This is where the Journey begins in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments.

[we return to the SpongeRaiders as they are now preping the train to leave]

Mike: So, where are we going?

Spongebob: Diesel City. I saw a city logo on that diesel, so that's where we're heading.

Pablo: Oh dear, oh dear! He's in Diesel City! We won't be able to find him easy!

Yakkety: Pablo.

Pablo: It'll be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

Squidward: Pablo.

Pablo: We never find the instruments now!

Blackie: PABLO!!

Pablo: Yeah?

Blackie: Stay calm, Buddy. We've handled things like this before, I'm sure we'll find that theif!

Spongebob: [blows the whislte] Ready!

[The train starts moving]

[everyone hops on board and gets to their places as Blackie joins Sponge in the cab]

[after a while, they stop at a red signal and then they hear a fimilar whistle.]

Patrick: It's Thomas!

{then Thomas comes up, pulling a mail train]

Thomas: Hello, guys.

Spongebob: Hi, Thomas. Delivering mail?

Thomas: Yeah.

Twilight: (pops her head out of the cab) And I'm right beside him.

Spongebob: What's up Twilight?

Twilight: Mail Run with Percy and Thomas.

Tyrone: Percy? Where?

Percy: Here. [pulls in]

Pinkie: (pops her head out of the cab) Guess who?

Patrick: Hi, Pinkie!

Pinkie: (hops out) Heya, Patrick!

Twilight: What are you doing here? I thought you were on your way to Hollywood.

Bubbles: We were, but a diesel engine stole our instruments!

Twilight: WHAT?!

Thomas: But Diesel 10's in jail!

Percy: He must've of escaped.

Spongebob: It wasn't D10, it was a different one. By anychance have either of you see a diesel with D10's shape go by?

Thomas: No we haven't

Pinkie: Sorry, but we haven't seen any kind of diesel at all.

Blackie: Okay, well we better get going. Good to see you guys again.

[they set off once more]

Percy: We're going to follow them after we're done with the mail, right?

Twilight: Yeah, we are.

Thomas: And after we gather everyone else too.

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