This is where the Leviathan attacks the sub in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle find Atlantis The Lost Empire.

[we veiw the submarine driving forward deep down in the sea at a steady pace]

Mrs. Packard: So I say, "What's wrong with my meatloaf?" and he says..

[a buzzer goes off]

Mrs. Packard: Oh, hold on Marget, I got another call. [flips a switch] Sir, we're approaching coordinates. Hello, Margie?

[Our heroes come up]

Rourke: Alright, let's have a look around.

Helaga: Aye, sir.

Rourke: Welcome to the bridge, Mr. Thatch. Same to you lot. Okay everyone, I want you to give Mr. Thatch, Thomas, Twilight Sparkle, and their friends your undivided attention.

Milo: Good afternoon. Can everyone hear me okay?

Audrey: [blows gum then it pops]

Milo: Uh, okay. How bout some slides?

Mucker: Alright.

Hugs: What's the first slide?

Milo: The first slide is a depiction of a creature. A creature so frightning that sailors were said to be drive mad by a mere sight of it.

[he puts in the slide, but it turns out to be a vaction slide]

Thomas: I think you got the wrong slide.

Milo: Uh, I'm sorry. That's... wrong.

Thomas: That's what I just said.

Audrey: [spanish accent] Geez, I used to take lunch money from guys like this.

Trixie: Do the right slide yet? Trixie's waiting.

Milo: Anyway, this, uh okay. [puts in another slide and it shows a lobster like thing] This is an illustration of the Leviathan, the creature guarding the entrance to Atlantis.

Vinny: With something like that, I would have white wine.

Pinkie: What's a Leviathan?

Milo: It's a mystical sea-serpeant. He is discribed in the book of Jobe. The bible says: "Out of his mouth go burning lights, sparks of fire shoots out". But more it's like in carving eath or a sculpture to frighten the superstitions.

Rourke: First we find this mastertpeice, then what?

Moliere: When do we dig?

Milo: Actually we don't have to dig. You see, acording to the journel.The path through Atlantis will take us down a tunnel at the bottom of the ocean, and we'll come up a cruve, into an ai pocket right here, where we'll find the remnants of an acient highway that will lead us to Atlantis. Kind of like a greese trap in your sink.

Helga: Cartographer, linguist, plumber. Hard to belive he's still a single. [re-holsters her C96 Mauser]

Moliere: You said there will be digging.

Helga: Go away, Mole.

Helmsman: Captain, you better come look at this.

Rourke: Okay, class dismissed. Hit the extereor lights.

[the sub's light come on and shine upon a ton of wreaked ships]

Helga: Look at that.

Milo: There are ships here from every era.

Mucker: Every Era, century, from 16th century to today.

James: Maybe there really is a Leviathan.

Twilight: Don't be crazy, it's a superstition.

[the sub continues driving forward and shine it's lights]

[A mysterious creature goes by]

Mrs. Packard: [flips a switch and hears something odd] Commander, I think you should hear this.

Milo: Predeshtem Logu "Nug... Nah. Geb".

Mrs. Packard: Commander?

Milo: Enter the lair of the Leviathan. There you will find the path. To the gateway.

Mrs. Packard: Commander?

Rourke: Yes, Mrs. Packard. What is it?

Mrs. Packard: I'm picking up something on the hydrophone I think you should hear.

Rourke: Put it on speakers.

[They all hear the sound]

Rourke: What is it a pod of whales?

Mrs. Packard: U-uh. Bigger.

Helga: It sounds metallic, it could be an echo off one the rocks

Mrs. Packard: You wanna do my job? Be my guest.

Milo: Is it just me? Or is that getting louder?

[the sounds stops]

Pinkie: It stopped.

Helga: Well, what ever it was, it's gone now.

Rourke: Helmsmen! Bring us about. Tighten out search pattern and slow us..

[Then something crashes into the sub]

Everyone: TAH!!

Duncan: [as Sheen] WHOA! What the heck was that?!

