Tha Many Adventure of the Girrifn Evolution family poster
The Many Adventures of The Griffin/Eeveelution Family
is another written series to be made by Stuingtion and Hiatt Grey.


Join Brian Griffin, Sylveon, their family and pet Night Fury: Nightstriker as they have amazing adventures facing new enimies and making new friends!




List of Adventures

Season 1

  1. Shadows have Deaths
  2. Family Night Out
  3. Look-a-Likes for the Night
  4. New Brian strikes
  5. Church Heist!
  6. The Freight Car Thief
  7. Imatation Peter Griffin
  8. Skarloey Saves the Day
  9. Smudger and the Coaches
  10. Smudger and the Freight Cars
  11. Smudger Takes the Express
  12. Wrath of Chaos, Changelings, and Nightmares Part 1
  13. Wrath of Chaos, Changelings, and Nightmares Part 2

Season 1 end movie:

Season 2

  1. Alan stays up All Night
  2. Princess Espeon
  3. Bertram in Quarantine

Season 2 end movie: Rein of Tirek

Season 3

  1. James Bewitched

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

  1. The Final Battle Part 1: The Villain's plan
  2. The Final Battle Part 2: 
  3. The Final Battle Part 3: The Battle Begins
  4. The Final Battle Part 4: The End of Everything?



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