The Lair of Sideshow Bob is the thirteenth and last episode of season 2 in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.


After tracking Sharon on Mars, Dudley Puppy and his padawan learner, Marcella set up a rescue mission to save her and believing that Dawn Bellwether has her, only to discover it is the secret lair of Sideshow Bob!


Arriving to Mars/Meeting up with Marcella and the rescue squad

Sneaking inside the castle/Finding Sharon

Sideshow Bob's arrival

The traps set/Battling Rox

Duel with Sideshow Bob/Marcella's death

Kitty vs. Sideshow Bob/Bellwether's arrival

At the council/The news


  • This episode is based off of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Lair of General Grievous".
  • This episode marks it's first appearance of Marcella.


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