Here's how the journey to the Humicorn Empire begins in The Humicorn Empire.

[We cut to a beach with a submarine in the sea]

[Tino with his backpack walks on the deck with Sunset Shimmer]

Tino: Alright Humicorn Empire, here I come.

???: Where are you going?

Tino: Well Alan Grant, I was going to the Humicorn Empire.

Alan Grant: Fantastic, I was going there to find the fossil of extincted animals.

Lex and Tim: Alan Grant!

Alan Grant: Hello Tim, hi Lex.

Tino: So, how's your grandpa, John Hammond.

Tim: Great.

Brian: Here we go!

???: Wait!

[Diancie shows up]

Thomas: Diancie?

Diancie: I want to come to.

Brian: Sounds fine with me. [Everyone gets in the submarine]

[Then the submarine goes down toward the long-lost empire]

[Cut to Tino and Sunset Shimmer in their bedroom]

Tino: So, we go toward the rocks and go through them.

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