This is how The Mal timeline and Ryan vs. Mal goes in Sci-Ryan's and Clay's Time Travel Adventure.

[Ryan, Crash, Sci-Ryan and the gang come out of the time portal and arrive at Planet Mixle]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. This time travel is fun.

Evil Ryan: What is this place?

Sci-Ryan: [in Batman's voice] I don't know.

Thomas: We're in Planet Mixle. Except it's different.

Sci-Ryan: Wow! I know that world in Flain's Mixle Human Adventure.

[Thomas notices E making zombie-like moans]

Rigby (EG): E!? What's E doing here?

Ex-Terminator: I don't know.

Sci-Ryan: I hope the Dazzlings are with us. We have to find out what happened here and Flain.

Thomas: Why don't we just ask E?

Sci-Ryan: Bad idea. It maybe a trap.

Thomas: I'm going to ask him anway. [puffs up to E] Hey, E!

Evil Ryan: I wouldn't do that if I were you. This isn't your playground, Thomas.

Thomas: [laughs] Like I'd be afraid of an Alphablock.

Evil Anna: Hello? It's a bit, like, the Ice Age 3 movie again.

Thomas: Look at E, Evil Anna. He looks perfectly normal.

Bertram T. Monkey: But look at his eyes. They're glowing with darkness.

Thomas: Huh?

Sci-Ryan: Wow. Bertram. You're a better Xehanort then you're master is.

Bertram T. Monkey: He taught me that.

[Suddenly, E pounces and grabs Thomas while a hypnotized B comes up behind Evil Ryan and grabs his arms]

Evil Ryan: Dumb kid. [to Thomas] You think I don't see that coming?

[Thomas nods then Evil Ryan's arms split into two and grabs B's legs]

Thomas: Good going.

Evil Ryan: Thanks, Thomas. For the record, I blame Mal for this.

[B then flips him and pins him down and then N, S, C, H and I show up and pounce on them]

Ryan F-Freeman: What's wrong with them?

Sci-Ryan: [in Dr. Cortex's voice] Stay away from me, you freak!

[F appears and grabs him]

Sci-Ryan: Have at you! Ninja... GO!![spins around]

[Sci-Ryan and Crash spins and send the Alphablocks flying away]

[Mal then shows up]

Sci-Ryan: That showed them. Flain can see me now.

Mal: Well played. But not well played enough. Alphablocks, make a word.

Sci-Ryan: WAIT! What's that you're wearing?

Mal: You like it? It's my new outfit. I'm being me.

[C, A, G and E get up]

Sci-Ryan: Cool. I was looking at that crown you're wearing.

C: C.

A and E: A.

G: G.

C, A, G and E: Cage.

Sci-Ryan: Uh oh. Not me.

[Ryan and Sci-Ryan steps out of the way]

Sci-Ryan: Where's Flain and what happened to him?

Mal: Well, sciance kid, back in Canterlot High, I was competing against Flain at the Fall Formal.

[Flashback to the scene in Flain's Mixel Human Adventure, Flain and his human friends are at the courtyard]

Mal: That's close enough!

Ryan F-Freeman: [gasps]

Mike: Flain! RYAN!

[Alejandro covers Mike's Mouth]

Alejandro: Enough.

Flain: Don't Hurt him!

Mal: Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. I'm not a monster, Flain. [to Alejandro and Scott] Let him go.

[They Release Mike, As Zoey kisses Him]

Mal: [to Flain] You don't belong here. Give me the crown, and you can go back to Planet Mixel tonight. Or keep it and never go home.

[Flain gasp]

Mal: Tick tock, Flain. We haven't got all night. The portal will be closing on its own in 30 Minutes. So, what's your answer?

[Flain takes off the Crown, But he reveals his true plan]

Flain: No.

Mal: What!? Planet Mixel! Your friends! Lost to you forever! Don't you see what I'm about to do to the portal?!

