager

Megatron told the rest of the Predacons about his plan to takeover every Equestria Kingdom after rewarding Quickstrike to be partners with Scorponok for the death of Princess Yuna. Meanwhile, Yuna excepted the wager in order to have herself revived.

The Challenge begins/Cheating to win/Yuna's back

The challenge began as Yuna had to clime on top of the mountain without using her wings or magic. Then, Yuna secretly used her magic to teleport herself to the top of the mountain. Later after the challenge, Yuna felt guilty for cheating because she wanted to be brought back to life. Then, Xibalba explained how he felt the way she feels and told her that he cheated to win the wager twice because he wanted to be in the Land of the Remembered badly. So La Muerte knew how pure her heart was and she, The Candle Maker and Xibalba restored Yuna's life.

The Predacons attack/Yuna's rescue

After Yuna was brought back to life, she reunited with her Family, Relatives, Friends, The Guardians of Yuna's group, Princess Titanic, Queen Olympic, Duchess Britannic and Empress Titanic II. But then, the Predacons invaded Canterlot. Yuna and her friends have to stop them.

Yuna vs Quickstrike/Back to Tartarus for the Predacons

Yuna came to fight Quickstrike, She avoid all the attacks his moves and blasted him. Then, Yuna opens the portal. The Preadacons were sent to Tartarus once again.

Yuna's second chance of life

Later, A wedding anniversary was celebrated in honor of Manolo and Maria Sánchez. Yuna was doing the honor of using her magic for the Day of the Dead.



  1. Megatron's plot/Yuna excepted the wager
  2. The Challenge begins/Cheating to win/Yuna's back
  3. The Predacons attack/Yuna's rescue
  4. Yuna vs Quickstrike/Back to Tartarus for the Predacons
  5. Yuna's second chance of life


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