Here’s how Noby planed the wedding and the sacrifice of his friends in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

Councilmen #1: Are the intruders in the dungeon?

Noby: Yes sir.

Sophia: Now my king, about our wedding ceremony.

Councilmen #2: You planned for you and Queen Sophia’s wedding.

Noby: Yes sir. We start our wedding ceremony in the morning.

Councilmen #1: I see. And the sacrifice for the intruders?

Noby: We’ll feed them to the sharks after the ceremony.

Councilmen #2: Indeed. Now let’s set up the wedding by nighttime, let the wedding ceremony of the morning, commence!

Soldier #1: Yes sir.


Doraemon: Well guys, I have good news and bad news.

Alex: I want to hear the good news.

Doraemon: I’ve have a plan to break out of this dungeon and save Noby from Sophia having him in her clutches.

Edward: Okay.

Riruru: What’s the bad news?

Doraemon: Bad news. Noby planned his and Sophia’s wedding to start in the morning so we don’t stop Sophia, and after the wedding we’re…um…going to be…fed to the sharks.

Sneech and Shido: S…S…S…SHARKS?!!!

Serena: [hugs Ash, frightened] I’m scared!! I don’t want to be eaten by sharks.

Ash: Me either!

Shido: I’m not tasty! I’m not tasty! I’m not tasty! I’m not tasty! I’M NOT TASTY!!!

Tohka: Shido!! I don’t want to be fed to the sharks!

Shido: Me either Tohka!

Thomas: I bet that trains are not tasty!

Sweetie Belle: Neither do ponies. That’s for sure!

Myron: The class president is not tasty!!

Carver: Neither do I!!

Blossom: Yeah, well neither do us!!

Tino: Guys, there’s a way to save Noby from Sophia!

Sue: Really!?

Tino: Yeah, but we have to follow Doraemon’s plan to help you win Noby back, Sue.

Sue: Oh thank goodness!!! Don’t worry Noby, I’ll save you, and then I will win you back!!

Doraemon: And you well. Now here’s the plan [whispers]

Sunset Shimmer: Okay, you’re ready, boyfriend?

Tino: [loads his gun] You bet I am. How about you guys?

Ash: We’re ready

[Everyone loaded their guns]

Rich O’Connell: Us too!

Olaf: Ready

Littlefoot: We’re ready to save Noby.

Shido: Noby’s our friend and we are not going to lose to a mermaid like Sophia. Besides the fact that Sophia is still our friend.

Thomas: Ready!

Brian: Ready!

Elsa: I’m ready!

Tohka: Us too!

Sue: Thanks, you guys. Noby means everything to me.

Tino: Alright guys, let’s do it!!

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