Flain: Yes, but I've also seen what you've been able to do here without magic. Planet Mixel will find a way to survive without my Cubit. This place might not, if I allow it to fall into your hands. So go ahead. Destroy the portal. You are not getting this crown!

Mal: Fine. You win.

[He drops the Sledgehammer]

Gobba (EG): You... are... so awesome!

Magnifo (EG): I can't believe you were gonna do that for us!

Wizwuz (EG): It's no wonder you're a real live prince!

[Mal became more angry]

Mal: Oh, yes, he's so very special!

[Mal tackles Flain, And knocks the Crown off, He Grabs him, Then Vulk Follows the Crown, Mal Try to get him, But Flain Catches Mal's Leg, Then Vulk Gets the Crown]

Mal: [to Alejandro and Scott] Grab him, you fools!

(Alejandro and Scott chases Vulk, To get the Crown]

Alejandro: You're not going anywhere!

[Mal Pushes Scott and Alejandro off, Then They continue running]

Vulk: Zorch, Open the door!

Zorch: Okay!

Mal: You are mine!

Gobba (EG): Guys! Guys!

[Vulk throws the crown to Gobba and catches it, Alejandro try to step the Crown, But he punches him, Then Scott was trying to take the crown, But Gobba hits Scott, and Throws the Crown to Lunk and catches it]

Gobba (EG): Lunk!

Duncan (Total Drama): Over here!

[Lunk throws the Crown to Duncan, Mal, Alejandro and Scott Try to catch up, But Kraw uses a rope to catch the villains, But he catches Duncan and Alejandro Grabs the Crown, However, Zaptor takes the crown and passes to Krader, Then Magnifo and Flain]

Mal: Oh no you don't! [He uses a Pogo Stick] Here I Come!

[Mal Jumps and tackles Flain and Takes the Crown]

Mal: [Laughing Evilly] This crown is mine, At long Last.

[Flain and the others were angered in furious]

Mal: More power than I could ever imagine!

[Mal puts on a Crown, Then suddenly Dark eerie Magic appears, and Makes a Evil Blast, As Mal lifts up and began to float, As Flain, the others and the Students look up in Horror, Mal Unleashes an Ominous Flash, And Transforms into A Demonic Creature Monstrous Ursula-Like From the Little Mermaid]

Demonic Mal: [Laughs Evilly] You Insignificant Fools!

Gobba (EG): Look out!

[He Tries to attack, But they missed]

Demonic Mal: Now I'm the ruler of all Planet Mixel, The Darkness I rule!

[Demonic Mal Casts a Spell to Alejandro and Scott Turning into Demons]

Demonic Alejandro: Now, Let's get this party started.

[As the other EG Mixels Walking back in fear Against the Demons]

[The Students Screams in Fear]

[He turns to the school]

[The students run inside]

Demonic Mal: I've had to jump through so many hoops tonight just to get my hands on this crown, and it really should have been mine all along. [Growls] But let's let bygones be bygones. I am your prince now, and you will be loyal... to me! [Laughing Evilly]

[As Demonic Mal Destroys the entire doors]

[students screaming, Wilhelm scream]

Demonic Mal: (Laughing Evilly, Then Hypnotizing the Students]

[entranced moaning]

Demonic Mal: [To Alejando and Scott] Round them up and bring them to the portal.

[Then Demonic Mal shows to Flain and his Friends]

Demonic Mal: Spoiler alert: I was bluffing when I said I was going to destroy the portal. I don't want to rule this pathetic little high school; I want Planet Mixel! And with my own little teenage army behind me, I am going to get it!

[As Flain looks at Rose Rock Hypnotized]

Flain: No, you're not!

Demonic Mal: Oh, please! What exactly do you think you're going to do to stop me? I have magic, and you have nothing!

Gobba (EG): He has us!

Demonic Mal: [growls, evil laughter] Gee, the gang really is all back together again. [evil laughter and Activates the Dark Fireball Magic] Now step aside! Flain as tried to interfere with my plans one too many times already! She needs to be dealt with! [evil laughter] So much for True Friendship!

