This is the scene where our heroes goes on a journey to Dinolantis goes in Dinolantis: The Lost Dinosaur Kingdom.

Clayton: Now our only chance of survival is you Mr. Taylor and that book. Start to make a move.

Natalie: Let's go everyone, we've got an kingdom to find.

Muscle Man: We're all gonna die.

Tino Tonitini: We are not gonna die, Muscle Man.

Ash Ketchum: Alright, let's go before we get separated from the group.

(Then the heroes start off to Dinolantis. They made it pass the pillars)

Emerl: These pillars might take us to Dinolantis. Let's continue walking.

(They drives up and down hill and then lower the vehicles into the lower underground cave, then the heroes made it to the cave)

G-Merl: Which way are we suppose to go to?

Kari Kamiya: Like where? There's two ways to go.

Max Taylor: This might be the entrance. Check to see.

(The heroes took the left side of the cave then a Tyrannosaurus Rex appears out of the cave)

Max Taylor: Oops, wrong road. The other road.

Sora Takenouchi: Uhm! You could have gotten us all killed back there, Max. You're so immature!

Human Fluttershy: Could you yell a litte quieter, huh?

Max Taylor: Gee, Sora, relax kid, get a grip. Who elected you the queen of the fun police.

(Later Max was drinking water)

Human Rainbow Dash: You didn't just drink that, didn't you?

Max Taylor: Yeah, and?

Human Rainbow Dash: That's not good, that is nitroglycerin.

(Max holds hands over his throat as he gags)

Human Rainbow Dash: Whatever you do just don't move, don't breath or anything. Cause you might.

Tai Kamiya: BOOM!!

Max Taylor: AHH!!

(Tai and Rainbow Dash laughs and then hi-five their hands)

Max Taylor: That's not funny!

(Then, they continue the caves, until they reached a column)

Max Taylor: Man, look at the size of this! It must be thousand feet high, it took a hundred, oh no, a thousand years to curve this thing.

(Then, Jenny blow up the bottom, and the column falls on the other side)

Jenny Wakeman: Hey look. I've made a bridge. Take me like what? 10 seconds. Let's get going.

(Then as they continued, the figures run right passed them and one of them looked at the others. Then we cut to the snow part of the journey, Max gets cold and then points the way to Dinolantis. Then on the way, they've come across a blockway)

Clayton: Looks like we've got a roadblock. Hey Jenny, how can we get though that?

Jenny Wakeman: I've got some laser eyes, a saw, and a driller. I'll take me um... 25 minutes. Good thing, it doesn't need a time, ah Max?

(Then Donatello starts laughing at that joke)

Michelangelo: Good one, Jenny!

Clayton: Looks like we're gonna have to dig.

Donatello: Wow! It'll be my pleasure.

(Donnie activates the driller to make dig and make hole but the wall is strong and the vehicle stops)

Donatello: Aw, nuts! That wall is strong!

Human Applejack: Arrgh! I don't I understand this. I'd just tooned this up this morning.

Tails: Prehaps I can help.

Human Applejack: Okay, let's see what you can do.

(Then Tails fixes it and then the Driller starts working again)

Donatello: She lives!

Human Applejack: Well, gooly, what do you know? It works. Thanks, Miles.

Tails: You're welcome. And just call me Tails.

(The Driller drills through very strong and then we see some strange light)

Max Taylor: This is it. It's gotta be it.

Clayton: Alright, we'll make camp here.

Lor McQuarrie: Why is it glowing?

Simon: Maybe, lighting bugs are in there.

Shido Itsuka: That thing is gonna keep me up all night.

Sean Cassidy: Well, I could use my echolocation to find where this bridge goes.

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