Bash, Dash and Ferdinand
Bash, Dash and Ferdinand are the three Logging Locos and are three of Thomas and Pooh's friends who worked on Misty Island near The Island of Sodor.


Bash and Dash are the mischievous Logging Loco Twins, who know each other so well that they often finish one another’s sentences. They were sent to Misty Island along with Ferdinand for not behaving and being really useful whilst working on the Mainland, and because the engines have no rules to abide by on Misty Island, they live for fun and play. Very little work was done until Thomas landed there, and taught the twins that being really useful can be fun too. Now, they all work very hard with Ferdinand to please the Fat Controller.

Ferdinand is the biggest and most senior member of the Misty Island Logging Locos. He’s a gentle giant with a big heart, who can make special tweeting noises with his whistle. But despite being the oldest and the biggest of the Logging Locos, he will quite often let the younger and more boisterous Bash and Dash take the lead in most situations. A quiet old engine, he doesn’t say much, and quite often will be heard saying “That’s right!”