[Demoniac Mal Throws a Dark Fireball Magic at Flain and others and makes a blast only Ryan and Mike survived]

Demoniac Mal: [Laughing Evilly] Like I said, Flain, you don't know the first thing about fitting in.

Ryan F-Freeman: What have you done!?

Demonic Mal: Killed Flain, Ryan. Now you will join me to rule Planet Mixel.

Ryan F-Freeman: Never!

Demonic Scott: You got light in you, Ryan. The plotline is out of sync because Flain and his friends must use the magic from that crown. Now, Mal has the cubit, Planet Mixle is doomed. Run, Ryan! Tell Anna and the others to evacuate! Save yourself!

Demonic Mal: There is no where to hide from the wrath of PRINCE MAL!![laughs evilly]

[as Ryan and Mike goes into the portal to tell Princess Anna, Ryan gasping for breath]

Anna: Ryan? Where's Flain?

Ryan F-Freeman: Flain got exterminated by your former student. I order everypony in this world to evacuate immediately! Mal's gone all evil! I repeat, your former student is gone and is not coming back.

Anna: No, Ryan. We have to join forces to stop Mal's tyranny.

[Ryan nods and the flashback ends]

Ryan F-Freeman: I know what you would say, Mal. [mimics Mal's voice] I killed Flain, followed you here then all of a sudden.. Pow! I rule Planet Mixel just like that.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. I do missed a bit, as in everything. You gone bad Sunset in this timeline.

Mal: Yes, Crystal Prep student. Princess Anna did see my return so she joined by my side as well.

Clay: Wow. Crazy story.

Thomas: Yeah.

Mal: Now that my spell is on the Alphablocks too, they've forgotten you and who they are.

Sci-Ryan: What about Mike and Ryan?

Mike: I'm here.

[Crash hugs Mike]

Sci-Ryan: Where's Flain? And his friends from my world?!

Mal: They are gone, science kid.

[Sci-Ryan gasps and pulls out Makuta (2015)'s Mask of Control]

Sci-Ryan: You made me angry, Mal. I'll show you what I'm capable of.[puts the Mask of Control on his face]

[Sci-Ryan feels pain and falls on the ground then his shadow behind him change into a form of half Sci-Ryan and half Umarak the Destroyer]

Thomas: What did Sci-Ryan change into, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Sci-Ryan? Hello? You OK?

Evil Ryan: I think I'm going to be sick!

Evil Anna: Are you ok, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Umarak: Yeah. But the Sci-Ryan you know is no more. I am Sci-Umarak the Destroyer.

Evil Anna: Remind me not to put that mask on, Ryan.

[Ryan nods]

Clay: Sci-Ryan? What does the rest of you look like?

[Sci-Umarak grabs Clay and brings him to see his eyes]

Thomas: I think Sci-Ryan is like him. Only not him.

[Ryan nods]

Twilight Sparkle: He has claws. And some of Umarak's features.

Sci-Umarak: Ok, Mal. We don't want any trouble but we have to go back in time so I can stop Jestro from changing the past because each present is different then the last.

Mal: Wha? But, no. I have to find the TARDIS and you can tell me where it is.

[Sci-Umarak growls at Mal and uses his magic to free C, A,G and E from Mal's spell]

E: What happened? I don't understand.

C: We have been saved from some good magic.

A: Sci-Ryan?

G: What happened to you?

[Evil Anna shrugs]

Sci-Umarak: G. Sci-Ryan is gone and he's now me.

[G gasps and climbs on Sci-Umarak]

A: Who's me?

G: Him.

Evil Ryan: Mal. You know you don't stand a chance against Sci-Ryan and Ryan.

[Mal pulls out the crown of the chosen one]

Sci-Umarak: What will that do? I got the Mask of Control and you have nothing!

Evil Anna: Yeah. [pulls out her lightsaber and activates it] Let's settle this thing Mano-a-siren-ono.

