This is how the Princesses find the King Journel in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[we veiw Luna, and then Yuna comes in]

Yuna: Mama. I found something.

Princess Luna: [takes the object] (reading) "To Celestia and Luna". Yuna, could you bring Tia in here?

[Yuna does so and Luna shows her the object]

Princess Celestia: I wonder what it is?

[Luna then removes the covering and it's the King's Journal!]

Princess Celestia: It... it can't be. It's the King's Journal!

Princess Luna: Yuna, you found the King's Journal! [she pulls Yuna into a tight hug] You did it sweetie, you found the King's Journel!! [she gives her daughter a peck on the cheek]

Yuna: You're welcome mother. Now we can find grandpa!

Princess Celestia: We've got to show this to the others!

[With the others]

[The Princesses explain about Yuna finding the book]

Thomas: So now, we can find Equinelantis!

Twilight: [her eyes gleam with amazement as she wears a really cute face] We're gonna find a kingdom of Equestria! This is gonna so great!

Brian: We can be explorers!

Eddy: We can be on televison!

Mr Krabs: We can be rich!

Edd: This is breat! I better ring the Ghost Crew! (heads off to do so)

Mako: This is fantastic! We're going on an adventure to find the lost kingdom!

[music starts]

Mako: Oh, how we envy ourselves, not everyone has the chance to go on quest to locate the lost kingdom

Hoo, hoo

Today's the day
In only a matter of moments
We'll all be on your way
What lurks around the corner
Not a soul can say
But I can guess
More or less
Hidden dangers
Great duress
Ah, the moments of glory
Is close at hand

Hoo, hoo
It's gonna be grand

Adventure is a

Wonderful thing
Pack only the essential
here's what we should bring
Our strength
Our nerve
Our hearts
Our wits
And for

Beast Attacks
First Aid


Adventure is a hoot

And a half
We'll face unearthly dangers
And look at them and laugh
The claws
The teeth
The chase
The thrill
We'll never

Want to come home
Maybe we

Never will

That's the beauty of adventure
It's strictly sink or float
It runs you 'til you're ragged
Then it grabs you by the throat
We struggle to survive it
Though the chances are remote
Hoo, hoo, lucky us
Wish the others were coming too
Adventure is a wonderful thing

I almost forgot the very best part: we not only get to go on amazing quest to find the lost city anmely "Equinelantis", but for the lost powerfully power of the lost city, the Power of the city Itself!

Oh, my...

And you
Off you go
Marching high and low
Your father
Waits at the end

Take a look
The map is perfectly clear
With your excellent sense of direction
You've nothing to fear

Through the quicksand

Of the chasms
Tempting fate
And fighting spasms

Avalanching boulders
Remember, your father's fate
Rests completely on your shoulders...

(Excuse me, Mako...?)
It's up to you!

That's the beauty of adventure
The trembling and the dread
Oh I can't think of another thing
I'd rather do instead
Perhaps you could invite others?
No, no, let's go ahead

Hoo, hoo, lucky us
Tally ho, and toodle-ooh
Ready now, noble chin
Chest out, tummy in
Make a fracas, have a fling
Drop a postcard, give a ring
Get the lead out, time to swing
Whoop dee doo, and badda bing
Adventure is a wonderful thing

I salute us, and those of you doomed to never return, I salute you twice!

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