This is the scene where Yen Sid tells Tino, Sunset Shimmer and the others heroes the whole legendary story of the Golden Keyblades in Tino and Sunset Shimmer Chronicles: Legend of the Golden Keyblades.

(Later our heroes arrive at Yen Sid's tower)

Laura: We're here Yen Sid's tower?

Sora: That's right.

Emerl: We better go see, what he was trying to tell us about something.

(Later they went inside the tower)

Tino Tonitini: Yen Sid.

Sunset Shimmer: Hello?

Mickey Mouse: Sora, everyone. Hello there.

Sora: Mickey. Where's Yen Sid?

Mickey Mouse: He's up in the room waiting for you to be here.

Tino Tonitini: Let's go.

(They went up stairs until later they see Yen Sid, as he turns around and sees the heroes)

Yen Sid: We meet again, Tino and friends.

Tino Tonitini: Good to see you too. So tell us something, please.

Yen Sid: Have you ever heard of the legend?

Sunset Shimmer: No. What legend?

Yen Sid: The Legend of the Golden Keyblades.

(Everyone was suprised)

Yoshi: Whoa, nobody's heard about those Golden Keyblade's over fifty years?!

Yen Sid: The golden Keyblades were created by a legendary keyblader maker, named Master Eraqus.

Tai Kamiya: Master Eraqus creates the Golden Keyblades?

Yen Sid: That's correct.

Leonardo: Master Eraqus?

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