Mal: That's right, siren. What Flain don't know. I am also an Equestrian siren.

Ryan F-Freeman: Let's do this.

[Mal puts Flain's crown on his head and transforms into a Demonic Creature Monstrous Ursula-Like From the Little Mermaid]

Meg Griffin: Oh.

Sci-Umarak: I think you bit off more then we can chew, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I guess you're right, Sci-Ryan.

[Demonic Mal laughs evilly]

Thomas: Go get him, Ryan.

[Ryan nods]

Matau T. Monkey: [grabs Sci-Ryan's amulet] You may have killed Flain, Mal. But, I'll counteract your magic with the most powerful magic of all.[uses Sci-Ryan's amulet to transform Ryan and himself]

[Sci-Umarak tosses Sci-Twi into the magic and she comes out as Midnight Sparkle on the other side]

[Ryan and Matau transform into Midnight Matau and Dark Ryan F-Freeman]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: The Magic of Friendship.

Ex-Terminator: Mal. We won't tell us about time travel.

[Dark Ryan and Demonic Mal brings out their weapons and stats fighting]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Where's Anna?

[Demonic Mal points to Princess Anna who is in her Midnight Sparkle form]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: ANNA! What did you do to her?

Crash Bandicoot: Tell us!

Demonic Mal: I filled her up with Equestrian magic and Mixle Power.

Evil Anna: Anna!

Midnight Anna: Tremble before me, for I am Midnight Anna!

Crash Bandicoot: Anna. Stop!

Midnight Anna: Princess Anna is no more. Now that I have Mixle Power and Equestrian Magic flowing through me.

Starlight Glimmer: This... is... not... good.

Evil Anna: Anna. You have to stop Mal. We're your friends.

Ex-Terminator: EXTERMINATE!

Midnight Anna: There is no more Anna. There is only Midnight Anna.

[Then Midnight Anna uses a magic blast to open a portal to Equestria]

Sci-Twi: This can't be happening right now. IT'S TOO MUCH!

[Sci-Twi's memories of her being Midnight Sparkle come flooding back]

Crash Bandicoot: Sci-Twi! Look away!

[Sci-Twi does]

Crash Bandicoot: Princess Anna! You can't do this! Sci-Twi has been the same thing you're going to do!

Midnight Anna: I told you. Anna is gone.

Sci-Umarak: But, you're making the same thing Twilight did!

Midnight Anna: And I'm completing what she left off and will finally get everything I want.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Anna. Please. Midnight's controlling you from within. Fight against her! Break free!

Sci-Ryan: He's right, Anna! You can't do this!

Midnight Anna: Why not? Because Sunset stopped that pathetic human from doing it?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Midnight. Help me fight Mal and Anna!

[Sci-Twi shakes her head and looks at him]

Sci-Twi: I can't. Because my past mistakes are being repeated by a now magic-understanding obssessed princess!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: You're in an altered past, Sci-Twi. You can fight her.

[Sci-Twi looks at Midnight Anna and her eyes changed to Midnight Sparkle's]

Midnight Sparkle: It's not the way, Anna! I know you feel powerful like me right now. But even with all that power and magic, you'll still be alone.

Midnight Anna: You're only delaying the inevitable!!

Demonic Mal: Yet it is still inevitable.

Midnight Sparkle: True. But my friends and I understand you both.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: We must stop Jestro from altering the past and you!

[Sci-Umarak grabs Demonic Mal]

Midnight Anna: Join me, Sci-Twi. So you and I can rule Equestria forever!

Midnight Sparkle: NO! Makuta tried to deform Sunset but you won't do the same to me!

[Midnight Anna growls and fires a magic beam at Midnight but Dark Ryan fires his beam and the beams hits]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Not this time.

[The beam Midnight Anna has is stronger then Dark Ryan's]

Midnight Anna: Now your girlfriend will finally join me. [laughs crazily]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Oh no. I don't want to die like Light Cody!![closes his eyes as he hold the beam]

[Evil Anna steps up]

Evil Anna: Anna!

