Whilst investigating some energy readings they found, Karone and Good Fairy are ambushed by Bowser Jr., Azula and SWATBots. All hope looks lost, but then the other rangers come with their new Shark and Quasar Cycles and rescue them. Bowser Jr. then shows the rangers and the Seachers a large box,.Mewtwo goes after them and finds the box, but the Lights isn't in there. The other rangers come and find Mewtwo watching Bowser Jr. and Azula; they make a plan which gives Mewtwo a chance to get the Lights. Sailor Neptune tells Mewtwo of the Lights of Orion and that they need to get them before Bowser and the Villains can. They go to the cave where they are kept, Mewtwo finds the box, but then is attacked by A Mysterious Masked Man afterwards who takes the box and leaves Mewtwo in the cave alone. Phantom Blot sends a monster named Mutantrum who then gives the box to Bowser Jr., but is stopped by Mewtwo. Mutantrum grows and the rangers call upon their megazords for help, who destroy the monster. Bowser gets the box, only to discover that there was nothing in it, But for Bowser's Fear its becoming True, The Magna Defender Returns,