This is how the Mermaids put Ryan under their spell and Solo Songnote is born goes in Ryan's and Crash's Sports Adventure.

[Ryan is looking for something not knowing the Dark Stars are watching]

Agalope: Look at Ryan, sisters. I think he's a nice friend.

[Rande sighs with delight]

Piscis: How will we get Ryan onto our side? Make him into a mermaid like us?

Agalope: Yes, Piscis. No one can resist my charms and my beauty.

Rande: With Ryan on our side, we'll make him into a mermaid and everyone will adore us.

[Agalope chuckles]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. What do I need to help the Wondercolts in these games? But how?

[Ryan hears the Dark Stars start to sing]

Ryan F-Freeman: Huh? What is that pretty noise? Adagio? Aria? Sonata? Is that you?

Agalope: Nope.

Ryan F-Freeman: Who-ever-you-are. I think you need to show yourself.

[The Dark Stars come out of the shadows]

Ryan F-Freeman: Who are you?

Agalope: I'm Agalope. That's Radne and Piscis. They're my sisters.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ryan F-Freeman. Prime-prince of friendship. Why you want me?

Agalope: Well, Ryan. We want you to join us as a... Mer-master.

Ryan F-Freeman: What?! What are you?

Agalope: We're mermaids, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Mermaids? When I saw you in this world, you're human.

Rande: True. But our band is the Dark Stars.

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool. If you three are mermaids, can you sing?

Agalope: Ok. It's showtime!

[The song The Divine Rule the School starts playing]

The Dark Stars: The Divine rule the school~

Other people just think we're the fool~

But we can charm everyone here~

Agalope: A spell that will last forever~

From it you will be freed never~

Radne: As we cast this spell, Sunset will be forgotten~

This massive spell will never be broken~

Piscis: You will adore us, cherish us and love us~

[as the song keeps playing, Sci-Ryan peaks to see Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: Why do they need Ryan? But Sunset can not be forgotten. I'll go tell his bro.[runs off]

The Dark Stars:

Ryan F-Freeman: [with his eyes glowing pink, green and blue] I like the song, Mermaids.

Radne: Agalope. Ryan is under our spell now.

Agalope: I think it works. [pulls out a gem that looks like a heart]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Agalope. What is the plan?


Ryan F-Freeman: A Mer-master? Who's that?


Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. What is that, Agalope?

Agalope: A gem. Ryan, will you join us to make everyone adore you?

Ryan F-Freeman: I will be your Mer-master, Mermaids. I accept my place.

[Agalope places the heart shaped gem on Ryan's forehead. Ryan feels the Dark Stars magic as he screams in pain. The Dark Stars watch as Ryan change into a Mer-siren called Solo Songnote]

Agalope: Ryan's one of us now, sisters.

[Solo recovers and rubs his head]

Radne: Our Mer-master.

Solo Songnote: What... happened to me?


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