Bertram T. Monkey: HEY YOU, ANNA!

Evil Ryan: Look at us!

[Midnight Anna looks at the Cyberlings and their eyes are puppy dog like]

Midnight Anna: Guys.

Midnight Sparkle: Now, my boyfriend! While she's distracted!

[Dark Ryan nods and do what Daydream Shimmer does]

Midnight Anna: NNNOOOOO!!!!!!

[Dark Ryan, Midnight Sparkle and Midnight Anna gets engulfed by a bright light]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Take my hand, Anna. Tell me what happened to you.

Midnight Anna: Well, Ryan. Maybe a flashback will help.


Ryan F-Freeman: Mal. You may have killed Flain and his human friends, but you won't make Anna join you.

[Mal uses Sci-Twi's amulet and his magic to turn Anna into Midnight Anna. Flashback ends and Midnight Anna laughs like Midnight Sparkle]

Midnight Anna: It's too late to save me now, Prince Ryan F-Freeman. I now have the power to rule Equestria.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Anna?

Midnight Anna: Anna is gone and she's never coming back.

[Midnight Anna opens another portal to Equestria]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Wait. We have to go back in time and stop Jestro from altering the past. You can help us if you stop what my girlfriend did.

Midnight Anna: Time travel? Well. It's a new thing.

Demonic Mal: WAIT! I surrender![waves a white flag] You are a hero from your time! I'm so sorry I killed Flain! His human friends are not here to teach me about friendship![starts crying]

Sci-Umarak: It's ok. In Flain's time, he beaten you when he drew magic from that cubit. You turned human Pepper Pig into a mindless slave.

Midnight Anna: Mal. I think you need my guidance. You can help these heroes find a way to go back in time and stop Jestro.

Crash Bandicoot: You give up, Mal?

Demonic Mal: Yes. Tell me what happened in the past and I'll help out.

Sci-Umarak: Ok. A Jester called Jestro use the same thing Starlight did and change time. If Jestro keep on doing the same idea, how come the present is different?

Demonic Mal: I think that time is a set of LEGO that you build even with the tiny changes could lead to a rain of disasters for the future when it gets knocked down.

Midnight Anna: I'm sorry. I didn't let Mal did this to me.[starts crying]

[Dark Ryan places his hand on Midnight Anna's shoulder]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: I know. And going by my time with my girlfriend, I'll forgive you.

Crash Bandicoot: Mal? Can you help us find a time machine called the TARDIS?

Demonic Mal: I would, talking bandicoot. But first, I can show you a tour of the castle.

Matau T. Monkey: One thing: Why there are tear puddles on the floor?

Evil Ryan: Let me get this off.[pulls the Mask of Control off of Sci-Ryan's face]

[Sci-Umarak turns back into Sci-Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: Thanks. Mal. You think this form gives you magic?

Demonic Mal: Yes, Crystal Prep chap. I use my magic to help poor unfortunate characters like Ryan. Poor souls with no one else to turn to.

Ryan F-Freeman: Song coming on.

[The song Poor Unfortunate Souls starts playing]

Matau T. Monkey: This is a nice castle.

Demonic Mal: Yes. I admit that in the past I've been a baddy~

They're weren't kidding when they call me a genius~

But, you find that nowadays~

I've mended my ways~

Repented, seen the light and made a switch~

Sci-Ryan: Like that.

Demonic Mal: And I fortunately know a little magic~

It's a talent I always have possessed~

And here lately, please don't laugh, I used it on behalf~

On the miserable, lonely and depressed~

Crash Bandicoot: Mixles. Better known as..

Demonic Mal: Poor unfortunate souls~

In pain, in need~

This one wants to have a friend~

That one wants to fly like a bird~

And do I help them? Yes, indeed.

Those poor unfortunate souls~

So sad, so true~

They come running to my castle~

Crying "Spells, Mal, please!"~

And I help them?~

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, you do.

