Here's how the Leap of Faith goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle Meet Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

Steamy: Okay Spirit.

Spirit: [backs up]

Little Creek: Oh no.

[We view the huge gap]

Spirit: Oh, yes.

Vicotr: Spirit my friend, whatever you're thinking. Don't do it.

Spirit: [closes his eyes]

[the western engines back up couple up to the Shays and then onto the other engines]

Spirit: [opens his eyes]

[the western engines chuff as they get ready]

Shining Armor: Wait, you guys aren't gonna try and...?

Evan: Yes we are.

Thomas: WHAT?!

Twilight: WHAT?!

Mane 5: WHAT?!

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo: WHAT?!

Sweetie Belle: WHAT?!

Cadance: What?!

Brian: What?

Spirit: [runs for the edge]

the engines starts racing for the ramp]


Big McIntosh: EEYUP!!

Steamy: YES WE WILL!!! [jams the regulator open all the way]


Spirit: [jumps]

[the engine drive off the ramp and make the leap]

Little Creek: A jump! WA-HOOOOOO!!!! [laughs]

The Colonel: [gasp]

Steamy: [in slow motion] Yeah.

[They reach the other side]

Rarity: [curled in a ball] Did we die?

James: No Rarity, we didn't.

Evan: YEE-HAW!! WE MADE IT!!!! [whistles in victory]

[They look and see the Colonel]

Twilight: Maybe this isn't the time to celebrate.

Cavalry Man: [takes out his rifle and aims at our heroes]

The Colonel: [grabs the man's rifle and looks at our heroes]

Brian: What's he doing?

Glaceon: I don't know.

The Colonel: [nods his head, for his defeat]

Rodger: He's giving up, he's accepted defeat.

Rattlesnake Jake: [nods to the Colonel]

Applejack: [tips her hat at the Colonel]

Spirit: [nods his head]

[Soon the Colonel and his men left]

Little Creek: [starts laughing] and [hops on Spirit]

Spirit: [takes off]

[all the engines blow their whistles in victory]

Evan: Let's go!

[The engines race after Spirit and they all race back to the camp site]

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