Here is the scene at the library of Sports, Announcements and a song in Olympics Transformers Special.

[We view the Library of Sports on Cybertron. Knock Out, the Autobots, ponies and Steam engines arrive in front of Gordon and Bumblebee]

Bumblebee: So, found what those library books up to?

Gordon: Not now, Bumblebee. I have an important emergency to deal with here.

Bumblebee: Oh.

Knock Out: We got your embedded message, Gordon. Is Equestrian Magic on the loose? Has one the villains returned?

Gordon: Nope, Not yet.

Pinkie Pie: [gasps] Has a gigantic cake monster covered the entire planet of Cybertron in cake?

Vampos: No, it isn't!

Gordon: [groans] I was going to transform into robot mode and show everyone why I haven't been pulling the Express lately. But I think my T-Cog isn't working properly.

Boogly: Okay, You better calm down, we know where to find the book of sports.

Pinkie: [gives him the book] Found it!

Boogly: Perfect!

Gordon: [tries to transform but fails] See?

Globert: Oh dear.

Sunset Shimmer: [steps forward with a spanner] Let me help you, Gordon. [starts fixing Gordon's T-Cog]

Gordon: Thanks.

Sunset: [finishes fixing Gordon's T-Cog] There, that should fix it.

Gordon: No problem.

Meltus: Hey, look what I found!

Zorch: What is it Meltus?

Meltus: This is the Book of Sports!

Flain: Really?

[Meltus holds up the book to show everyone]

Snoof: Wow, I really love sports, and Defiantly Skiing!

Sunset: What does it say?

Meltus: The book of Sports.

Sunset: I meant on the inside.

Meltus: Sorry.

[Meltus opens the book]

Meltus: See, it's Swimming.

Rainbow Dash: Awesome!

Meltus: Next comes Cycling.

Applejack: Yee-haw!

Meltus: Then running.

Pinkie: Wowza!

Meltus: Tennis.

Rarity: Fabulous.

Meltus: Archery.

Fluttershy: Cool!

Meltus: Soccer.

Sunset: My kind of sport.

Meltus: Skiing.

Snoof: Aw, yeah!

Meltus: Even Skating!

Rockit: Alright!

Meltus: and Also Golfing!

Flain: Amazing!

Sunset: Hay, He was definitely doing something to the statue – or was going to.

Pinkie: Who?

Sunset: A Mystery guy.

Applejack: What did he look like?

Sunset: Optimus.

Rainbow: Seriously?

Fluttershy: Do you think he came through the portal from Autobot planet?

Applejack: Don't ya mean Cybertron?

Fluttershy: Oh yeah, now I get it.

Sunset: I'm not technically sure.

Glomp: Neither am I.

Sunset: I totally forgot. Burnard is on Cybertron right now.

Burnard: Ok?

Sunset: Burnard? What are you doing here? I thought you were back on Earth at the Autobot base.

Burnard: Well, I saw a strange guy here, and he's trying to check out the Portal!

Pinkie: Really?

Burnard: Yeah.

Sunset: Did he look like Optimus?

Burnard: Well, yes, it was Optimus, But i Can't tell which is which.

Sunset: You mean you can't tell between Optimus Prime and Orion Pax.

Burnard: Well, Okay.

[Suddenly, James transforms into robot mode and grabs a keytar]

James: Let's rock!

[As James plays, he begins to float into the air and is filled with Cybertronian Energy]

Burnard: Awesome!

[James keeps playing and blows a kiss to Rarity]

Rarity: Pretty great!

[But suddenly, James starts to feel weak and converts back into a train]

James: I don't feel so well.

[Out in the hall, the Star finishes taking the energy]

Orion Pax: Sweet.

[Back in the library]

Rarity: [gasps] James! All of your Cybertronian Energy is gone!

James: Oh my.

[James tries to transform but fails]

James: Oh no, It's not working!

Percy: That's because all of your Cybertronian Energy's been drained!

Thomas: That's not good!

Arcee: Thomas? How did you get here so fast?

