Here is how they've discovered a bird cage in Genesis Park III.

Yuna and the others discover and enter downstairs.

Max Goof: Alright, Each of us will have to go one at a time.

Melody: Right, Max.

Melody notice something dangerous is about to happen.

Melody: Something's not right here.

Meanwhile, The rest of the group are waiting for Melody.

Princess Yuna: What's taking her?

Human Twilight Sparkle: I hope she's okay.

Human Pinkie Pie: What's taking her so long?

Melody felt something just landed in front of her.

Princess Yuna: My word.

Human Rarity: What is it?

Princess Yuna: It's a bird cage.

Melody sees something through the fog.

Melody: Hello?

Prince Eric: Melody?

Armor Bride: On no.

Ariel: Melody?

Melody sees something coming, it was revealed to be a Pteranodon.

Melody: Aaaaaah!!!!

Pteranodon: (screech)

The Pteranodon snatched Melody in the air.

Dog Spike: Melody!

Melody landed in the nest.

Melody: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

Max Goof: I gotta help Melody!

Princess Yuna: Max! Stop!

Dusty Crophopper: You don't have to do this!

Max Goof: Someone has to help her!

Snowdrop: Max, No!

Princess Yuna: Stop!

Max ran off with his gliding parashoot.

Max Goof: Hang on, Melody!

The Pteranodon babies tried to rip Melody to pieces.

Max Goof: Melody, Grab on!

Melody: (hop on board Max)

Max Goof: Melody! Jump!

Melody: (lets go of Max and jump into the water)

Cassim and John came to Melody's aid.

Princess Yuna: Come on, We gotta get out of here.

The Royal Crusaders: Run!

The group swim and out of the cage.

Max Goof: Go! Hurry!

Max was chased by The Pteranodons.

As the others escaped, The cage was unlocked.

Princess Yuna: Get to the boat!

Yuna and the others climb on board the boat and starts it up.

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