Tha Many Adventure of the Girrifn Evolution family poster
The Many Adventures of The Griffin/Eeveelution Family
is another written series to be made by Stuingtion and Hiatt Grey.


Join Brian Griffin, Sylveon, their family and pet Night Fury: Nightstriker as they have amazing adventures facing new enimies and making new friends!




List of Adventures

Beginning movie: The Escapade Adventure Begins

Season 1

  1. Shadows have Deaths
  2. Family Night Out
  3. Look-a-Likes for the Night
  4. New Brian strikes
  5. Church Heist!
  6. The Freight Car Thief
  7. Imatation Peter Griffin
  8. Skarloey Saves the Day
  9. Smudger and the Coaches
  10. Smudger and the Freight Cars
  11. Smudger Takes the Express
  12. Wrath of Chaos, Changelings, and Nightmares Part 1
  13. Wrath of Chaos, Changelings, and Nightmares Part 2

Season 2

  1. Alan stays up All Night
  2. Princess Espeon
  3. Bertram in Quarantine
  4. A New Princess Part 1
  5. A New Princess Part 2
  6. The Power of the Force
  7. Lightsaber Construction
  8. The Phantom Menace Part 1
  9. The Phantom Menace Part 2
  10. The Phantom Menace Part 3
  11. Attack of the Clones Part 1
  12. Attack of the Clones Part 2
  13. Attack of the Clones Part 3

Season 3

  1. James Bewitched
  2. The Kind Mermaid
  3. Ballast Cars and Photographers
  4. The Screaming Mare
  5. The Ghost Runs at Night
  6. The Mysterious Girl
  7. Breon's First Date
  8. Hunt for Bigfoot
  9. Girl Cruising
  10. Trixie and the Ghost of Old Freddie Jones
  11. Phantom of Quahog
  12. Selena's Fuzzy Dice
  13. A Royal Birth Problem

Season 4

  1. Horror at the Park Manor
  2. A Chill in Winter
  3. A Day Out with Mordecai & Rigby
  4. Anger Trouble
  5. The Long Road Trip
  6. Alberto's Ghost
  7. G'Day Mate!
  8. The Ghost of the Zoo
  9. The Legend of Boulder
  10. Camping
  11. Xenomorph Encounter Part 1
  12. Xenomorph Encounter Part 2
  13. Xenomorph Encounter Part 3

Season 5

  1. The Xenomorphs Return Part 1
  2. The Xenomorphs Return Part 2
  3. Alan Jinxed!
  4. Diary Troubles
  5. Oliver Sees Blue
  6. Belle's Secret
  7. Bad Kiss
  8. Flight to the Airport!
  9. Breena and Seleon
  10. Terror Tales Episode I: The Horror Begins
  11. Terror Tales Episode II: The Horror Strikes Back
  12. Terror Tales Episode III: Return of the Horror
  13. Death V. Rex

Season 6

  1. Toys in the Attic
  2. The Legend of the Past Banker
  3. Going Exploring
  4. The Tokyo Capper Part 1
  5. The Tokyo Capper Part 2
  6. The Trials of the Je'Daii
  7. The Curse of the Purple Head Phantom
  8. A Death on Utapau
  9. In Search of the Crystals
  10. Crystal Crisis
  11. The Big Bane
  12. Comet Moves
  13. Steak Me Amadeus

Finale Movie: The Final Stand



  • Unlike Stuingtion's previous series', this one will be very different.
    • It has nothing to do with dragons, just Legendary Pokémon and Kaiju's.
    • Twilight's an alicorn princess and has her castle.
    • Most of the villains are reformed and good guys.
    • It has little to thirteen episodes for every season.
    • The Majority of Characters who are royalty will sacrifice themselves in major battles.
    • Tirek's Force Sensitive, and is the most powerful of all the villains.
    • It will have regular Battle Droids, and no armies from the Galactic Empire or The First Order.
    • The foals and the Cutie Mark Crusaders will never grow up, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders never gotten their cutie marks.
    • The characters from Star Wars Rebels won't appear in this series.

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