Thomas: I found out that Orion is in the Crystal Planet team!

Sunset: You've seen the mystery guy too?

Rarity: You've seen him?

Thomas: Yeah.

Pinkie: What did he look like?

Thomas: Optimus.

Sunset: But he's not Optimus anymore, he lost his memory and became Orion Pax.

Slumbo: He was definitely doing something to the statue – or was going to.

Thomas: Did he have any features that looked like Optimus'?

Slumbo: Not really.

Princess Celestia: Attention, everypony.

Lyra: Okay.

Princess Celestia: Today, our planets, Cybertron, Earth and Mixel Planet will face off against Crystal Planet in the first ever Autobot Games.

Pinkie Pie: Amazing!

[Everyone cheers]

Thomas: This is awesome!

Gordon: [puffs onto the stage and grabs a microphone]

Thomas: Gordon is ready.

Gordon: Listen, We're here to tell you about Crystal Planet.

Rainbow Dash: They may be tough to beat but we can take the heat.

Gordon: Our friendship is so strong, they can't break it.

Rainbow Dash: Anything they have, we can take it.

Gordon: Crystal Planet civilians are super quick, super intelligent and super tricky.

Rainbow Dash: Just like Shadowbolts!

Gordon: But there's one thing they're not. They aren't Autobots or Wondercolts.

Rainbow Dash: Right you are!

Gordon: [starts singing his Autobot rally song]

Rainbow Dash: [joins in]

Gordon: We've fought magic more than once.~

Rainbow Dash: We've grown stronger through the years.~

Gordon: And come out on top.~

Rainbow Dash: We can do this all together and clinch the win.~

Gordon: There's others schools, but none can make those claims.~

Rainbow Dash: Come on and help us win.~

All: Na, na-na-na-na, Oh!~

Gordon: Together, we can make our mark.~

Rainbow Dash: Come cheer our name.~

Gordon: And we will make it through.~

Rainbow Dash: And prove that we are Canterlot.~

Gordon: And make our mark for sure.~

Rainbow Dash: Together, we will make it to the games.~

Gordon: This will be our year to win these games.~

Rainbow Dash: And together, we will make our mark.~

Gordon: We'll always be Wondercolts forever.~

Rainbow Dash: As our friendship lights the way.~

Gordon: And now the time has finally arrived.~

Rainbow Dash: We'll win this one for sure.~

Gordon: Cause we've believe the magic of friendship!~

Rainbow Dash: Can get us through these games.~

Gordon: And you know, at the end of the day, it is we who survive!`

Rainbow Dash: We will make it to the top.~

Gordon: We're not the school we we're before.~

Rainbow Dash: Our legacy will endure.~

Gordon: Yeah, we're different now.~

Rainbow Dash: We overcame the Obstacles we've faced.~

All: Overcame the Obstacles we've faced.~

Gordon: Like Ursula, Scar, Frollo and Ratcliffe!~

Rainbow Dash: Oh, yeah! We are the Wondercolts!~

Gordon: We're The Engines of the Mixels!~

Ratchet: We are the Autobots!~

Rainbow Dash: We'll never bow (oh,oh)~

All: Hey, hey!~

Gordon: So get ready to see us in first place~

James: We'll be sure that we win this race~

Gordon: We'll always be Wondercolts forever~

All: Three! Two! One! Go!~

Rainbow Dash: And now our time has finally arrived~

All: And you know that at the end of the day~

Gordon: Cause we've believe the magic of friendship!~

All: It is we who survive~

All: It is we who survive~

All: Na, na, na-na-na-na

All: It is we who survive~

[Gordon gains Cybertronian Armor]

Gordon: We'll always be Wondercolts forever~

Rainbow Dash: And now our time has finally arrived~

Gordon: Cause we've believe the magic of friendship!~

All: And you know that at the end of the day~

It is we who survive?~

At the end of the day, it is we who survive~

At the end of the day, it is we who survive!~

Henry (EG): That was epic! Gordon,

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