Demonic Mal: Now, it's happened once or twice~

Someone couldn't pay the price~

And I'm afraid I have fight the Nixles with them~

Yes I've had the odd complaint~

But on the whole, I've been a saint~

To those poor unfortunate souls~

Clay: Bravo!

Demonic Mal: When we find the TARDIS, you let me handle it. With it, I can Flain don't reform me and rule all the worlds themselves!

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry. No can do. We got to fix what you wronged.[opens a time portal then Ryan's friends jump in]

Demonic Mal: What is it?

Ryan F-Freeman: See ya.[jumps in the time portal]

Demonic Mal: NO! Take me with you! [jumps in after Ryan] TAKE MEEEEE!!!!!!!

[They arrive at the timeline when the Starrings having a battle of the Bands with the Mixle Dramas]

Umarak: It's been a while, Ryan. Jestro told me about Mal being a bad guy.

Ryan F-Freeman: Umarak. I'll fight you if Mal join the Starrings!

[As Ryan and Umarak the Hunter, Scar Unleash a Projector of Brown Siren, Then A Blue Siren and a Purple Siren]

[The 3 projector Sirens goes for a Attack Surrounding The Mixel Dramas, However, They unleash a powerful rainbow, But the 3 sirens avoids it, However, Wiztastic Max Unleash a powerful magic blast Hits the purple Siren, Then Frosticon Max Creates a Giant Snowball and Throws at Blue Siren, Infinite Max Unleashed A Powerful Voice]

Infernite Max: Oh Whoa, Oh Whoa~

[He unleashed a powerful flame blast]

Scar: [Possessed] [Growls] [Vocalizing]

[A Brown Siren Unleshes a Powerful Purple Soundwave, Blasting the Infernite Max]

The Starrings: [Vocalizing]

[Then All 3 sirens Unleashes a Powerful Purple Soundwave blast against The Mixel Dramas, As the Starrings grow Louder and stronger, They Beat the Maxes, Then A Microphone flies down, And Mal looks in horror seeing this]

Scar: [Possessed] [laughs]

[Then Infernite Max gets up and looks at Mal]

Infernite Max: Mal, We need you!

Mal: Oh no, What do I do.

Umarak: Join the Starrings, Mal. They hate you. They can't need you help.

Mal: [nods] Sorry, Flain. You're on your own.

Infernite Max: What?! Why?

Mal: They were right about you. You didn't ask me to be in a band.

Alphablock B (EG): So, you want to leave us?

Mal: Yes, B. And now...[sings] IT'S TIME TO FINSIH YOU!~

Ryan F-Freeman: MAL! STOP!

[But, it's too late! Mal and the Starrings vocalizes so hard, the Maxes of the Mixle Dramas change back]

Flain: [starts crying] MAL!!! You turned against us! Traitor!

Demonic Mal: Flain? Wait. Is that me from the past?

Ryan F-Freeman: What did you tell Mal, Umarak!

Umarak: You and your friends are going to find out, Toa.

Scar: Well done, Mal. You are now with us.

Mattis T. Monkey: Curse you, Umarak!

[Demonic Mal steps on Umarak's foot]

Umarak: Toe! AHHH!!!

Rianna F-Fiona: Yes, Toa. That's what Ryan is.

[then a time portal opens up and sucks Ryan and the others in leaving Demonic Mal and Umarak behind]

Mal: You and I are never friends, Flain.

Demonic Mal: C'mon, Umarak. Get me and the Starrings!

Umarak: I can't. They're too powerful!

Scar: Now that's what we like to hear.

Flain: On second thought. We'll get out of here.

Umarak: No you don't. [points at one of the human Frosticons] Conceive, Mixel.

Flain: If his name was Straak.

Frollo: Well done, stranger. Now we are adored by all!


Umarak: Just making Mal evil again, Flain. Hope you have a fine watery grave in Okoto.

Flain: Rose Rock..[starts crying] I have failed.

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