Audrey: Out of the way!

[then the sub's hit again]

[in the bridge James looks out the windows]

James: Oh no! It's.... the... LEVIATHAN!


[in the boiler room the place starts flooding]

Rourke: Tell Cookie to melt the butter and bring out the bibs, I want this lobster served up on a silver platter!

Helga: Load the torpedo bays! Subpod crews, man your stations! [the sub's hit again] AH! [falls back]

[Crew get in the sub pods]

Rourke: [on speaker] Steady boys, don't panic.

[the Leviathan then grabs the sub]

Milo: [flys back and lands on one of the windows] Jiminy Christmas! It's a machine!

[in the boiler room]

Audrey: [grunts as she shuts a water tight door]

Crewmen: Wait! Wait!

[Back at the bridge]

Rourke: Launch sub-pods!

Crewman: Sub-pods away!

[the sub-pods launch and then they start speeding toward the Leviathan]

Roruke: Fire!

[the sub-pods fire and when the torpedoes hit the beast it lets the sub go]

Roruke: We're free! All ahead full!

[the beast then starts destroying some of the sub-pods]


Crewmen: Fire torpedoes!

[they fire the torpedoes but they hardly effect the Leviathan and then it fires a laser beam at the sub]

[then in the boiler room, rivets start popping, Audrey starts running out using a coal shovel as a sheild then she climbs out]

Audrey: Get me the bridge!

[they close the hatch]

Mrs. Packard: Sir, it's engineering on 4.

Rourke: [turns on seaker]

Audrey: Rourke! We took a big hit down here, and we're taking on water fast! I don't wanna be around when it hits the boilers.

Rourke: How much time do we have?

Audrey: 20 minutes, if the bulkhead holds. [clank] We better make that 5.

Rourke: You heard the lady, let's move!

Mako: Abandon ship! [runs off]

Milo: Move? Where?! Move where?!

Helga: Packard, sound the alarm!

Mrs. Packard: He took his suit case? Marge honey, I don't think he's coming back.


Mrs. Packard: I have to call you back. No, no, I'll call you.

[alarm goes off]

Mrs. Packard: All hands, abanded ship.

[everyone hops into another sub]

Helga: Move it people! Sometime today would be nice! Come on! Everybody grabs a seat and buckle in.

Rourke: Lieutenant, get us out of here!

[the sub starts sinking as the beast looks to it]

Helga: [can't get the lever to budge]

Rourke: Lutinent!

Helga: I'm working on it!

Applejack: Hurry, hurry!

[the beast roars and then fires a laserat the ship]

Helga: [kicks the lever and then a back hatch opens] Hang on.

[Escape pods go out ad the submarine explodes and the beast chases them]

Rourke: Where to, Mr. Thatch?

Milo: We're looking for a big cravous of some kind.

Rourke: There! Up ahead.

Helga: All craft, make your way 20 degrees down angle.

Sub driver: Rodger! 20 degrees down angle!

Moleire: Right behind you!

[The Leviathan gets closer and destorys one of the subs]

Moleire: Sac' Labure!

Pilot: We're getting killed out here!

[the subs start diving down the cravous but the beast destroys another sub and one them hits another and explodes]

Pilot: [screaming]

[another sub crashes and explode leaving only 2 left]

Milo: It's only a grease trap, it's just like a sink, It's only a grease trap, it's just like a sink!


Rainbow: Pinkie, stop!

Twilight: Pinkie, enough with the yelling!


Rainbow: Pinkie Pie, shut your mouth!

Sharky: [has had enough of Pinkie's idiotic yelling] Alright, that's it! [takes out a tazer gun and shoots Pinkie in the butt]

Pinkie: GEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!!!!! [falls over, stunned]

Sharky: Ah, can't take that idiot anymore!

[They continue their way, till they finally reach the surface]

[the 2 subs' hatches open as Rourke, Helga, Mole, and Vinny take a look]